PotenzaFX DLS Trader EA 77

The PotenzaFX DLS Trader EA is based on the PotenzaFX Powerlines indicator. The indicator calculates the power score of the 8 major currencies so that you can easily compare them and find those that are stronger than the other and viceversa find those weaker than the others. The strategy basically works by trading the crosses of the powerlines.

We also added the analysis of the correlation between the currencies to find the crosses that have more chances to give good results. We filter the crosses by only taking those that happen with a negative correlation score, meaning that the two currencies tend to “diverge” from each other that is the best situation for a good trend to happen.

This is basically the main strategy we use with the PotenzaFX Indicators set.

The strategy also uses the DLS (Dynamic Lot Sizing) money management strategy that increases/decreases the lot size used for trading based on the spread between the power scores of the two currencies we are trading.

The PotenzaFX DLS Trader EA uses exactly the same strategy and indicators.

It is an “autopilot” module for the PotenzaFX indicator set.

And here’s what it looks like:

The PotenzaFX DLS Trader EA is able to:

  • check the power score of each of the 8 major currencies
  • check the correlation score between them
  • filter entries based on the correlation score (you can set the filter level value), so that you only pick up the pairs with the best potential to develop strong trends
  • wait for a cross of the power scores to happen before entering the trade, so that it enters at the beginning of the potential trend and not when it is already “in fieri”
  • can do inter-bar check and adjustments (you can apply it for example to a daily chart and have it check and adjust lot sizes every 4 or 6 hours). You can check every number of minutes for the check
  • can be applied to any of the 28 potential currencies (the number depends on those available from your broker)
  • can be applied to any timeframe even on the same platform

The PotenzaFX DLS Trader EA has a powerful text interaface that tells you in real time what’s happening and what is going to happen. In particular it shows:

– the power score of each of the two currencies (for the current and the previous bar)

– the spread value between the two currencies (for the current and the previous bar)

– the DLS lot size (for the current and the previous bar)

– the open orders lot size for that pair (along with the difference with the DLS one)

– the correlation score

– if a cross of the powerscore just happened

– the closed profits and the value of the open trades

– a “gauge” always tells you that the EA is alive and running and if the correlation is good or not for trading

– the background color of the interface tells you in real time what’s the spread between the power scores of the two currencies of the pair you applied it too. It goes from green (positive spread so long on tha pair) to red ( negative spread so short on the pair). Passing from black (spread around 0). The brighter the color, the wider the spread.

That for each of the 28 potential currency pairs and for any of the timeframes you decide to trade!

The EA automatically calculates a magic number based on the pair and the timeframe you applied it too. So if you want you can trade multiple timeframes for the same currency pair. For example, you can trade EURUSD 4H and EURUSD 1D by simply applying the EA to two different charts.

As we said, PotenzaFX DLS Trader EA has been developed as an “autopilot” module for the PotenzaFX trading system. So it’s not a “stand alone” EA.

It needs that you own and have installed in your MT4 platform:

  • PotenzaFX Powerlines (mandatory)
  • PotenzaFX Correlations (optional, but required if you want to use the “correlation check” entry filter)

You don’t need to apply them to the charts (and to keep the CPU load as low as possible we suggest you not to do) as the EA will do the “calls” it needs to the above indicators.

Ready To Buy?

If you are interested in the PotenzaFX DLS Trader EA you can buy it from here.

PotenzaFX indicators Set for MT4 – FREE

PotenzaFX Powerlines indicator + PotenzaFX Correlation Indicator + PotenzaFX DLS Indicator. The indicators work on every MT4 platform and can be applied to any timeframe.

Learn how to get it for FREE!

PotenzaFX indicators Set for MT4 – $49,99

PotenzaFX Powerlines indicator + PotenzaFX Correlation Indicator + PotenzaFX DLS Indicator. The indicators work on every MT4 platform and can be applied to any timeframe.


PotenzaFX DLS Trader EA for MT4 – FREE
PotenzaFX DLS Trader EA. The EA work on every MT4 platform and can be applied to any timeframe.

Learn how to get it for FREE!

