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When we developed DuettoFX we wanted to develop something new. We call it indicator but it is something in between an indicator and a trading system. You can use it in both ways and it’ll give you great results whatever is your approach.

The basic concept behind it quite simple: pair trading (or spread trading). But done “our way”. What DuettoFX does is comparing two currency pairs that are (directly or inversely) correlated and easily tell you when it’s time to go long one and short the other, and vice versa.

This is a strategy that is generally used in stock trading but we ported it to Forex based on our previous experience about currencies’ correlations. And based on that we found that trading with inversely correlated pair is the appoach that can lead to fenomenal performances.

More than 25.000 pips in 25 months using 5 “duettos” (pairs of crosses) inversely correlated between them. What’s best is that it is just the start!

The system performes like that by using a very simple swing strategy opening and closing trades at the cross of the two lines when the spread goes beyond a fixed threshold. Can’t be simpler than that.

But it can be much more profitable than that. Our tests told us that the potential is 4 times bigger.

In the same period the potential gain could have been 100.000 pips… or 4.000 pips a month. Same pairs of crosses.

Don’t believe that?

We got the proof!

Here is a PDF report that details trade by trade the real performances of DuettoFX.

And here are a few example of DuettoFX trades taken just a few days ago:

DuettoFX not only tells you when to enter/exit trades but also tells you how many lots you have to use for each pair in order to have a “balanced” spread. The calculation is based on the average daily range (range between the high and the low of each day).

Default settings are made for the indicator to be applied to 1H charts. But the indicator can be applied to any timeframe. Also we’ll provide you with a list of “duettos” we are trading and that perform best based on our backtests and experience. But you are not tied to use them only and the indicator can also be applied to any pair of currencies (and timeframe).

What You Get

  • The indicator
  • An online manual with instructions
  • List of “duettos” we use and giving best results

Ready To Buy?

If you are interested in the ReticoloFX EAs you can buy them from here.

DuettoFX indicator Set for MT4 – $49,99DuettoFX Indicator. The indicator works on every MT4 platform and can be applied to any timeframe and any set couple of pairs. Default settings are for the 1H timeframe.


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39 thoughts on “DuettoFX

  • Remus

    Very glad to see so much activity in here! (I’ve been out of the picture for a while)

    Congratulations again for the transparent style, helping people learn about trading (rather than just selling dreams of making money in your sleep, like most other EA/tools vendors do).

    I’ll start reading your posts (seems there is a lot to catch up from late last year), and start trading with your indicators/tools!

    Keep up the great work!


  • Dan

    Hi guys,

    I’ve installed the indicator and guardian licence code but it is not displaying correctly. The indicator window has just 2 yellow and white horizontal lines going across it. Does it take a few hours for the license to activate?

    I’m also having some issues trying to display the powerlines and groups indicators on a number of charts (about 4-6 charts). I’m having quite frequent MT4 crashes as well as delays of maybe 10 seconds sometimes when switching timeframes. Can you suggest anything which could enable the setup to be less power hungry and more stable?

    Also, a question about the benefits of using duetto over groups. If EU and UC pairs are almost perfectly uncorrelated and you trade a lot on each, how is this better than just placing 2 lots on the EU pair based on powerlines and the groups. Is it simply the benefit of spreading the risk across more pairs?


    • Paolo

      Hi Dan, the license should be already activated when you receive the email. Please send an email to our support with a screenshot of your chart. The problems with PotenzaFX and Groups are probably related with the old version of Guardian that we are still using. With the new version these MT4 crashes should disappear. Wait for our notice before you upgrade to the latest Guardian.
      Regarding DuettoFX: EU and UC have a strong inverse correlation. If you trade both pairs you have the benefit of spreading the risk across more pairs, because – even if they are correlated – they do not move exactly in the same way, of course. But you can implement a winning trading strategy also if you elect to trade only one of the two pairs involved in a duetto. Looking at our backtests over the last 25 months the safest pairs to trade are USDCHF (in the duetto USDCHF vs GBPUSD) and AUDUSD (in the duetto AUDUSD vs USDCHF).
      Good luck with your trading 😉

  • Francis


    On the last page (page 31) of the PDF file concerning the performance of Duetto, you mentioned “5 CURRENCY PAIRS”. Please explain this. Which 5 currencies? Why the 5 currencies? Can we use the indicator to do the same 5 currencies or are we limited to two pairs at a time?

