PotenzaFX 26

The “PotenzaFX” set (“potenza” means “power” in Italian) is made out of 4 indicators:

the PotenzaFX “POWERLINES” 



the “PotenzaOnChart”

Here’s a brief description for each of them.

PotenzaFX Powerlines

The “Powerlines” shows you 8 lines, one for each of the 8 major currencies: Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Swiss Franc, Euro, British Pound, Japanese Yen, New Zeland Dollar and US Dollar. Each line give you the “power” score with values oscillating from +100 (strong) to -100 (weak).

The Powerlines indicator can be used in two ways: one showing the two currencies of the chart it is applied to:

and one showing the score for all the 8 major currencies (or a selected sub group of them).

PotenzaFX Correlations

The “Correlations” one shows you the correlation value between two single currencies. Filtering the entry signals with the correlation value dramatically improves the performance of your trading.

PotenzaFX DLS (Dynamic Lot Sizing)

The “Dynamic Lot Sizing” one, is a powerful indicator for money management that will help you scale in and scale out the size of your trades based on the spread between currencies power scores.


The “PotenzaOnChart” indicator displays an information very much alike the DLS, however this indicator is drawn in the main chart, so it can provide BUY/SELL signal directly on the main chart.

PotenzaFX Trading System

These 4 indicators together form an incredibly powerful trading system by itself, but you can also use side by side with your preferred trading systems and style.

One of the greatest things about “PotenzaFX” is that it works flawlessly on any timeframe.

Here are a few examples of how to use the PotenzaFX indicators set to do a multicurrency/multitimeframe analysis.

The following is a setup showing one pair analysis (EURUSD in particular) over all the 9 timeframes:

The following is a setup showing the 8 major pairs analysis (global view) over all the 9 timeframes:

And here is a setup showing the analysis made on 26 single pairs (and 1 chart with global view) for one timeframe:

It doesn’t matter if you’re a scalper or a long term trader. Using the PotenzaFX indicators set will let you read the market like no other indicator before, knowing the “what, when and how much” of your trading.

PotenzaFX Users Group

All the user of the PotenzaFX indicators can became part of the PotenzaFX Users Group for free. That means that you’ll automatically receive any update for free.

I’ll be also sending “tips & tricks” emails/articles/videos to use it at best as well as automatic email notification of new posts in the blog.

We are also preparing a dedicated forum that will grow as we’ll be releasing new indicators and EAs week by week.

What You Get

By buying one or more PotenzaFX indicators you get:

  • the indicator(s)
  • templates to help you applying the indicator(s) to your charts
  • online manual(s) with detailed instructions regarding installation and and use, along with trading strategies to use the indicator(s) for you trading with entry and exit rules
  • free access to the “PotenzaFX Users’ Group” in order to receive automatic free updates, tips and tricks/articles/videos on how to use the PotenzaFX indicators at best, and new trading strategies as they are found

Ready To Buy?

If you are interested in the PotenzaFX Indicators you can buy them from here.

PotenzaFX indicators Set for MT4 – $99,99PotenzaFX Powerlines indicator + PotenzaFX Correlation Indicator + PotenzaFX DLS Indicator. The indicators work on every MT4 platform and can be applied to any timeframe.
***** This is the only version of PotenzaFX supported by ForteFX (algo=2) *****


PotenzaFX indicators Set (HullMA Version) for MT4 – $99,99PotenzaFX Powerlines indicator + PotenzaFX Correlation Indicator + PotenzaFX DLS Indicator. All the indicators are smoothed with the HullMA algorithm. We also provide the free HullMA indicators along with the PotenzaFX set. The indicators work on every MT4 platform and can be applied to any timeframe.


UPGRADE to PotenzaFX indicators Set (HullMA Version) for MT4 – $9,99This is the upgrade option to the PotenzaFX Powerlines indicator + PotenzaFX Correlation Indicator + PotenzaFX DLS Indicator. All the indicators are smoothed with the HullMA algorithm. We also provide the free HullMA indicators along with the PotenzaFX set. The indicators work on every MT4 platform and can be applied to any timeframe. The upgrade can be bought only if you already own the “regular” PotenzaFX Indicator set.


Would you like to put PotenzaFX on Autopilot?

PotenzaFX DLS Trader EA for MT4 – $49,99
PotenzaFX DLS Trader EA. The EA work on every MT4 platform and can be applied to any timeframe.


Please review our Refund Policy

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26 thoughts on “PotenzaFX

  • Enrico

    Ciao Andrea,

    Prima di tutto congratulazioni per il tuo sorprendente lavoro, sono veramente intenzionato ad acquistare l’intero pacchetgto “Potenza FX” ho solo bisogno di avere la tua conferma se gli indicatori lavorano anche con brocker che hanno suffissi o prefissi nel nome dei simboli (es EUROUSDFXF or EUROUSDm etc…).
    Fammi sapere al piu’ presto per favore.



