Renko On Build 600 Solution! 13

Hi Everyone,

please read this post carefully if you updated MT4 to Build 600 (if you didn’t update, we suggest you do not update yet) and you are using Renko Live Charts and/or HART EA.

In this post I’m going to explain step by step – and also to show in a video – how to make these EAs work on Build 600.

STEP 1) Download version v4.11 of the Renko Live Charts (right click and select “Save Link As…”):

Alternatively, these files are also available in the download area of Renko Live Charts and HART EA.

These files were compiled on Build 509 and can be used on ANY build from version 509 or greater. However if you are still running a Build less than 600 you should not worry at all about updating these files on your platform. RenkoLiveChart v4.1 will continue to work just fine in your case.

STEP 2) Open MT4 and click the “File > Open Data Folder” menu. You’ll see a Windows Explorer window that is opened in a folder like:


Double click on the “MQL4” subfolder, and the double click on the “Experts” folder.

STEP 3) close MT4

STEP 4) copy the 2 files in STEP 1 and paste them into the “MQL4\Experts” folder of STEP 2, confirming that you want to overwrite both existing files

STEP 5) restart MT4

The same steps are shown in this short video (3’06”):

Please note that we suggest running RenkoLiveCharts EA on a H1 chart, because sometimes it generates a runtime error on smaller timeframes. We’ll send a further update as soon as we fix this minor issue.

For any question and feedback don’t hesitate to contact us :-)


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13 thoughts on “Renko On Build 600 Solution!

  • Faisal Rahim

    I think here is one problem in this new EA. We are not able to change sizes of boxes and every time it is showing same and same size of 39 pips. After all it is verygood

    • Paolo Post author

      The Renko Box size is determined by our free RenkoLiveCharts EA. If you put CalculateBestBoxSize=false in the input settings you are free to set the RenkoBoxSize that you prefer.

    • Paolo Post author

      Hi Lawrence, thanks for reporting. We are going to provide a version that compiles correctly also under Build 600. However the solution we offer in this post does NOT involve any compilation under the new Build 600. You can still use the RenkoLiveCharts EA compiled under Build 509 that we provide in the download area.

  • TheFrog

    was looking for this 2 days long. After update to the latest mt4, lost my renko charts.
    now, its working again.

  • pollux

    first excuse me for my bad english.

    I have MT4 and the new renko 600 chart on the M1 live chart.For exemple, i use the generated renko on the offline chart M2,with an another EA on this offline M2 chart.

    It work perfect !

    But when my internet is disconnected temporaly , mt4 terinal is disconnected too (logic). After when internet is connected mt4 is connected too.

    But beetween the disconnection and the reconnection the EA Renko chart has not update the ticks and makes some gap on the M2 offline chart. So to update the missing ticks on M2 offline chart, I must redrop the EA renko 600 on the M1 live chart.

    How can i automatize the process when i have a disconnection ? On every tick, the EA Renko 600 must update the same way that i drop manually the EA on the M1 chart to prevent disconnection.

    The programm works fine, but he don’t detects interrupts in feed and don’t rebuilds the offline chart after the feed reconnects.

    So when i have an internet disconnection, some ticks are missing, the programm rebuilds just the ticks after reconnection, not beetween the disconnection !

    • Paolo Post author

      Hi pollux, I’m afraid there is no automatic way for dealing with such disconnections. In any case is you have frequent disconnections from the Internet I’d suggest to fix this problem, since it can affect negatively also other EAs which run on standard charts.


    Hi Paolo,

    Glad that I’ve found your site. Been looking around for the updated version of this indicator for sometime. I have a slight problem here. After I managed to change the setting for the renko box size, now after dropping the EA onto the chart, I couldn’t open M2 offline chart. What could it be possibly the reason?

    • Paolo Post author

      Hi Azman,
      please try and apply our Renko EA to a larger timeframe, then wait until the EA displays the comment “Go to Menu FILE > OPEN OFFLINE”.
      Look for possible errors into the “Experts” tab of your MT4 if you cannot see this message displayed on your chart after a few seconds.

    • Niels

      I had the same issue, even after the message from the Renko EA was displayed.
      Just wait a bit… It can take up to 2 minutes for the M2 chart to appear in your offline charts.

      • Niels

        Also, don’t (re)compile the EA in the MT4 Language Editor when you’re on 600 builds. This also stops the EA from generating Offline M2 charts apparently.