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I started developing Forex indicators more than 4 years ago now. And I soon realized that I had to develop something that could help me see the “whole picture“. I needed something able to show me the situation on multiple timeframes.

Like many of us I used to have multiple charts opened simultaneously for this reason.

That could be ok if you trade just one instrument but if you trade more than one it can be a real problem.

So I decided to develop something very “new”. Forex Diver is the result of that “research”. It is a very visual indicator showing in a snap how a currency is behaving in 4 timeframes. By simply looking at it you are able to instantly understand if a trade is trending or not, in which direction and potential take profit levels as well as stop loss ones.

Using it you’ll be able to recognize specific patterns that will be very typical and easy to trade once you get used to them. You’ll only have to let your eyes trade for you :)

Forex Diver was born in 2009 and since then only me and a very very few friends have been using it. Most of them still use it (like I do) and it is surely one of the best indicators I developed so far even after all these years.

But now I’ve decided that it’s time to share it with all the Pimpers out there. Here’s a video that is one of the many videos I recorded in the past years and I’m continuing to record because I really want you to understand how powerful it is:

We developed two additional indicators that we use along with it, along with a detailed trading strategy that incorporates them all, with the Forex Diver as the main indicator. You’ll be free to use my strategy or integrate the Forex Diver into your strategy along with my other indicators or whatever you prefer.

Those two indicators will be your BONUSes if you decide to buy the Forex Diver indicator.

TendenzaFX (Bonus #1)

This is an invaluable indicator for a manual trader. It can be considered a trading system by itself. It automatically draws support and resistance trendlines by using “fractals”. An up fractal is a bar with the high, higher than the previous and following N bars. Vice versa, a low fractal is a bar with the low, lower than the previous and following N bars. In a “normal” fractal N is equal to 2. We decided to make it “stronger” and make it to 7. So the support and resistance line are “significative” ones. But you can set any value for the number of bars needed to have a fractal.

The TendenzaFX indicator, not only automatically draws the S/R trendlines but also can alert you (with a visual alert ar/or a sound) when the trendlines are broken!

We love this feature 😀

StochasticBars (Bonus #2)

An easy way to read stochastic indicator signals. It’ll draw bars showing you overbought/oversold conditions. It can show any timeframe you want. So in a single chart you can read the value of the stochastic indicator for multiple timeframes. Our templates integrate the stochastic for each of the 4 timeframes shown by the Forex Diver.

In our opinion one of the most important aspects of a manual trading strategy is the beauty and clearness of the trading template we use on our charts. In this regard a system like “Forex Diver” does a great job :-) The trick is to train our eyes and mind to recognize the patterns that the trading template makes evident. The more the template is clean and pleasant to our eyes the easier and faster we can accomplish this training.

The main element of “Forex Diver” are of course the “Diver Bars“. They provide multiple information extrapolated (mainly) from Bollinger Bands on multiple timeframes. The combination of Diver Bars makes apparent three important trading setups:

  • Volatility Breakout
  • Trend Following
  • Trend Reversals

The way to act upon these setups is thoroughly explained in the Manual which is integral part of “Forex Diver” trading system.

If you want to understand Forex Diver in a nutshell we suggest to take a look to this simple brochure containing a concise visual explanation of the main chart template:

The following image was made merging 3 snapshots of Forex Diver taken at different times. It shows how the Diver Bars evolve from one trading setup to another, letting us enter, manage, and finally close the trade (click on the image for zooming in):

The 4 Diver Bars on the left represent a classic “compression” or “squeeze” of the price action, that leads to a nice short trade. While the price changes so do the Diver Bars, letting the trader know what’s the most probable “next move”.

The following image is another example of the evolution of a “squeeze“, this time clearly pointing out an imminent long trade:


The Forex Diver Manual makes everything much clearer. And it doesn’t take days to understand the different chart templates and trade setups. Few hours of time will be enough for acquiring a detailed trading strategy based on Forex Diver (the main indicator) and other few proprietary indicators. 


  • Forex Diver MT4 Indicator
  • BONUS #1 – TendenzaFX MT4 Indicator
  • BONUS #2 – StochasticBars MT4 Indicator
  • Complete Templates to start using the indicators set in no time
  • A very long and detailed and always-updated online manual
  • 15 videos for a total of more than 100 minutes, showing you how to use the Forex Diver, its patterns and example of trades
  • Free updates
  • Email support


Forex Diver (MT4) – $124.99

  • Forex Diver MT4 Indicator
  • – BONUS #1 – TendenzaFX MT4 Indicator
  • – BONUS #2 – StochasticBars MT4 Indicator

Forex Diver, TendenzaFX and StochasticBas indicators work on every MT4 platform and on any instrument provided by your MT4 broker.


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8 thoughts on “Forex Diver

  • Rosheen


    If we purchase the Diver system, will we have the duplicate system you used in your trading the News video? I just watched it and it looked like you had additional indicators such as a currency strength indicator. Will these and the template for that system be included in the purchase so we may duplicate what you had in the video, or will they be available for an additional fee?

    Thanks so much!

    • Andrea Post author

      Hi Rosheen,

      the currency strength meter was an “old” version of my PotenzaFX ( So I suggest you to take a look at it or to PowerbarsFX ( that is a multitimeframe version of PotenzaFX.

      The news alert indicator is not mine. It was working by fetching data from “forexfactory”. But it doesn’t work anymore as they changed API. You can simply use as I do now

      The bonus trendline indicator (named TendenzaFX) is included in the Forex Diver package and it’s an evolution of the “blue lines” that you see. Now it also has video/sound alerts when the trendlines are crossed. That in my experience is very nice to have!

      Using those few indicators you’ll be trading news (and not only them!) with the most advanced indicators available to “normal” people like you and me. I’m very proud of all of them and I really think that each of them give a real hedge to every manual trader. If you put them together and learn to “read” them well, then you’ll have an unique setup.

      If you have more questions feel free to ask!



  • Paul

    Hello Andrea,

    As it has been the case with many of your indicators…any plans to release this system as an EA at some point? Or is it too ‘manual’ to be coded into an EA?


    • Paolo

      We are not planning yet to release such EA, at the moment we are working on a new automatic strategy that combines fractal levels, Fibonacci and TendenzaFX. Maybe Diver could become the fourth ingredient of this strategy 😉

  • Maya

    Does Forex Diver use any account protection with DLL? I heard that 3rd party software with DLL will not work in the future anymore.

    • Paolo

      Yes, it uses a proprietary protection mechanism based on a DLL. A lot of software developed for MT4 interacts with DLLs, I don’t thinks DLLs will be ever forbidden on MT4.