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ReticoloFX is our latest fully automated trading strategy. It uses a sophisticated strategy made to improve performances and lower risks. It uses a multicurrency approach to avoid the dependence from a single pair performance. It is one strategy applied to 8 (for now!) different sets of currency pairs. Every set trades indipendently from the others. Every pair part of a set trades indipendently but profits are calculated globally. So if one pair is performing bad, the others will cover its loss and make profit for it. ReticoloFX has been developed to trade on two kind of sets: baskets and rings. Baskets are sets of 7 pairs all related to a specific currency. We actually developed two baskets: USD and JPY. So two ReticoloFX EAs are available actually. Baskets have great profit potentials.

Rings are sets of 3 pairs formed by all the possible crosses between 3 currencies. For example, the 3 curencies EUR, USD and CHF form 3 crosses: EURUSD, EURCHF and USDCHF. Rings are self balancing sets so have very good performances with very low risks. Actually we developed 6 sets of rings: AUD/NZD/USD, CAD/EUR/USD, CHF/EUR/USD, CHF/GBP/JPY, EUR/GBP/USD and EUR/JPY/USD.

The strategy has been developed to be a new approach to grid trading. By using an dynamic step and, most important, a multi-currency approach we solved the most important problems of that kind of trading. Here are the most important features of ReticoloFX:

  • The strategy works particularly well in high volatility markets. And year by year, month by month, week by week the Forex market is becoming more and more volatile. You won’t fear any market crash, or national Bank intervention or good/bar news. THEY ARE WELCOME! :)
  • Totally automatic. No human intervention is needed.
  • Very easy options. We reduced them to the very necessary. You won’t have to deal with difficult decisions or anything like that.

Below are the performances we’ve been able to reach after the first month of trading. Performances are

ReticoloFX Basket EAs Forward Performances

ReticoloFX Ring EAs Forward Performances

The overall picture of the current forward test is clearly visible in this screenshot from MyFxBook: +10710 pips after 1 month of trading!!

Suggested Broker

Although the strategy can work pretty well on any reputable broker, we personally use and suggest FinFx which offers top-rated liquidity providers and very competitive spreads.

What You Get

  • Up to 8 EAs depending on your choice (2 “ReticoloFX Basket EAs “and/or  6 “ReticoloFX Ring EAs”)
  • An online manuals with instructions
  • Subscription to a ReticoloFX User’s Group in order to receive free updates and suggestions on how to use the EAs

Ready To Buy?

If you are interested in the ReticoloFX EAs you can buy them from here.

Reticolo FX BASKET + RING EAs (8) for MT4 – FREE All 8 EAs.

Learn how to get it for FREE!

ReticoloFX BASKET EAs (2) for MT4 – $99,99 The USD and JPY Baskets EAs. EAs work on every MT4 platform. They have to be applied to 4H timeframe charts.


ReticoloFX RING EAs (6) for MT4 – $149,99 The AUD/NZD/USD, CAD/EUR/USD, CHF/EUR/USD, CHF/GBP/JPY, EUR/JPY/USD and EUR/GBP/USD Rings EAs. EAs work on every MT4 platform. They have to be applied to 4H timeframe charts.


Reticolo FX BASKET + RING EAs (8) for MT4 – $249.98 $199.99 All of the above at a special discounted price! A total of 8 EAs.


Do You Want To Upgrade?

If you already own ReticoloFX Basket OR ReticoloFX Ring and want to upgrade to the FULL Bundle (so buy the additional EAs):

Upgrade to FULL by buying the ReticoloFX BASKET EAs (2) for MT4 – $50,00 The USD and JPY Baskets EAs. EAs work on every MT4 platform. They have to be applied to 4H timeframe charts.


Upgrade to FULL by buying ReticoloFX RING EAs (6) for MT4 – $100,00 The AUD/NZD/USD, CAD/EUR/USD, CHF/EUR/USD, CHF/GBP/JPY, EUR/JPY/USD and EUR/GBP/USD Rings EAs. EAs work on every MT4 platform. They have to be applied to 4H timeframe charts.


