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When the NFA imposed the FIFO (First In – First Out) and no-hedging rules in 2009, many claimed that it was the end of Forex trading in the US… and, somehow, it was.

If you are a US citizen you then you know that trading Forex has become much more difficult, and making money from Forex is much harder than before.

Even if an individual robot can claim to be compliant with the NFA rules, that is no longer relevant if you want to run more than one EA on the same account and/or place manual trades – trading more than one simple system becomes almost impossible.

Finally, we developed a solution that gives you back the “original” trading freedom you once enjoyed… and much more.

One4All is a trading tool that has been developed with the NFA rules in mind, but is actually so useful that should be used by every trader wanting to make real money with manual and automatic trading systems.



One4All collates and aggregates all trades from any number of non-NFA demo accounts and replicates them into a “master” (live or demo) account as a net position – all in real time.

You trade freely on the demo account(s) and everything is “summarized” on your live account by summing up the value of all open positions on each demo account for each currency pair. The net position is then automatically, and almost instantly, adjusted on the master platform as new orders are opened and closed on the demo ones.

Here’s a video introduction giving you more details:



The architecture is very simple and we wanted to keep things that way to ensure it was a very easy product to use that “just worked”. And we did it! :)


You simply need to attach a “client” EA to a single chart on each demo platform (you may only require one demo account, but you can use as many as you want) and one “server” EA on the master platform for each pair you want to trade (a license allows one master account).

Configuration is very very easy. On the client platform(s), all you have to do is to specify the directory of the master MT4 platform and optionally set some simple options (lot size multiplier, optional filters, etc). In most of the cases the master MT4 platform directory is the only option you’ll need to set.

On the master platform, things are even easier! You simply attach a One4All “server” EA to each of the currency pairs that you want to be traded. That’s it.

Along with the always-updated online manual, you’ll also have access to some instructional videos showing how simple it is to install and configure each side.



We want to show you the potential of One4All with a couple of live demonstration videos.

You’ll see a pretty simple environment with a couple of clients installed on demo accounts from two different brokers, and one server installed on a 3rd broker which enforces the FIFO/No-Hedge rules. We’ll show you that you can do whatever you want on your demo accounts and that every change is “summarized” into the lowest possible number of trades on the master account – all fully compliant with the FIFO/No-Hedge rules.

Here are the videos (don’t forget to select 720HD and “Full screen” for better viewing):

Introduction and FIFO Rule

“No-Hedging” Rule



  • Complete compliance with NFA FIFO/No-Hedging rules, yet supporting any number (and mix) of EAs and manual strategies!
  • Dramatic reduction in the number of trades opened which reduces spreads and commissions paid to the broker.
  • Separation of environments so you can easy monitor the performance of each EA / system individually and avoid unwanted interference between them – run each EA on its own platform / demo account if you want.
  • Balancing of trading systems in your portfolio. You can set a “multiplier” for the size to open orders which means you can decrease the size of orders opened by a losing EA / trading strategy and increase the sizes of winning ones.
  • “Suspend” an EA. You can still allow individual EAs to run on your demo account(s) but, if you decide that the market conditions are not good for them to trade live (for example: during summer or holidays) then you can prevent those trades from being replicated to the master account. Perfect if you want to do “equity trading”.
  • Hide EAs from your broker. One4All completely “anonymizes” EAs by removing all trade comments and magic numbers during the aggregation process. No more dirty tricks from brokers!
  • Flexible filtering: you can filter trades based on currency pair, magic number or comment.
  • Fast execution time: usually under 1 second but depends on the number of clients and open orders.
  • Easy installation and configuration: it REALLY takes just a few minutes to install and setup.
  • Already tested on tens of US and non-US brokers, such as: Alpari US, ATC Brokers, FX Solutions, (Gain Capital), FXDD, IBFX US, MB Trading, GFT, DirectFX, FXCM AU, Go Markets, IBFX AU, Pepperstone, ActivTrades, Alpari UK, FXCM UK, FxPro, FinFX, Gallant Capital Markets, IamFX and MIG Bank.



