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This page is a starting point for all the people interested in trading with ReticoloFX. Using this page you can easily go through the articles published so far and understand how to use ReticoloFX in the most effective way. ReticoloFX is a hedged grid trading system that was conceived taking in mind the extreme volatility that characterizes markets nowadays and that will probably become the norm in the coming years.

The post +6593 Pips In 3 Weeks… And Counting! introduces the pyramiding strategy implemented by ReticoloFX and the concepts of “basket” and “ring” which we use for selecting the sets of currency pairs to be used with this robot . After the first 3 weeks of forward testing ReticoloFX has already pocketed more than 6500 pips with a very reasonable drawdwon.

The post ReticoloFX: Another Great Day With +750 Pips Profit… So Far! is a short update about the live performances of ReticoloFX showing how the number of pips pocketed by this robots increases very fast during periods of high volatility.

The post ReticoloFX: Strategy Unveiled describes in detail the strategy behind ReticoloFX and illustrates all the “baskets” and “rings” that can be run with this strategy.

The post Putting ReticoloFX to Work for You explains how to tackle some problems related to running ReticoloFX on a live account:  hedging and the use of multiple charts. The user can overcome both issues with some hints in this post.

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