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This page is a starting point for all the people interested in trading with SintesiFX. Using this page you can easily go through the articles published so far and understand how to use SintesiFX in the most effective way. SintesiFX is mostly related to divergence trading, therefore we’ve also included some DuettoFX posts which illustrate divergences.

The post Trading Divergences with DuettoFX describes a special way to trade DuettoFX manually. The trick is spotting divergences between price action and DuettoFX’s spread. Although this is not an exact science, the examples of divergences over the last 6 months on EURUSD clearly show a substantial profit potential.

The post DuettoFX and Hidden Divergences explains the difference between “regular” and “hidden” divergences, and also the correct way to draw divergences on your charts. DuettoFX with its standard settings is extremely good for spotting both regular and hidden divergences.

The post How to Boost your Divergence Trading introduces SintesiFX, which is an indicator that gives a “synthetic view” of a currency compared to a pool of the most important currencies. Looking at 5 months of EURUSD history on a H4 charts SintesyFX clearly allows to identify many divergences which anticipate significative market reversals.

The post SintesiFX and more Divergences compares SintesiFX to RSI which is a common oscillator many traders use for spotting divergences. SintesiFX appears to be clearly superior in this regards, and it also works pretty well on smaller timeframes like M5.

The post How to Trade with SintesiFX shows an example of a classic “divergence trade” that can be executed thanks to SintesiFX. Engagement rules, SL and TP levels of these trades are clearly explained in the “Divergences Ebook” released along with the indicator.

The post SintesiFX Goes Metal introduces a new version of SintesiFX which takes into account also Gold and Silver when calculating the synthetic view of USD. An example on GBPUSD shows that this version has the advantage of giving some pretty dramatic “alerts” when money is flowing rapidly in or out USD.

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