Correlation Matrix Indicators Set 6

The core of all our strategies is correlations analysis. Every single trade starts with the analysis of the relationship between single currencies and/or currency pairs.

We’ve found that this is the best way to read the market and we trade accordingly based on that view.

The Forex market is changing rapidly particularly in these years of crysis. Economics, politics, stock market, gold and oil, Forex… everything is related.

With the “PotenzaFX Matrix” and “DuettoFX Matrix” you’ll be able to understand what’s happening and easily understand where to trade and where not to trade. For example we know well that potential strong trends develop from currencies with solid inverse correlations.

You don’t have to do the math, everything you need it’s there, calculated for you in real time.


PotenzaFX Matrix shows you the relationship between the 8 major single currencies. This is what leads the corresponding currency pairs. The analysis can be done for any timeframe and period.

DuettoFX Matrix shows you which pairs move together or in opposite directions. But you can use it not only to analyze currency pairs but also gold, silver, oil, stock indexes… everything your broker allows you to trade. Up to 30 instruments can be analyzed contemporaneously in real time for any timeframe.

Once you know that precious information you can decide which pairs to trade and how to adapt your strategies accordingly.

We also prepared a set of templates that will let you start using the two indicators in less than a couple of minutes.

The indicators will point out the strongest direct or inverse correlations so that you can recognize them just with a glance.

What You Get

  • PotenzaFX Matrix Indicator
  • DuettoFX Matrix Indicator
  • Two online manuals with instructions
  • Templates to easily apply and use them


Ready To Buy?

If you are interested in the Correlation Matrix Indicators you can buy them from here.

Correlation Matrix Indicators Set (MT4) – $29,99The PotenzaFX Matrix Indicator and DuettoFX Indicator along with instructions and templates.Indicators work on every MT4 platform. They can be applied to any timeframe.


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6 thoughts on “Correlation Matrix Indicators Set

  • Paul

    These are great tools – thank you Andrea and Paolo. :)

    They make it easy to keep up to date with the “currency wars”, and to choose the best Duettos.
    I see some excellent trading opportunities off spread divergences and it’s now easy to see if any currency strays out of its ‘group’.

    Your work is very much appreciated – thanks again,


    • Andrea Post author

      Thanks a lot Paul.

      I totally agree with you (and it couldn’t be different :D). But those are two really fundamental indicators. Can’t stress that enough.

      We decided to make them so cheap because we want everyone to use them! :)