PotenzaFX DLS Trader EA for MT4 – $49,99
PotenzaFX DLS Trader EA. The EA work on every MT4 platform and can be applied to any timeframe.


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77 thoughts on “PotenzaFX DLS Trader EA

    • Andrea Post author

      I have it running on Multicharts.

      I’ll show some equity lines in the coming days.

      But the EA has been developed as an “autopilot MODULE” for the indicators. So it is meant to help in your trading with the PotenzaFX Indicators.

      I suggest you and everyone to get used to them first and THEN to move to the automatic trading. That’s because that way you better understand which timeframe is best to be traded for that period for example.

      Usually the higher timeframes are more stable (like the 1D and the 4H) but there are times when you can use it also at lower timeframes. But the EA can’t help you in that.

      The strategy is able to “filter” the pairs that seems to be best candidates for a good trend move (using the correlation) but can’t analyse the market for you.

      Personally I use it on 4H and 1D timeframes. Only rarely I trade it on lower ones but that’s also because I use many different strategies.

  • chiffon

    One thing I never fully understood even with the manual setup is take profit and stop loss. How does the EA handle those parameters? Does it wait until a cross in the other direction of the trade or some other method?

    • Andrea Post author

      Hi Chiffon,

      the orders are started at the cross of the powerlines. The lot size of the order is then managed based on the DLS money management strategy. That means that the lot size is based on the spread between the power scores. So when the spread increases the DLS will add positions to the already existing ones. When the spread decreases the DLS will start partially closing the open orders. This is how it takes the profits and cuts the losses. So there’s no fixed take profit and stop loss, but it does scale in (adds positions to the existing ones) and scale out (partially closes positions) based on the power scores spread.

      If you look at the DLS indicator you easily understand how it works.

      • chiffon

        Appreciate it. Not sure why I didnt pick up on that earlier. So the question for me then is what percentage of balance or margin does the DLS use and is it adjustable in the EA. Sorry bout all the ?s but thanx for the responses!

        • Andrea Post author

          with the DLS you set the maximum lot size it’ll use and the number of steps. When the spread is at the maximum value, then it’ll use the maximum lot size you just set. The EA by default uses 0.1 lots as maximum lot size and 10 steps to reach it (so 0.01 lots). It may seem low but you have to think that probably you’ll apply it to many pairs that can potentially all trade so you have to take into account also the fact that you may have many open orders.

          So my suggestion is to use default settings (0.1 max and 10 steps) unless you decide to trade it only on a very few pairs.

  • Donna

    Hi Andrea,
    I’ve been using the indicators manually and had good success with them. I have a few questions regarding the new EA. First, is it possible to use it in “alert mode”, where it would notify that a trade signal had occurred? Also, is it possible to turn off the DLS money management approach?


    • Andrea Post author

      Unfortunately I have to say no to both the questions… but, I promise you that I’ll immediately start working on an update that will turn my answer in a yes-yes! :)
      Thanks for your suggestions.

  • Mike

    This is still a signal service correct? It won’t open and close trades on my MT4 brokers account will it? Do you have any backtests for us to see?

    • Paolo

      Hi Mike,
      this is a fully automated EA, it can open and close trades on its own. Backtests generated with MultiCharts/JForex will be available in the coming days. It is not possible to perform backtests on MT4 since the strategy uses data from multiple currency pairs at the same time.

    • Andrea Post author

      Default settings are already good for timeframes like the 1H, 4H and 1D.
      We just started 3 new accounts and we’ll show their performances in the coming weeks.

  • Jens

    Hi Andrea/Paolo
    Can I set the number of steps in DLS to what I want?
    Can I set a max no of lots in all, for all the currency pairs I choose to let the ea trade, to limit my max exposure?

    • Paolo

      Hi Jens, sure you can. As an example if you want to trade 5 steps on EURUSD with 3 microlots per step, then in the input parameters put max_lot_size = 0.15 and lot_steps=5. You can change these parameters on each currency pair.

  • chiffon

    How will changing the steps affect the EA? For example changing from 10steps to 5steps.Just wondering is it only for more precise lot sizing or does it actually affect the entry and exit of the EA?

