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The Cruscotto is the ultimate currency strength/weakness indicator. It monitors the status of the 8 major currencies (and also gold and oil) in real time using the data coming from 6 different timeframes: from as short as 15 minutes up to a month of data.

Why Use Cruscotto?

This will give you not only an overview of the currency situation, but also details on how it is performing in the short term as well.

The strength/weakness score goes from -100 to 100 and is calculated using all the pairs in which the currency is involved it. So when for example you see a strong EUR and a weak USD that means that EUR is strong vs all the other currencies and vice versa for the USD. That makes a long trade on EURUSD much more interesting.

Analyzing the single currencies, Cruscotto will help you choose the best pairs to trade. Simply take the currency or currencies that are stronger and match with those that are weaker. You can easily view that the stronger ones have green histograms and weaker ones are red.

Also when the score is more or less of a limit (a sort of signal zone) the text label of the period becomes green/red accordingly. This is the signal or at least the first half. Now to be sure, you need another pair that in the same timeframe that gives the opposite signal, and you can enter a short/long trade on that pair.

Depending on the time frame, you’ll have different targets ranging from a few pips to whatever works best on the time frame you are trading. It can be that easy.

How To Trade With Cruscotto?

You can trade the Cruscotto on it’s own, or (even better) integrate it into your trading system and it’ll help you in your trading decisions.

The strength and weakness of two currencies, can easily help you understand the trend of a pair.

From the long term to the short term. Remember… the trend is your friend and the best trends come when there’s divergence between two currencies, i.e. when one is strong and the other is weak.

How Does Cruscotto Work?

The Cruscotto algorithm works by analyzing price only. It doesn’t use any other indicator like moving averages, RSI; etc. So all the signals are in real time and not lagging as is the case with similar indicators.

You’ll also get to notice how currencies are correlated. You’ll get to notice what it means to have a strong Yen, strong US Dollar or a strong Euro.

You’ll be able to pick up interesting intermarket correlations with having Gold and Oil displayed, which can assist you in “predicting” the market.

Cruscotto Is An All In One Indicator!

Well, it is one indicator, but it comes in three different layouts: Horizontal, Vertical and Squared, to fit your setup and your screen resolution.

What You Get

  • The “CruscottoFX” indicator in 3 layouts: squared, vertical, horizontal
  • 3 templates for each layout, that will help you setup the indicator in a snap

Ready To Buy?

If you are interested in the CruscottoFX you can buy them from here.

CruscottoFX Indicators – $39,99

CruscottoFX Indicators (MT4) + templates. The indicators work on every MT4 platform and can be applied to any timeframe.


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34 thoughts on “Cruscotto

  • piplady

    Hi Andrea,

    That sounds great! Could you also consider adding in some of the indices too? Such as the YM & S&P. Maybe have a place where we could add some pairs or indices of our own choosing. Some of the MT4 platforms offer more than just the currency pairs and Cruscotto did have Gold & Oil on it which is very helpful due to correlations. Can't wait for it to roll out!

    Many, many thanks…..

    • Andrea Post author


      Cruscotto can't be bought only with Forex Bullet Proof, but the FBP pages seems not to work anymore.

      I'm working on a new version of Cruscotto that will be out in the next few weeks that you can buy it directly from here.

      Thanks for your interest and patience :)

  • Mointy

    Hi Andrea,

    Do you have any idea when the Cruscotto update version will come out. I can't realy use the curent version because of cpu usage. I would realy like to use it with the RoverNorthSystem.

    May the univers bless you my friend.


    • Andrea Post author

      Working on it. I’ll release before the end of September along with many other indicators I’m working actually.
      I’ll be on holiday for two weeks so I don’t want to release it now as I won’t be able to support you as I’d like 😉

    • Andrea Post author

      I’m testing the new advanced version and is my favourite indicator as well 😀
      The new version is even more “powerful” and easy to trade.
      I’ll post about it when it’ll be available for everyone.

      P.S. It’ll also work with brokers using prefix/postfix for symbol names.

        • Andrea Post author

          The indicator is ready. Just testing it.
          And I also coded and EA based on it that is trading now. Now I’m refining the strategy.
          I’m also working on a web version of it so that even without MT4 you can have its signals.
          The indicator is already in beta testing. Thanks for your offer 😉

  • Jens

    I use Cruscotto all the time, but it does take a toll on the CPU.

    Is it possible to get an email when you have the new version ready?

    When you have major news or improvements or new products, I think you should send an email to all your customers – like me! :-) (I bought from you, so I’m in your database.)

    About the “Price speed and acceleration” indicator and spotting divergencies: I find the “Composite Index” indicator (an advanced version of the RSI) is especially clear and helpful.
    I use it without its MA’s but together with the Stochastics indicator.
    I think it is free and maybe it could be beneficial to your customers, if you made it available.

    Something else that I find very helpful, is a simple script for MT4, that draws dotted lines for every 10 pips, or whatever I choose. It helps me evaluate quickly how much the single currency pairs moves and how big the stoploss will be. I got this script from a private trading group, but maybe you would find it something worth developing and making available!?

    Kind Regards

    • Andrea Post author

      Hi Jens,
      thanks for the info. I’ll try them all out to understand how they works and if they can be interesting to be published.
      Thanks again my friend.

  • cuda

    can you tell me how traders will know when the new Cruscotto indi will be released. threw emails or just keep checking in to website. also how much longer will you beta test indi.

  • Tomaz

    I use Cruscotto v1.0 but I have a lot of problems with MT4 freeze. It only works if history is empty, but after day or two, when starting MT4 with Cruscotto chart – MT freezes. Forever… I left it more that few hours. Nothing. Any idea?

  • Andrew

    Thx for the freebie. Maybe one day I will get to have success with all these indicators. Currently still trying to dig myself out of a Reticolor setup that has plagued me for a year.

  • Hans

    cruscotto is a great tool. Unfortunately in my version gold and oil are not indicated,
    The follow up of the change in values of the currencies requires much concentration,
    so I write them down to have a certain history.
    It would be much easier if you could give lines of these values as with HMA Potenza
    Powerlines. They are also very great!
    Can you tell me the principle differences between Cruscotto and Potenza?
    Best regards, yours thankful

    • Paolo

      Hi Hans, Cruscotto uses WPR (Williams Percent Range), while PotenzaFX and PowerbarsFX offer many different options for calculating strength/weakness of each currency: RSI, WPR, Stochastic, Bollinger Bands, MACD.

  • Krishnanand Soondur

    Hello Andrea,

    What am I looking for when I set the period bar on cruscotto v 2.1 to lower setting, for example 1 bar? How is it different to the default period of 10 bars? Please explain. Thanks.

    • Paolo

      Hi Krishnanand, period is the number of bars Cruscotto looks back in the history for calculating the strength/weakness figures. Therefore a big number means the indicator gives a long-term view of the market. On the contrary a small number assigned to period makes Cruscotto more reactive to recent price changes. I hope that clears things up for you. Ciao, Paolo

  • Eddie

    I have version 1 of the cruscotto indicator. It freezes up my platform regularly. The only way I can get it to work it to delete all the history and start from scratch. Does it have something to do with the new MT4 file configuration? Does version 2 have the same problems?