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156 thoughts on “ReticoloFX

  • Laurence


    Abbiding by all ReticoloFX money management rules, so far MAX DD is below 8% . running EAs with $3600 USD 47 trades open with oldest of June 7, latest July 03 all with lot size of 0.01
    Take profit set at 10.00 USD.
    Question: Can you predict the ending senario? Looks to me that without some volatility were in for a long haul…
    Will Version 1.5 assist this.


  • Andrew

    If we want to use “Stop after close” do we have to do that on each of 32 charts or only on one pair per Basket or Ring?

  • Christian Petzoldt

    Re. Log file increases

    Whenever the Reticolo traded, my log file increases to a maximum of about 40 GB. Can you explain that?
    Yesterday it closed 2 ring AUD-NZD-USD and CAD-EUR-USD.

    The log file is too big to open it.

    I have Windows 7 and VPS of HostEurope with 42 GB Hard disk space, 2 GB of memory.

    Best regards Chris

    • Andrea Post author

      delete the log file first. It should be related to “on hold” option. If you have any pair “on hold” you should set it to false.

  • andrew

    When using an ECN/commission based account shld we be altering the TP to cover the commission cost? Maybe just in the noise but…

    • Paolo

      Hi Andrew, ReticoloFX always takes into account swap and commission for calculating the overall profit, therefore there is no need to alter the TP depending on the type of account.

  • John

    It’s two months since you longed your EA and I still
    don’t see your live account where you trading the ReticoloFX.
    Any reasons for not showing you live account?

    • Paolo

      Hi John, as we said other times in the past we do not publish online our live accounts for two simple reasons: privacy + the fact that we run multiple strategies (and also some manual trading) at the same time.

      • Christos

        Happy new year.
        I appreciate the reasons you are not publishing the results.But you could at least tell us
        the name of the broker.I will run now v1.5 hoping to have results similar to the ones presented in your site.Previous trials were presented to you some time ago.

        • Paolo

          Hi Christos, Happy New Year to you too :-) We are running it on Gallant, AlpariUK and FXPro. Anyway the strategy implemented by ReticoloFX is not much dependent on the broker.

  • Norman

    Can you give us any idea of when version 1.5 will be available, and will it include the functionality to close out a basket/ring when a certain drawdown is reached?

    On a separate matter, can you please explain why you consider a multi-currency approach to be better than just trading this strategy on individual pairs?

    • Paolo

      Hi Norman, we plan to release it in September. Most probably the new version will not have the functionality you described, however this is not a major issue. With the proper money management the drawdown is under control, moreover any scenario of deep drawdown only occurs after weeks of trading, and in this case the trader has all the time to assess how critical the situation really is before taking the decision of closing out all trades. Keep in mind the user can force the simultaneous closure of all trades following a procedure we explain in the manual. Regarding your last question, the multi-currency approach is better because the drawdown peaks over multiple pairs are not likely to happen all together, therefore the combined equity curve is smoother. For the same reason it is better trading multiple ReticoloFX EAs instead of only 1 of them.

  • gatowman

    Hi Paolo,

    your RM and MM is not working. your account crasht with 92% Drawdown.
    I hope it works better with release in September??
    What is the problem, false Pairs??
    Ore only to much Lot?

    Regards gatowman

    • Andrea Post author

      I understimated the dd potential of trading 7 pairs at the same time, sincerely. We should have (logically!!) used at least double the account size of a ring (that uses only 3).

  • Jamesd

    I see that the jpy basket demo has had a margin call. Can you give an idea if all 8 ea’s are running together what the current DD would be? Thanks.