    • Paolo

      Hi Chiffon, the number of steps also affects entries. As an example, if the step was 1, then a trade would be entered only when the spread is above 50. Of course this scenario is very different from the one with steps=10. In the latter case the EA opens the first trade when the spread is above 5.

  • Jim


    Great Stuff! – I am following all the questions and answers with great interest – One thing I am not sure of however is the following:-

    If the trend reverses completely whilst in a trade does DLS also reverse, or does it exit and restart at the next cross.


    • Paolo

      Hi Jim,
      trades are entered or closed or adjusted when a candle closes and the DLS has consolidated its value. Therefore in a sharp reversal the current trade is adjusted only when the candle is finished. If it is a false reversal the DLS may not reverse, because the analysis on the other 27 currency pairs points out that this is indeed a false move. In this case the existing trade is not closed and it may experience a floating drawdown. Otherwise the DLS may decrease its value or it may go in the opposite direction. In this case the current trade may per partially or totally closed at loss and a trade in the opposite direction may be opened. As you can see we can have many scenarios during a sharp reversal. The DLS will lose money in this case as the majority of trend following systems. The important thing is its statistical advantage in the long term.

  • momo

    I started this EA on a FXCM demo account and checked that all is right. All indicators are presents in the expert/indicator folder. I applied it to 20 charts (H4). All faces are laughing.
    I see lot of colored (red, blue, green) screens. But no trades happened from Sunday evening. Is it a normal situation?

    • Andrea Post author

      Yes it is, as by default it waits for a cross of powerlines before starting to trade. On a 4H timeframe it can take some time, even days before that happens.
      Blue is not good! Red and green are good. Please restart the platform to see if blue backgrounds disappear. If not contact us for support.

    • Paolo

      Of course you are free to attach the EA on any timeframe if you are testing it on a demo account. You may also monitor the EA on a M5 timeframe if you have some time and want to understand the scale in/out performed by the DLS. Then you can switch to higher timeframes (I suggest at least H1, but the better ones are H4 and Daily) and finally use these settings on a live account. The 30 MN timeframe is too risky in my opinion (it may work well only during sustained trends).

  • Shin Ono

    Ciao Andrea e Paolo,

    Great work!!

    Only thing I am concerened is that the trend could change during a timeframe that the EA is trading, specially at a NFP or some big announcements, or even during a weekend. What do you think about Friday scale out feature or no trade period preset feature with scale out option? I am not following the market as you guys are so this might not relevant. At times I see a trend advance a lot at the end of Friday, and before a big announcement, the market always loose momentum, so the EA might already have closed all trades by the time of the announcement…

    Thank you,


    • Paolo

      Hi Shin, thanks for your appreciation. We’ll keep in mind the feature you suggested. It may make sense. However we usually put PotenzaFX on higher timeframes (like 4H and Daily) where also big spikes caused by news are not so important overall. Good luck with your trading 😉

  • Tim

    Hi Andrea and Paolo,

    If we’re starting out with a very small account (less than $500 for example), but wanting to trade all currency pairs (or as many as practical), how would you recommend setting the EA parameters? I was thinking of using a max lot size of 0.02, and setting the steps to 1. Would that work?

    Also, does chaging the max_corr_level affect the calculation of the steps?


    • Andrea Post author

      Hi Tim,

      don’t set the steps to 1 as otherwise it’ll wait for the spread to be at least 50% before opening a new trade.

      If you trade the daily timeframe 0.05 can be good. Then you set step to 5 or 10. That way each step is 0.1 (even for step 10).

      The number of steps also determines the minimum value of the spread before entering the trade. The larger the number of steps, the lower the spread must be before entering. I’ll write a detailed post about that as it is a quite important one.

      The max_corr_level does not affect the step calculation. It is only used to filter entries.

    • Paolo

      Hi Andreas, yes the DLS Trader EA is no-hedge and fifo compliant. However nowadays many brokers in the USA are able to handle the no-hedge and fifo rules in their backend, therefore many traders in the USA can use again the EAs they like without limitations.

  • Andreas

    What is the recommended start balance to run lets say 8 currency pairs with default setfile on a broker that has smallest lotsize of 0.01 (100.000 contract).