  • Mointy

    Hi Andrea,
    Thanks for the Potenza FX. I think price and indicators look quiet good.
    Will buy the all package tonight when i get home. However i will be more interested to see a EA that trade the very same indicators. And i am almost certain that you can creat that kind of EA. Anyway for the time being i will be glad to have just the indicators. Until then i would like to thank you for all the hard work and that without forgeting Paolo :)
    A presto

    • Andrea Post author

      Ciao Mointy,
      the EA will probably came in a few months. I already have it running under Multicharts and I’ll port to MT4 soon.
      Time for testing and run in on some demo/live account and it’ll be released. Usually the whole process takes some months as I wrote before.
      Thanks to you!

  • pj

    Hi Andrea

    Thanks for these indicators . I think they have huge potential.
    My problem is when I restart metatrader I have to reload the template or change timeframes to get them to work.
    Any fix for this?


    • Andrea Post author

      Yes PJ. We are aware that it can happen.

      We are trying to fix it, but probably it depends on the fact that when the indicator load the MT4 is still not connected… maybe adding some delay in the start of the calculation… we’ll try and see if it fixes.

      We’ll be releasing some updated versions soon with some bug fix and additional features.

      • Tim

        Hi Andrea,

        I have the same problem also. Switching timeframes will fix the issue – but as I am running this particular MT4 platform on our home PC and not a VPS, I have to do this on all charts every time I start the MT4 platform. Any word on when a fix will be available?

        Thanks for making these indicators available. They are extremely useful, and more then worth the price you are charging for them.

        Do you have any plans to develop an EA to trade based on these indicators?

        Thanks very much,

        • Paolo

          Hi Tim,
          I’m afraid this is a MT4 limitation we cannot overcome. The indicators perform a lot of calculations on 28 pairs at the same time, and applying the “global” template first and/or switching timeframes is the only way to force MT4 perform all these calculations in the shortest time possible. Thanks for your kind words. We have already developed automatic strategies based on these indicators. We backtest them on MultiCharts and JForex (MT4 does not allow multi-pair backtesting, again another limitation). Ciao, Paolo

  • brUNO

    Hi Andrea
    I’m using your indicators with success!
    When a crossover shows up, it would be nice if an alert would be displayed (sound or Email).
    Will be an alert implemented in a future version?
    Best Regards

  • wendy


    do powerlines indicators and ea work on non standard timeframe charts like m2 and offline charts?

    and do they send alert/email when the powerlines cross?

    they look very good and accurate.

    many thanks

  • Peter


    Development on PotenzaFX to date has been good but results aren’t breathtaking….it appears to need the benefit of another filter eg a 50 EMA for the price action, go long when base currency crosses up and price closes above 50 EMA, exit either at next crossover or candle close below 50 EMA Also when is PotenzaFX going to be sold Guardian free?

    Kind Regards

    • Paolo

      Hi Peter, we are going to work again on PotenzaFX in the coming weeks. Thanks for your input. We are behind schedule on our plans to remove Guardian, but we should be ready very shortly.

    • Paolo

      Hi Peter, I’m not sure if you refer to Guardian. Currently ALL our products work without Guardian. We use a proprietary protection mechanism instead.

  • Steve


    I bought this Potentza last year. Can you please provide me tywo templates you are showing above. One with Analysisi made with 26 pairs and One chart with global view) for one time frame and second template with 8 single pair analysisi (Global view) on all time frames.

  • Hans

    Hi Andrea,
    the purchase of PotenzaFx was ready, number 3B3QKA3-B69SN6 , download and function were
    very good, but after the closing of the market the powerlines disapeared.
    Is this usual? I had hoped that the lines were kept that I could analyse my trades.
    It was closed when the indicators for the free one week testing were also closed. But I had bought Potenza.
    Kind regards,

  • Yaroslav

    Hi, Andrea.
    I want to get Potenzaonchart.
    What version of PotenzaFX i should buy? Just “PotenzaFX indicators” or “hullMA”? Another question how strong indicator draws?

    With great respect

    • Paolo

      Hi Yaroslav, thanks for your interest. The “standard” PotenzaFX is the one that currently implements “onCharrt”, and it is only the version supported by ForteFX. The “onChart” indicator can look in many different ways depending on the zoom level of your chart and the input settings you choose. Ciao, Paolo

  • Masashi

    Hello. I am thinking of buying the indicators, but when pushing the “BUY IT” button, it seems the link does not work properly. Please advise the right URL address to buy them.