Fuzzy Indicators 12

This group of free indicators is made to help manual traders have better (read “safer”) entries and exits signals.

The basic idea is to put together a group of indicators (all the same) but with different periods.

Here’s what they look like:

What we look for is for consensus between all the periods. Usually in overbought/oversold areas.

RSI is the only exception to the above rule. With RSI you should look for periods when curves are spread apart. This usually means that you reached an extreme position.

Using them is very easy as they work almost the same as the “original” ones.

The only thing that really changes is that here we’ll have 8 curves, each with a different period.

You have to set the initial period and the step for the following 7 lines.

So far we developed 10 indicators:

  • Fuzzy Acceleration
  • Fuzzy CCI
  • Fuzzy Momentum
  • Fuzzy RSI
  • Fuzzy Stochastic
  • Fuzzy WPR
  • Fuzzy Moving Averages
  • Fuzzy MACD
  • Fuzzy Parabolic SAR
  • Fuzzy RVI
and some more may come soon.


Get Your Fuzzy Indicators:

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12 thoughts on “Fuzzy Indicators

  • David

    Hi guys
    Thank you for the Fuzzy indics. Once again you have offered an exciting experiment. I look forward to the EA. Please have a look at my questions if you have not already programmed the EA to do this—
    Can you shut of any one or more of the Fuzzies ? For example, if you do not like to use Fuzzy RSI, can you shut it off? — which leads to — can you chose how many of the Fuzzies you want the EA to use to calculate its trades?

    • Andrea Post author

      You’ll be able to fully customize the number of Fuzzy indicators and choose between a set of them for each “knight of the round table” :)
      So… full control.

  • David

    Hi guys
    Have you looked at the custom Indic TEMA to be “fuzzier” ? If not, I think it would be very interesting to se it with the others.
    Cheers David

    • Andrea Post author

      you can use the template from set 1 and add/remove indicators.
      I didn’t add any template as the PSAR and MAs indicators don’t look good together 😉

  • Graham

    Hey Guys
    These fuzzy things are GREAT. I am using a mix of them to trade fx in a scalping system I have designed and it is going gangbusters
    Maybe we can work on an ea for it

    • Paolo

      Hi wank, the momentum measures the speed at which price changes. The acceleration applies the same concept to the momentum itself (basically it increases when the speed of price change is increasing).

  • wank

    Hi, also the fuzzy acceleration indicator seems cannot update display itself in the mt4 platform screen for every new bar. is it due to any bug? thanks for attention.