PotenzaFX Groups 10

The new indicator part of the “PotenzaFX” family:

the PotenzaFX “GROUPS”

PotenzaFX Groups

The indicator is made to let you analyse the Forex market based on groups of directly correlated currencies. You can divide the 8 major currencies in up to 3 groups and use that kind of analysis to build your basket of currencies and trade the average power score of each group.

It is somehow an approach to trading putting together the concepts of PotenzaFX Powerlines and PaniereFX.

We already developed two simple yet very profitable strategies using the “PotenzaFX Groups” indicator.

The first one (the basket approach) is described here: http://pimpmyea.com/2295-pips-in-4-days-with-2pfx-strategy/

The second one (the single pair approach) is described here: http://pimpmyea.com/400-pips-per-month-with-a-simple-2pfx-strategy/

More will come in the next weeks!

Here’s what it looks like:

It is made up of 3 histograms (green for Group 1, red for Group 2 and white for Group 3) showing you the average power score of each of the 3 groups, and a yellow line showing you the spread between the power score of Group 1 and Group 2.

In general, for your trading strategies, what you’ll look at mainly is the yellow line (the spread). When above 0 you’ll have Group 1 stronger than Groups 2. Vice versa, when it is below 0, you have Group 2 stronger than Group 1. You can scale-in/scale-out the lot sizes based on the value of that spread.

Using default settings, you’ll have Groups 1 directly related to the stock market and Group 2 inversely related to the stock market. That also means that you can trade stock index Future, ETF, CFD or options simply by using the PotenzaFX Groups indicator only.

PotenzaFX Users Group

All the user of the PotenzaFX indicators can became part of the PotenzaFX Users Group for free. That means that you’ll automatically receive any update for free.

I’ll be also sending “tips & tricks” emails/articles/videos to use it at best as well as automatic email notification of new posts in the blog.

We are also preparing a dedicated forum that will grow as we’ll be releasing new indicators and EAs week by week.

What You Get

By buying one or more PotenzaFX indicators you get:

  • the indicator
  • online manual with detailed instructions regarding installation and and use, along with trading strategies to use the indicator for you trading with entry and exit rules
  • free access to the “PotenzaFX Users’ Group” in order to receive automatic free updates, tips and tricks/articles/videos on how to use the PotenzaFX indicators at best, and new trading strategies as they are found

Ready To Buy?

If you are interested in the PotenzaFX Groups you can buy them from here.

PotenzaFX Groups (MT4) – $39,99The PotenzaFX Groups indicator. The indicator can be applied to any timeframe. The indicator is for the Metatrader 4 platform. It can be used on maximum 3 PCs.


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10 thoughts on “PotenzaFX Groups

    • Paolo

      Hi Tiger, no each indicator (set) is sold separately. The price is really cheap though, and it is not going to stay like that for many more weeks. My preferred indis are PotenzaFX + PotenzaFX Groups. Ciao and good luck with your trading :-)

    • Paolo

      Hi Michael, please post again your answer or send again an email to us. We have replied to each and every support request even during the holidays. By the way, the email you’ve used for posting your comment is not listed in our customers’ database. Ciao, Paolo

  • Charles Harper

    Hi Paolo,

    Where does the Potenza Group indicator display the currencies in each of the 3 groups?

    For example:
    Group 1: AUD, EUR, GBP, NZD
    Group 2: JPY, USD
    Group 3: CAD, CHF


  • mike

    i mean like in the previous thread about the currency grouping like: For example:
    Group 1: AUD, EUR, GBP, NZD
    Group 2: JPY, USD
    Group 3: CAD, CHF

    if i buy the futuroFx, do i still need this PotenzaFX Groups indicator or it is already included in the futuroFx algorithm?

    • Paolo

      Hi Mike, FuturoFX and PotenzaFX Groups are distinct indicators and they are completely independent from each other. The most evident difference is that FuturoFX works on a single currency pairs, while Groups elaborates data coming from all the 8 major currency pairs.