Ordini 5

Ordini is a free indicator that will automatically plot on chart all the closed orders listed in “Account History“.

This can be very useful if you want to do some analysis for example of how a strategy works or simply to have on chart the entries/exits of your traders.

If you drag the indicator to a chart, it’ll plot all the trades made on that pair.

Here are a couple of screenshots showing you what you’ll see:

this is how it looks on candle charts

this is how it looks on candle and line charts

[note class=”info”]To dowload it simply click here (EX4 file): http://pimpmyea.com/downloads/ordini.ex4

or here (ZIP file): http://pimpmyea.com/downloads/ordini.zip[/note]

To install it simply copy the “ordini.ex4″ file in the “MT4Directory/experts/indicators” folder, restart MT4 and you’ll find it listed under “Custom Indicators”.

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5 thoughts on “Ordini

  • Bruce Hands

    Hi Andrea,

    Can’t thank you enough for this indicator!!!

    I will be testing my ‘best fit’ stop loss, trailing stop and profit targets for Rover North this week and I believe that this indicator with help immensely. Especially if I can use the crosshair function in MT4 while this indicators is plotted to click and drag to ‘see’ the pip values from point A to B.

    This should speed up visual comparisons very rapidly and save a good deal of time dinking around with a calculator.

    Way cool, can’t wait to try it out after a session of trading.

  • Bruce Hands

    Hi Andrea,

    As if you'd have the time to do it, but here's a wish list anyway for the wonderful Ordini indicator:

    1. Plot entries/exits by date and time restrictions, including intraday bar ranges.

    2. When you select indicators->edit->delete, all plots for Ordini would be removed from the chart.

    Even if you can't pimp if further, it is a great help as it is.


  • Alan

    Thanks Andrea! This is brilliant! This saves so much time (especially when you have almost finished dragging hundreds of trades onto a chart and you drag a wrong pair trade by mistake and it changes the pair of the chart.)
    Kind Regards,