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Basket trading can be one of the most profitable ways of trading Forex. The idea is to trade a set of “correlated” currency pairs based on a sort of “index” of them.

The advantage is that you don’t put all the money on just one trade but on a set of trades correlated between them. By doing that you average losses and compensate them with the gains coming from other pairs.

You can read more about it in my dedicated post here.

Despite of the relatively simple concept behind it, basket trading is not as simple as it may seem.

The “PaniereFX” indicators set is here to help you in that.

It’ll make all the calculations for you and will show you a simple “index line” telling you exactly when to enter and if you have to go long or short your set of pairs.

The strategy can be applied to any timeframe, but as usual I suggest you to go with higher timframes like the daily (1D).

I usually trade a basket made of “USD” based pairs but I created another 3 indicators made to trade also “EUR”, “GBP” and “JPY” based based baskets. The 4 indicators form the set of “PaniereFX” indicators set.

Each of them will let you create and manage an independent basket of pairs.

Reading it is very simple. If you see the index line above the 0 line, then it means that the base currency is bullish, if below is bearish.

What to do next? If for example you have a bullish “USD” you go long all the USDxxx pairs and short all the xxxUSD pairs. AT THE SAME TIME.

The opposite applies in case the “USD” index is bearish. You sell all the USDxxx pairs and buy the xxxUSD ones.

That’s the same approach you’ll have for the other 3 baskets you can create.

Personally I suggest you to start with the USD one as in the past months it has been the most “reliable” one. But the JPY and GBP ones may be also a good choice. Trade wisely the “EUR” one as it is a little too volatile lately.

So the “PaniereFX” indicator set is (as almost all the indicators we develop) a trading system by itself.

What You Get

By buying the PaniereFX indicators set you get:

  • the 4 indicators
  • an online manual with detailed instructions regarding installation and and use, along with trading strategies to use the indicators for you trading with entry and exit rules
  • free access to the “PaniereFX Users’ Group” in order to receive automatic free updates, tips and tricks/articles/videos on how to use the PaniereFX indicators at best, and new trading strategies as they are found

Ready To Buy?

If you are interested in the PaniereFX you can buy them from here.

PaniereFX – EUR/GBP/JPY/USD Indicators (MT4) – $39,99Indicators calculating and showing the indexes of the 4 major currencies, so to use them to trade baskets based on them. The indicators can be applied to any timeframe. The indicators are for the Metatrader 4 platform. It can be used on maximum 3 PCs.


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9 thoughts on “PaniereFX

  • Steven

    Hi … I know that you are a seasoned programmer and was wondering why you do not have the PaniereFX set up to auto trade. Surely you know how to back test and forward test it better than most of us. If this baby works well enough for you to sell just the indicator then you must have a certain degree of confidence that it is worth buying. I say this only because I have goten to a place in my life where I just do not chase the charts anymore … too busy. However, I would love to get this on autotrade if you have confidence in it.


    • Andrea Post author

      We are building auto-trading “modules” for all the strategies we are presenting here.
      I use them running in the Multicharts platform and so they have to be “ported”.
      As soon as they will be ready and fully tested in MT4 as well, they’ll be available as “additional modules” to the indicators, meaning that they’ll need the indicators to work. We decided to go that way so those buying the indicators now, won’t “waste” money.
      This is for PaniereFX as well as for PotenzaFX and probably for all the coming indicators/strategies.

  • Todd

    That is good to know about your wishes. You are a good guy and I relay am enjoying the reliace of your first set of indicators. I will be purchasing this one too by the end of the week.
    Pip On

    • Andrea Post author

      Hi Paul,
      thanks for buying.
      I just sent you the indicators.
      Sorry if I wasn’t quick but there’s no automatic procedure so I have to do it manually and I was sleeping when you ordered them.
      Let me know if everything is ok and your feedback.

      • Paul

        Lol – time zones :)
        All installed and working, thank you. I’m a great fan of your stuff Andrea. I’ve done very well from Crescendo since the beginning and your trading styles and concepts fit very well with my trading methods.

        Keep up the good work!! :)

        Many thanks,

  • G.E.

    Andrea: This also looks like another great Tool!!! Thanks and Keep up the GOOD Work. I appreciate your willingness to take your knowledge and provide it to other traders!!

  • Alan


    i look at your PaniereFX and FuturoFX Trading
    if i buy, will i get the MQL source code.? the reason is, i intend to call this indicator from my Custom EA. So far my EA is not performing well and i think having your indicators which looks at overall correlation will help me. please let me know …i am hoping to use your indicators to filter my trade calls. Not only these 2, a lot of indicators from your Arsenal are damn good with potential…i am hoping to leverage it into my trading EA which i coded with the help of a programmer


    • Paolo

      Hi Alan, thanks for your interest. Unfortunately we cannot provide source code of our software (thanks to software pirates). However you can use the “iCustom()” method offered by MT4 for calculating a custom indicator and returning its value, even if you don’t have access to its source code. Keep in mind that our indicators mostly rely on data coming from multiple currency pairs, therefore the iCustom() will work in realtime, but not during backtests. Also keep in mind FuturoFX is pretty unique and it does not return values like indicators usually do. However you can grab some of its data analyzing the objects it displays on chart.