    • Andrea Post author

      We run all 28 pairs with default settings on a 10K account. But this is a very safe setup. You can safely trade with half the account and still have very low potential draw downs.
      The number of pairs is really not that important as it all depends on which pairs are you using. If you are using 8 pairs that all have the right correlation score then is like having 28 but only a few of them trading. So I’d say 3/5K is a good safe balance.

  • Andreas

    I have studied DLS Trader EA a bit now and it feels that using minutes_for_checking=1440 on H4 timeframe is a little bit too long. Paolo/Andreas, what do you say about that? Is there any backtests ready yet or maybe an investor password can be given to the 3 new accounts that has been started?

    • Andrea Post author

      Hi Andreas,

      if you look at the text interface you’ll notice that if the “minutes_for_checking” value is higher than the timeframe then the minutes_for_checking is lowered to the timframe value. So even if you have “minutes_for_checking” to 1440, on a 4H chart it’ll be automatically lowered to 240.

      We just started a few demo accounts. As soon as results have a meaning (it takes some time to have results on larger timeframes) we’ll publish as we always do with all our EAs.

      We are also preparing a sort of report with backtest made with other platforms (like Multicharts and JForex) that allow the backtest of complex strategies like PotenzaFX DLS Trader EA.

  • Alan

    Is it possible to have a force close on open orders if the trend has changed and their are postions still open due to the EA being disabled and then restarted. Could the EA check on the positions open to see if their are any going against the trend on applying the EA and close out if required.

    • Andrea Post author

      Sorry Alan I don’t think I fully understand what you want.
      If the EA (or the platform) is restarted there’s no problem as it’ll continue to manage the orders it previously opened.
      But it can manage only trades opened by itself, not those opened manually.
      Please specify better what you need. Thanks :)

  • Alan

    Hi Andrea. I had the EA running fine…then on mt4 for some reason my expert advisor had a X, disabled. If, when it becomes active again can we have an option to check its current oders and close out any that are against the trend. That would be helpful. I had this happen and I now have orders open when clearly the trend has changed. ( cross of power lines. Etc)

    Thanks Alan

    • Andrea Post author

      Ciao Alan,
      the EA should already do that.
      If you want it to do immediately simply put the “minutes_for_checking” to 1 and wait for the minute to pass.
      Remember to set it back to 1440 or whatever you did choose otherwise it’ll check and adapt lot size every minute 😉

  • Jason


    I have recently bought this and placed it on the 1 minute to see how the dls functions.

    What I noticed was an entry was made on the buy side when the text was green. It went about 30 pips in profit, and then the text started going red, everything was pointing down but it never closed the.

    My question is besides the red text what else decides the exit? I can’t see how a profitable trade went into negative.


    • Paolo

      Hi Jason, the EA opens/adjusts/closes trades based on the distance between the Powerlines. Such distance is shown in the DLS indicator. When a bar closes the EA check the DLS’s value and decides whether it is time to open/adjust/close a trade. If price moves a lot within a single bar there is no way for the EA to capture profits. The EA performs a new action only when the current bar is closed. This kind of strategy allows to profit from medium and long term trends, it cannot capitalize short-lived price movements. I hope the explanation was clear enough :-)

  • Jason

    Morning :-)

    Quick question if I may, what would you digest as the checking minutes on the daily? I was thinking as having it as every 4 hours but is that not the same as just having the chart open on the 4 hourly?


    • Paolo

      Hi Jason, I suggest using 12 or 24 hours. Checking every 4 hours is not the same thing as using the EA on a 4H chart, because in that case the Powerlines’ values can differ a lot. On a daily chart PotenzaFX indicators look a lot more at historical data with respect to 4H charts. Ciao, Paolo

  • bruno


    I, and probably others as well, wait to see your results before to buy.
    It is already some good times we are waiting for that.
    Any progress ?


  • Laurence


    Can we see a backtest of DLS EA ? I want to purchase but just need a reference results.
    Thanks very much. Keep up the great work.