  • Andrew

    I will never forget the little video clip Andrea sent out in Crescendo days – it showed the havoc a runaway automatic lawnmower could cause! The take home message was that robots do need attention.
    This is especially so with martingale type EAs (like Crescendo) and grid-based ones like Reticolor.
    Having seen what has happened to the JPY Basket I checked my USD basket running since 27 July. And got quite a shock given that I use ElliotWave analysis for long term trends and turning points. So for example:
    The EURUSD should peak at around 1.26 to 1.27 (end of wave 5).
    But shock horror I currently have 7 Buy and 3 Sell trades on that pair and an overall DD for this Basket of around $700. So even if the pair goes a bit higher to 1.28 or so, it won’t be enough to offset the DD on the other 6 pairs in this Basket. Assuming they also won’t get worse before they get better – and I think they will get worse.
    And then when the EURUSD does reverse with 7+ Bs and only 3 Ss, it’s DD will get bad until the number of Sells exceed the number of Buys – quite a way off.
    So my solution is to close out the six “inner” Buy trades when the EU reaches 1.26 or so, pocket the profit, (equity won’t change) and then manually replace at least some of the closed Buy orders with Pending Sell orders to capture profits on the way down.
    I could also close some other trades that are negative and likely to become more so, or change the overall TP for the Basket to say -90 since I will already have pocketed say $100 by closing the EURUSD Buy trades.
    Similar arguments apply to the other pairs since they are all related to the Dollar Index which is close to a major bottom.
    Time will tell whether this is going to work but I sure don’t like the way things look for this Basket if you joined it in late July.
    Thanks to Paolo for giving me a script to enter new trades manually with the correct Magic number.

  • gatowman

    Hi Paolo,

    pls tell us, when comes the new Release off Reticolo?
    And can whe only change the EA, because he managed the open trades?

    Regards gatowman

  • gatowman

    Hello Paolo,
    I only set the lot size to 0.05 and noticed until days later, when a ring. Then I reduced the lot size to 0.01. Recognizes the ring this change and he can manage the various large Lotgrößen and close with profit, as the margin increases?

    Greeting gatowman

    • Paolo

      Hi gatowaman, yes the EA is still able to recognize old trades with the wrong lot_size. It will close all trades when their overall PL will reach the value specified in the “target_profit” input setting.

    • Paolo

      Hi gatowman, yes the current drawdown of this Ring is not pretty. Of course there is no magic wand for forcing a trading account to exit from a drawdown scenario. What we personally do in order to manage risk is to allocate a small portion of our capital to each EA, so that when one of them is in a bad situation it doesn’t impact heavily the whole account.

  • Shin Ono

    Hi There,

    I have been trading live with HotForex for 3 month. Through MyFxBook, I found out that some pairs has been performing better than others and some making constant losses. Would it be a mistake to stop trading those which making loss? Namely CADUSA and GBPUSA. Also GBPCHF, and NZDUSD.


    • Paolo

      Hi Shin, the only ReticoloFX EA that is not performing very well in our tests after 8 months is the Ring AUD/NZD/USD, which has 18.93% closed PL and -20.51% floating PL. I’d not suggest that you stop trading the pairs you listed, since you may alter the original trading strategy.

  • David

    I have another system that trades EUR/JPY and I am wondering what the Yen Basket would do if I put on another trade with the other system in the same trading account. Does Reticolo keep track of the positions it initiates and would not close a basket if the other system caused it to hit its profit target?

    • Paolo

      Hi David, ReticoloFX manages only its own trades (the ones with a specific magic number). The only problem may be the other system you are using, if it does not exclusively manage its own trades.

  • Michael JMF

    Hi Paolo,
    I’m trading all eight ReticoloFX EAs, EACH on a $100,000.00 demo account, on the client side of a One4All setup. I’m doing this on such large demo accounts to prevent any margin calls against the ReticoloFX accounts. On the server side of the One4All I have a live $6,000.00 account. Will the trading on the clients cause a margin call in my live account if I have all trades set at 0.01 lots both on the client side and on the server side?

    • Paolo

      Hi Michael, we suggest a starting balance of 10K USD when you trade the 8 ReticoloFX EAs together with 1 microlot per EA. Therefore your setup is pretty risky. Of course I cannot give guarantees that any trading system will prevent a margin call scenario (markets are unpredictable), byt if you play with the suggested money management you have at least more odds of success on your side. I’d suggest you start trading with 1 basket and 4 rings, and then add the other basket and 2 rings later on when your balance has increased to 10K.

  • Shin Ono

    Ciao tutti!

    USDJPY had an extreme run lately and reaching to a major Fibonacci resistance around 87. I was wondering if I should stop JPY_Basket at around this reversal point just to be on the safe side. Then I saw stop_after_close and on_hold parameter in the Input setting of the EA. Is turning these setting to true something advisable to the Reticolo traders? Or any reversal patterns are all within Reticolo trading algorithm, and not to worry?