  • All US Forex traders! :)
  • Any Forex traders running multiple EAs and/or manual trading strategies



Here’s are a few words from beta-testers who had the chance to use it already:

“When I first read your blog entry about One4all, I was expecting some complicated software, but actually, it’s easy to use and understand, and the system looks really nice. I like software you can run with minimum additional settings that just works as required, which is exactly what One4all offers.”

“It will save me a lot of time. I am not using a US-based broker so I do not care about FIFO or hedging limitations. I actually have no limitations from my broker but I am running 2 EAs (all Crescendo pairs and all ReticoloFX EAs) plus manual trades on single real account. I check things regularly – several times per week to verify closed and open trades, to see how each EA is working, what portion of actual DD comes from which EA, what actual margin is being used by each EA and so on.”

“visible, positive impact for overall profit since the total number of open trades will be lower.”

“Andrea, Paolo – you did it again! A really good job. I highly recommend all your products, not just this one. Please keep up your efforts – I am really looking forward to additional things you develop.”



  • Two installers (one for the Server and one for the Client)
  • Two EAs (one for the Server and one for the Client)
  • A server-side service script
  • An always-updated online manual
  • Instructional videos on how to install and configure things
  • Email support

Ready To Buy?

Get One4All with just a one-time payment of $124.99 and start the new trading week with a smarter, more flexible and more profitable, broker-busting system!

One4All Trading Tool (MT4) – FREE The One4All Trading Tool will help you trades in the best conditions, without any rule restrictions, dramatically lowering the number of trades open, anonymizing your strategies and reducing the spreads/commissions paid to your broker.

“One4All” works on every MT4 platform.

Learn how to get it for FREE!

One4All Trading Tool (MT4) – $124.99 The One4All Trading Tool will help you trades in the best conditions, without any rule restrictions, dramatically lowering the number of trades open, anonymizing your strategies and reducing the spreads/commissions paid to your broker.

“One4All” works on every MT4 platform.


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40 thoughts on “One4All

  • Chris

    Hello Paolo,
    then here the money is deposited? On the server or as far to the brokers or clints or both.
    Can be installed on the server also EA’s? Or the server is empty.


    • Andrea Post author

      Ciao Chris,

      Money should be on the server platform that should be the live account. The client account/s should run on not expiring demos.

      You can run another EAs on the server as well. But if you want to use One4All at best I suggest you to setup a demo account and let One4All do its job 😉


  • Chris

    Hi Andrea,
    If I understand correctly, I install the EA on a demo account, and from there are the trades acted live on the server.

    For example I open 8 Reticolo demo accounts, and then they act live on the server.

    I beg your pardon for my poor english.

    Ciao Chris

  • Chris

    Hi Andrea and Paolo,
    one more question. If I have a signal service, it is advisable to let these also run via demo account on the server. e.g. together with the Reticolo?
    Ciao Chris

    • Andrea Post author

      You can setup a demo account just for it, and install One4All client on it as well so that it’s replicated on the server as well. This way you can monitor the porformance on it as well.
      Once you get One4All the best way to behave is to setup a demo account for each of the EA/signal service/trading strategy that you have. Each one with One4All client installed 😉

  • Chris

    I hope this is the last question that I have.
    How do I move my Reticolo? There are still open trades?
    And is the capital requirements remained the same at Lot zice 0.01?
    Ciao Chris

    • Paolo

      Hi Michael, no this is not required. As an example you may have a client (demo account) with 10K USD deposit where you trade minilots and a server (live account) with just 1K USD deposit. In this case you could put multiplier=0.1 in the client’s settings, so that each minilot traded on the client corresponds to 1 micro traded on the server.

