Expert Advisors 15

They are automatic strategies that based on a set of rule, are able to automatically buy and sell. All the strategies are explained in depth so that you will always understand what is happening and so trust the strategy as if it was developed by you.


Bollinger Bands are probably one of the most famous and used indicator by every trader. It shows a sort of wave (“onda” in Italian) that helps you understand when a price can be considered “high” or “low”.
Despite the fact that this indicator is quite easy to read it’s not that easy to trade.

We just developed a simple but effective strategy that can be automated and that has proved to be consistently profitable on EURUSD.

That EA is OndaFX.


Since we developed Crescendo, years ago, we worked on improving its trading strategy performance and safety. ForteFX is an evolution of the original strategy and thanks to the multi-timeframe and multi-currency trend scores we’ve been able to improve overall performances. Now we made another step by taking our most successful strategy to no-time-based charts.

Renko charts has been our choise for charting. And Heiken Ashi is our preferred indicator to be used with it. Forte4Renko is the mix between ForteFX trading strategy, Renko noiseless charting and Heiken Ashi candles trend smoothing.


…or Heiken Ashi Renko Trader.

HART is our first EA specifically developed for trading on Renko charts. The first one of a new generation of EAs!

By using Renko charts we take out time out of our trading equation and we focus only on price action.

We developed a set of tools and indicators for Renko charts and HART comes directly from that experience. It takes advantage of our unique (and totally automatic) procedure to calculate the best Renko box size based on the instrument volatility. You won’t be wondering anymore if you have to trade EURUSD using 10 or 15 pips boxes. Our tool for generating the Renko charts will take care of the proper box size for you.

This is a huge advantage as it makes everything a lot easier and profitable.

The box size if the first and main filter. That’s what really makes trading Renko charts special… almost magic. Suddendly all the clutter disappears and only clear trends pop up.


When the NFA imposed the FIFO (First In – First Out) and no-hedging rules in 2009, many claimed that it was the end of Forex trading in the US… and, somehow, it was.

If you are a US citizen you then you know that trading Forex has become much more difficult, and making money from Forex is much harder than before.

Even if an individual robot can claim to be compliant with the NFA rules, that is no longer relevant if you want to run more than one EA on the same account and/or place manual trades – trading more than one simple system becomes almost impossible.

Finally, we developed a solution that gives you back the “original” trading freedom you once enjoyed… and much more.

One4All is a trading tool that has been developed with the NFA rules in mind, but is actually so useful that should be used by every trader wanting to make real money with manual and automatic trading systems.


We often receive inquiries about Crescendo, the first successful MT4 robots we coded. We and many other traders are still using Crescendo after more than 2 years now. There is a reason for that. Crescendo continues to work pretty well for all traders who use it with a grain of salt. It is a few weeks now that Crescendo is not on sale anymore though.

The good news is that we decided to make this strategy still available for all Pimpers.

As a matter of fact we coded a “pimped” version of Crescendo named “ForteFX“. This is not “just” Crescendo, but a new Expert Advisors built upon the original Crescendo strategy with some new interesting features.


We are proud to introduce you a new robot based on the concept of “Fuzzy Indicators”. A “fuzzy indicator” is a set made up of multiple instances of the same indicator, each of them with different settings (usually the period).

When we started developing the EA strategy we used the fuzzy version of a single indicator (specifically the Parabolic SAR) scaling in and out trades based on our DLS (Dynamic Lot Sizing) algorithm. In other words the lot size increases as more indicators in a “fuzzy pool” agree on a Long direction of the market, the lot size decreases to zero when the indicators are equally divided between a Long and a Short outlook, and finally the lot size gets more and more “negative” as more indicators suggest a Short direction of the market.

While this approach seems to make perfect sense, it turns out it is pretty difficult to find the right parameters that make it work over an extended period of time.

Spaghetti Trader

When we developed the SpaghettiFX indicators we already had in mind the core elements of an automatic trading strategy based on this set of indicators.

Well, working with SpaghettiFX we ended up developing not one, but 4 automatic strategies.

Now these 4 strategies are available in the form of 2 distinct Spaghetti Trader EAs: two EAs that implement a total of 4 strategies.

The SpaghettiFX indicators are based on two sets of moving averages: a slow and a fast one. Each set represents a group of traders: the ones with a long term view of the market and ones more oriented towards a short term view.