    • Paolo

      Hi Shin Ono, the “stop_after_close” and “on_hold” input parameters are carefully explained in the User’s Manual. They can be useful for stopping the EA “gracefully” or for pausing it when the user thinks there is a major reversal ahead and it is better not to open trades in a specific direction. Anyway doing so the user is modifying the original strategy at his/her own risk. With the proper money management in place ReticoloFX should be able to survive any market condition.

  • Lex

    I am very interested in this robot and was wondering how badly is the performance affected by the spread in the pairs. For some crosses there are brokers that have spreads of 10, 12 or even 15 pips.

    Thank you in advance for your kind attention.


    • Paolo

      Hi Lex, thanks for your interest. ReticoloFX is very far from being a scalper EA, therefore spreads are not a critical issue for it. Of course the lower the spreads the better, however the EA closes trades at a fixed “net profit” level (which also takes into account swaps and commissions) therefore bigger spreads mean that the EA requires a sligthly more extended price move before it is able to closed a pool of trades for an overall net profit.

  • Lex

    Hey Paolo, thank you for your kind response.

    I see from other posts that the risk management is calculated as one micro lot per thousand dollars, right?

    So that means that 1 pip lot equals 10 cents?

    What would be the risk management if I am with a broker that gives me 1 pip = 1 cent?

    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

    • Paolo

      In that case you could trade a tenth of 1 microlot (1 pip = 1 cent) for each 100 USD of balance you allocate to a ReticoloFX Ring EA. For Baskets you need to allocate 200 USD of balance for each tenth of a microlot.

  • Karl

    Hello, I am interested in this EA. But I would like to see real statements from someone else. May folks can share own experience with this EA?

    Thank You in advance.

    • Andrea Post author

      They should not but depends on the broker. At times Reticolo may close many orders at the same time and if the brokers has problems (delays, slippage, etc) you may not have the same performances. But this is something more or less valid for every EA. There are always differences between brokers and between demo and live accounts. But none of our strategies is a scalping one, so the impact is usually quite low 😉

  • Jamesd

    Very pleased with performance of reticolo. Running eur-jpy-usd ring only at standard risk settings. Made 25% in the 2 months that I’ve been using it. Only limitation is with my broker, thinkforex, being slow to shut off the trades in a fast moving market like today when a whole bunch closed, and I actually closed some manually (but this took a while too) but I think it’s a problem with them rather than the ea. It actually gave me a much increased profit today as it kept on moving in my direction. This does mean that I like to check regularly on the ea, and would never leave it on complete autopilot. But I think that’s sensible on any ea.

  • Shin

    I just lost a whole account running just Reticolo!!! I was using HotForex which had the best margin, I encountered. It would be harder to run on an American brokers…

  • borga mucielli

    why does the growth comparison chart show great results but right above it on the fx book charts most pairs have crashed?

    on the comments listed, i see lots of questions and worries but no success stories or any happiness. :( doesn’t look nice.

    who wants to wait 2 months to close a trade worth a lousy 10 bucks? while other trades are in deficit you can never leave the system.

    you will have to keep your money tied up for a mighty long time.

  • tom

    ReticoloFX ea.

    how does it work! is it like

    you have eurusd, usdjpy and eurjpy within a triangle. so if eurusd goes up and usdjpy goes up, most likely eurjpy will goes up aswell because it have too.

    is that the correlation that is being traded.


    • Paolo

      Hi Tom,
      the EA places a trade when there is a movement in the expected direction. The EA does not directly trade the correlation among pairs. A basket of trades is closed when they reach an overall predetermined profit.

      • Mark

        Hi. How is the expected direction/entry determined? In a ring are the lots for all pairs the same? Could the same ring be opened later again? Do you have a manual of the functionality? I am very interest in the ring EA but need more informations. A trial version would be helpflul. Thx Mark

        • Paolo

          Hi Mark, the price action triggers each trade. In other words trades are opened on the breakout of grid levels. In a ring we normally use the same lot size for all pairs, but you may use a different lot size if you wish. I’m sending you a link to the User’s Manual via email 😉