    • Paolo

      Hi Laurence, the EA itself cannot be backtested on MT4 due to a limitation of the plaftorm itself (MT4 cannot handle multiple currency pairs during a backtest). We are going to publish backtests of equivalent robots developed for JForex and MultiCharts.

  • Andrew

    I have loaded the new EA and indicators from 9 March, but now I get a blue background for the EA text box. That was a problem with an earlier version. What do i do?

    • Paolo

      Hi Andrew, are you sure you overwrote previous indicators? The most common error is copying them with a different filename (that’s because your web browser may automatically assign a new name).

  • Andrew

    I have run this EA during March on default settings for Daily for 5 pairs (AU, NU, NJ, AJ and EU), and am down $50. Only 1 week out of 5 was positive.
    Which pairs do you recommend and have you had better results?

    • Andrea Post author

      It depends on periods. That’s why I suggest to put it on as many charts as possible because that way you can catch the best trend in all of them. For example the past month was very good for many pairs with JPY. But we can’t say until trends develop. So the more pair the better.

    • Andrea Post author

      I prefer running it on the daily other than on the 4H. But depends on periods. Sometimes the 4H performs better. Also I do only a “newbar” check meaning that it is made only once per bar.

    • Paolo

      Hi Alan, no it was released only a couple of weeks ago. Luckily enough that was just the beginning of a congested price area for most pairs, so the EA is in a drawdown phase at the moment. However, this situation is totally compatible with the results of our backtests over the last 2 years and a half. Ciao, Paolo

  • Gianni

    I’ve purchased PotenzaDLS some weeks ago.
    Until now, just few trades closed about at breakeven.
    I’ve a problem (I think it’s related to Guardian protection…). Often, in my MT4, the EA disappear from the chart… why?! I have to put it again manually on the chart.

    Thanks a lot.

    • Paolo

      Hi Gianni, unfortunately Guardian causes some problems on the MT4 platform. As an example when you restart the platform the EAs are not on the charts and the user has to apply them again to each chart. We are going to switch to another protection mechanism in the near future. We have already released two products (SintesiFX and MatrixFX) without Guardian. PotenzaFX DLS Trader often needs some weeks before it begins “building” its positions and make profits. Write an email to our support for any question you may have. Ciao, Paolo

    • Andrea Post author

      Hi Christian. As you know I’m working on the update and I already integrated the powerbars algo into it.
      But the most important upgrade is in the money management side. DLS is not working as it should so I have to revise the lot sizing strategy.
      But I’m near to have a good strategy for that and the update should be released quite soon.

  • Andrew

    Will this come out before the new Futura EA? I would still like to make some money with Potenza given my investment in it and Duetto. I can’t afford to just keep buying new EAs and indicators.
    Cheers, Andrew

    • Andrea Post author

      I already coded the use of the new algos for Potenza.
      But I’m working on a major update of the strategy particularly on the DLS side. This is taking more time than expected as I can’t backtest it so the only way to see if it works is let it run. But it’s on top of my list of priorities. So I’m confident that I’ll be able to release the updated version soon.

  • John V

    Hi Guys ,
    Do we have an updated EA yet? I see the amazing results powerlines shows at a 4hr cross,this gives me a real trading advantage, one helpful feature will be an email alert at each crossing ,either on powerlines or Potenza DLS, waiting in anticipation!!

    • Andrea Post author

      Working on it and on updates on DuettoFX EAs as well.
      Many updated are about to come hopefully in the coming weeks.
      PotenzaFX EA and DuettoFX EAs are strictly related and we’ll release updated at the same time probably.
      Thanks for your suggestion.

  • Martin S

    Hi PimpmyEA Team,

    is PotenzaFX DLS Trader EA compatible with HMA version of PotenzaFXpowerlines? I see only Potenza FX indicator set above.
    Thank you

  • Graham Brookes

    I recently purchased hullma version of Potenza.
    Does the EA work with this version?

    Also the Potenza Matrix arrived with the programs and
    then suddenly disappeared, was this been provided with your recent special offer?

    • Andrea Post author

      Hi Graham,
      I don’t know what you mean with “arrived with the programs”. You mean that it was available in the download area?
      Please contact us via email so that we can better support you.