ReticoloFX is our latest fully automated trading strategy. It uses a sophisticated strategy made to improve performances and lower risks. It uses a multicurrency approach to avoid the dependence from a single pair performance. It is one strategy applied to 8 (for now!) different sets of currency pairs.

Every set trades indipendently from the others. Every pair part of a set trades indipendently but profits are calculated globally.

So if one pair is performing bad, the others will cover its loss and make profit for it. ReticoloFX has been developed to trade on two kind of sets: baskets and rings. Baskets are sets of 7 pairs all related to a specific currency. We actually developed two baskets: USD and JPY. So two ReticoloFX EAs are available actually. Baskets have great profit potentials.

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15 thoughts on “Expert Advisors

  • Tim

    Hi Andrea, thanks so much for all the great work you are doing. I'm sure this service you are providing here will be of immense benefit to us all.

    Just a quick question. Has anyone had any experience with Forex Megabot or Forex Overdrive at all? I purchased both of them a month or so ago, and have been running them on a demo account. I have only received mixed results on demo, and was thinking of requesting a refund. I thought perhaps someone here may have had some experience with them and might be able to add some value.

    Thanks in advance,


    • bruno

      Hi Tim,

      I'm forward testing Overdrive for a while and until now it is ok.

      The problem with this one is that it has a huge stop loss as default.

      So far, only a few sl on the different published live tests that I saw.

      But these are very costly.

      You can watch here to have reports etc ..

      Visit every tab.

      I am only forward testing and wait until there will be a sl to enter the game in real.

      You can observe that these sl are huge but rare and quite distant from each other.

      You can be safer with a lower sl like 250, but some trades will be losing in place of winning.

      The tradeoff is the dd you can afford. This ea needs room to trade well.

      Anyway, looks like promising.

      My demo test is on alpari uk and i have very similar trades as on the alpari uk real test on the overdrive home page.


  • Mohammad Nasser

    Hi, Why you have not given the link of forex combo, is it not worth? also I have bought forex crishendow way back but have not used it yet so kindly send the latest settings. Thanks and regards.

  • Tim

    Thanks for the feedback Bruno and Andrea – I appreciate it. I actually decided to bite the bullet and trade Forex Overdrive on a small Live Account. Right now it's not opening any trades because I have other manual trades open on the currency pairs already – and apparently Forex Overdrive will not open any trades on the currency pair if there are already open trades (regardless of whether Forex Overdrive opened the trade or not). Apparently they plan to change this in the next release.

    I also still have it running on a Demo account, and it has been doing quite well this week.

    Would be very interested to see your review on this EA when you have finished testing it Andrea.



    • Tim

      Hi Andrea,

      Regarding my comment above, Forex Overdrive Support have just notified that they have released a new version of Forex Overdrive. Apparently this version is supposed to resolve the issue with FX Overdrive not opening trades on a currency pair if there are existing open trades.

      Are you testing with the new version now?



  • LoveFX

    No Comments for FOUR and a Half Months ???

    Hello ???

    Seems most of the EAs listed here and on the Live EA's page have
    performed badly over the past few months. Big drawdowns and
    either negative returns or very small (e.g. 2%) returns.

    Seems only the Gold and Silver EAs are performing at the moment.

    Also, Crescendo, which I have had to disable since beginning of
    March, still seems to be maintaining big drawdowns and no profits.

    It will be nice to see whether the v1.4 will be released soon.
    Most of us have been waiting 5 to 6 months for this much talked
    about version.

    Meanwhile . . . no news about Forex Growth Bot, (which for some
    unexplained reason . . .) has no LIVE account posted on the Live
    EAs page, while the other EAs do have Live accounts posted. ( ? )

    So what's happening with Forex Growth Bot ???

    It's nice that Andrea is 'Back' and is now joined by his good friend,
    Paolo . . . but what Crescendinos really need is regular updates
    on all of the EAs, which we have purchased via this Blog through
    Andrea's links.

    PLEASE . . . . may we have Up To Date UPDATES on ALL of
    the EAs in the Portfolio ????

    Thank you very much. Thank you also for PimpMyEA Blog.

    Please Advise on these EAs As Soon As Possible.

    Thank you and please do not misunderstand my apprehensions
    here. Your work IS appreciated and I DID make some profits
    with Crescendo v1.1, v1.2, and v1.3

    Ciao !

    Stephen :-)

  • borga mucielli

    hi, i want to read and learn all about Fortissimo EA before i just give you $349.

    But there is no read more button or the like. the icon only takes you to the checkout stand.

    :( whats it all about?