  • Miles Larkin


    I have 2 questions

    1 will it work on multiple sender and multiple receiver accounts

    2 how does it deal with hedge trades which have different lot sizes, and different stop and limit exits


    Miles Larkin

    • Paolo

      Hi Miles, thanks for your interest. We call “client” a sender and “server” a receiver. When you buy a license there is no limit on the number of clients you install on demo or live accounts, but you can install the server just on 1 live account (or on multiple demo accounts). The usual configuration is a set of clients running on demo accounts that send trades to a server running on a live account. You can buy more licenses if you need to run the server on more than 1 live account. Regarding your second question, One4All does not send stop and limit exits to the server. If they are hit on a client (resulting in a trade being closed) the server is immediately updated with the new position. If you have 0.3 long lots on EURUSD on a client and 0.1 short lots on EURUSD on a second client the server will just have 0.2 long lots on EURUSD. Same thing if the 0.3 long and 0.1 short were opened on the same client account.

  • Michael JMF

    Hi Paolo & Andrea,
    I’m trading all 8 Reticolo EAs in 4 different demo accounts of 10,000.00 USD each. The 4 demo accounts send their data to a main One4all live account of 5,000.00 USD on the server side. Everything seems to be working well except that the Reticolo accounts, both individually and collectively, show greater profits than that in the One4all server side account. It seems to me that the profits and losses should be sum equal on both sides. Can you help me account for the differences? Thank you.

    • Andrea Post author

      Ciao Michael,

      the account with One4All takes into account the open value positions. If you add the closed profits AND the open orders values for the Reticolo accounts and for the One4All account you’ll see that they are the same 😉 This is valid if they have been started at the same time, naturally.


  • Michael JMF

    Hi Andrea & Paolo,
    I started my new Reticolo and One4all versions yesterday after receiving your updates by e-mail, including Cerbero. However my One4all now quits along with the whole MT4 platform it is on. It is the only EA running on a newly downloaded MT4 platform with its own account. Do you have any idea what might be causing this? I have checked all the usual MT4 platform problems. Thank you for your help.

    • Paolo

      Hi David, even if you live in the USA you are free to install demo accounts which do not enforce FIFO and no Hedge rules. You can run the One4All client EAs on these accounts. Just make sure these accounts do not expire.

  • Michael JMF

    Hi Paolo & Andrea,
    I have a $6000.00 US live account I would like to trade using One4All on the server side and the 8 Reticolo EAs on demo clients side. What amount of money should I assign to the demo clients or does it make any difference? Thank you for your consideration.

    • Paolo

      Hi Michael, the suggested money management for ReticoloFX is 1 micro per each Ring and per each 1000 USD, and 1 micro per each Basket and per each 2000 USD. As an example with a $4000.00 account you may assign 2000 USD to a Basket, 1000 USD to a first Ring and 1000 USD to a second Ring. In this case lot_size=1 microlot on each EA. Therefore you need at least $10000.00 for running all the 8 ReticoloFX EAs on the same account.

      • Michael JMF

        Thanks for your reply and help. If I could ask an associated question: If I have $6000.00 on the server side of a One4All live account, does it matter whether I assign $10,000.00 or $100,000.00 to the 8 ReticoloFX EAs on the client side demo account(s)? In other words should there be some sort of balance maintained between the client and server side of the One4All trading setup to be safe?

        • Paolo

          Hi Michael, the best thing to do is to run each EA on its own demo account. As an example ReticoloFX Basket USD should run on a single account (with 7 charts opened and the EA running on each of them). In this way you can monitor each single EA. The balance in the demo account does not matter, as long as you properly select the “multiplier” so that the trades opened on the live server comply with the money management you have decided for your live account.

  • Song

    what happens to leverage and margin call for us resident with one4all installed? any display of aggregated lotsize for each pair and used margin on master account?

    • Paolo

      Hi Song, thanks for your interest. Leverage and margin call policy on the master (live) account do not change at all with One4All installed. The textual interface on the server displays the lot sizes of the clients and the aggregated lot size on the server itself. The used margin per pair can be added if you need this feature. I hope this answers your questions.

  • papaghost

    i am interested in one4all, i have a question on hedging.

