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This page is a starting point for all the people interested in using One4All in their trading business. On this page you can easily go through the articles published so far and understand how to use One4All at best. One4All is not a trading system in itself, but a tool that lets you trade multiple systems (either manual or automatic) in a very effective way, and with full compliance to FIFO and no-Hedge rules at the same time.

The post Introducing One4All describes the client/server architecture of  One4All. The server is the MT4 live account receiving trade signals from multiple clients. Each client can run a different trading strategy.

The post One4All – Call for Beta Testers shows an example of trades entered by the clients and aggregated on the server, and also an advanced One4All configuration with multiple servers.

The post One4All: Beta Test Phase Started is in this list just for documenting the beginning of our beta testing :-) We wanted to make sure that One4All can actually work on any MT4 platform regardless of the brokerage firm, that’s why we decided to involve some beta testers coming from different countries.

The post One4All Video Presentation introduces One4All with a short video. Please watch it carefully because it explains all the ideas behind the design and implementation of One4All. The post also contains a list of 20 brokers (8 of them in the USA) we tested One4All on.

The post One4All – Live Demonstration Videos contains two Live demonstration videos which clearly show how One4All EAs work together on multiple MT4 platforms.

The post One4All – The Clever Way Of Forex Trading is actually a sell page that summarizes all the advantages of One4All.

The post What One4All Can Do For ReticoloFX explains the advantages of One4All for people who trade the ReticoloFX Experts Advisors on their account. One4All can reduce sensibly the overall number of trades and make ReticoloFX compliant with FIFO and no-hedge rules.

The post How to Turn a “Lose Lose” EA into a “Win Win” EA with One4All shows how One4All can invert the trading signals produced by any EA or manual strategy. The post also explains under which conditions a losing trading strategy can be actually turned into a winning one.

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2 thoughts on “Trading With One4All

  • Randy

    I am in the US and as a result are no longer able to take advantage of hedging approaches (our regulatory agencies love us soooo much! :-) – so my question is, would it be possible to run Oanda in 2 separate accounts, one with “Long only” trades enabled and in the other “Short only” trades checked in the EA to essentially get the same net result in the 2 accounts as just running the ea in a single account? Or does the EA then stop working in the same fashion it does when applied to just 1 account WITH the hedging capability allowed to be intact? Thanks in advance!

    • Paolo Post author

      Hi Randy, thanks for your interest. One4All was conceived for running on accounts where hedging is prohibited. Therefore there is no need to run this EA on 2 separate accounts with “Long only” and “Short only” trades.