    Say if i open long and short 0.01 lot, will the SL and TP be replicated to the master server?

    • Paolo

      Hi, thanks for your interest. On the server side One4All is not able to replicate SL and TP. One4All_server just aggregates the trades that are present on multiple clients. When a trade get closed on a client because it hit TP or SL, the server just reflects this information in the overall position.

  • borga mucielli

    dear pimp my ea guys,

    hey i like your stuff. but i have some questions. this one is about the All 4 One EA.

    say, i dont like your example in video of using different brokers and or using demo accounts to trade on live accounts.

    1, demo accounts are almost always either not real market data or they are lagging by 1/2 an hour or more.

    2. mt4 data feeds ëspecially demo accounts vary greatly from one broker to the next so you should never use them to trade
    on any live account.

    so i say never mix broker platforms and nver use demo accounts to trade live on accounts.

    even in your own video example you can clearly see the prices differ greatly from the demo accounts with the real live account!

    thanks :)

    • Andrea Post author

      Hi Borga,
      I agree with you in part. It all depends on the broker you use.
      We personally use it with FinFX and FXPro and the system has no performance problems related to the use of demo accouts.

  • borga mucielli

    can we run our own eas with all4one client?

    which will ea will show up on top right of our demo screens? our own expert advisors or the all4one client smiley face?

    how do we know they are both on the platform if only one is showing in top right of our screens?

    show me example of it using real expert advisors not manually trading but trading automatically with robots.

    • Andrea Post author

      You can use whatever you want for your trading with One4All.
      It is made for that. Mix EAs and/or manual trades.
      On each client account you have one chart with One4All client, then you have other charts with your EAs.
      On the server (live) account you only need the one4All server and all the trades coming from the client/s will be collected.


  • borga mucielli

    ok, your example video does somehow have demo prices correlating with the live account prices but i have hardly ever seen this.

    most times the dirty brokers give you bad demo feed to 1. mess up your strategy building and 2 just to mess with you.

    i will have to experiment and find a broker who uses good real time data feed for their demo accounts and hope their tick speed

    and latency measures up to my real account broker data feed.

    this is a HUGE problem. what do you think? thankyou!

    • Andrea Post author

      yes it can be a huge problem but as I said before, it all depends on the Forex broker you choose.
      We don’t have such bad experiences so far :)

  • borga mucielli

    hi, i noticed on your second demo video for All4One at the 1:28 mark the guy manually makes a SELL order for 0.40 lots BUT

    the real account listed it as a 0.04 lot size which is a HUGE ERROR and could wipe you out FAST!

    what is going on there?


    by the way, are the bottom two brokers from non US demo accounts? is that how you were able to hedge in the demo accounts?

    don’t most usa brokers demo accounts not allow you to hedge?

    show us a real case study using one of your own expert advisors along with the All4One client server dealy bob.

    • Andrea Post author

      The One4All server has the option to “scale” the trades. So you can do a 1:10 scale so that opening a 0.1 lot on the client side, opens a 0.01 trade on the server side.

      It’s not an error… it’s a feature :)


  • Hiro

    I have a few questions about One4All.
    I have 2 live MT4 account. One is non-FIFO but the other is FIFO.
    I manually trade with non-FIFO mt4. I don’t do hedge at all but I do open multiple position with one pair and close them in random order.
    If I want to copy my trades from non-FIFO mt4 to FIFO mt4, is One4All able to work smoothly without causing any problems?
    I was using other copy trade EA and the FIFO broker told me to stop using it otherwise they will freeze my mt4 account.
    Please let me know. Thank you.

    • Andrea Post author

      Hi Hiro,
      The One4All EA is made to solve FIFO and Hedging problems. So you can trade on any number of demo accounts and have everything replicated (solving the FIFO and Hedging issues) to a live account.
      In your case its two live accounts: one to be used as a client and one as a server but it’s ok.
      Send us an email with the two account numbers if you decide to buy it and we’ll activate both.