    Finally, I think you mentioned these before but I thought I will ask anyway:
    1. Will the forthcoming Duetto EA require the separate purchase of the Duetto indicator?
    2. Would buying the Duetto EA and indicator separately be more expensive than buying them together?
    3. If I have to decide between Duetto and any other trading system/EA/indicator set(s) of yours e.g. Potenza, which would you say is the better/best performer?
    4. Will the Duetto indicator be able to alert me when the ripe condition is triggered?

    Thank you.

    • Paolo

      Hi Francis, the 5 pairs are EURUSD, USDCHF, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, and USDCAD. They are involved with 5 DuettofX setups (EURUSD vs USDCHF, GBPUSD vs USDCHF, AUDUSD vs USDCHF, EURUSD vs USDCAD, and AUDUSD vs USDCAD). DuettoFX works on two currency pairs at the same time (we call them “duettos” like EURUSD vs USDCHF). Therefore in order to execute the trades listed in this report you need at least 5 charts opened (1 chart for each “duetto”).
      1. yes DuettoFX EA will require the DuettoFX indicator installed on MT4
      2. same price
      3. good question, both Duetto and Potenza have a huge profit potential. If you only want to buy one then probably I’d suggest Duetto, for the only fact that it is simpler.
      4. we can introduce alerts in the next version if it is requested by many users.

  • Dan

    Thanks Paolo.

    I have concerns about trading with CHF and JPY due to the interventions done by their central banks which are happening or could happen without warning. For example, the CHF is now near the level (at least on the EURCHF) at which the central bank said it would support with further interventions if necessary. I’d be interested in your thoughts on this.

    • Paolo

      Hi Dan, we do not suggest any JPY pair at the moment. Regarding CHF you are correct, a new intervention may be around the corner. You should go through the list of trades involving CHF and understand a sensible value for your stop loss, so you are protected whatever happens. We are doing the same right now, i.e. trying to figure out a good exit strategy along with the use of a stop loss.

  • Gorodn

    Congratulations Paolo & Andrea on this release of another high quality product. I would also like to see both email and screen alerts put in to the next version, though if you also program it in to an EA then that will do the job anyway.

    Do you have any news for us on the progress of the next Unlimited version of the Crescendo EA?

  • Layne

    I have tried other software that required the Guardian software. It totally interfered with other EA’s that I use. In fact when I had to uninstall the Guardian it wouldn’t let me use my EA’s at all and I had to delete my MT4 and re-install a new copy then bring in all my custom indicators and templates and EA’s. What a pain. The guardian “Guards” too much.
    I would love to try your spread/correlation indicator (Duetto) but I wont use the Guardian again at least in its current version.
    Please let me know of a new release of the Guardian. I’ve subscribed to the blog for that information.

  • Mike

    Regarding an exit strategy, why not use the THV Cavemanager EA to manage the trade once you’ve entered it manually? This is an execellent free EA that manages any trade you want it to with many settings to satisfy most systems/strategies.

  • Brink

    In your example ( screen shots ) of the GBP/USD and USD/CHF, one was in an uptrend and the other was in a downtrend. But both clouds were green at the same point. Why?

    • Paolo

      The Multicharts version is not yet available for sale, but I’m sure Andrea can implement a “production ready” version in a short time. Thanks for your interest.

  • Rene

    The exit criteria for this indicator/strategy are vitally important to make it profitable. From what I’ve seen with a crude EA based on this indicator, it is too late to exit a trade when a signal reversal is observed. Is that also what you are getting?

    • Paolo

      Sure, I’ve said that many times in my posts. The “always in the market” strategy tested so far is able to capture less than 1/4 of potential profits. Nonetheless such strategy has a 1.55 profit factor over the last 25 months. I’m testing a SL-TP based strategy right now :-)

  • Paul

    Hi Andrea and Paolo – thanks for such a great set of tools! :)

    Could you easily code an EA for Duetto that takes entries only so that we can use a trade managing EA to play with exit strategies?

    I do this with the DLS Trader EA, except that once an entry has been made, I have to turn DLS Trader off, else it will do its DLS adjustments.

    The same would be very useful for Potenza 50 crosses and Paniere basket entries :)

    Thanks again,

  • Roberto

    Hi Andrea and Paolo! One question: I applied the indicator to both EurUsd and UsdChf H1 charts and the indicator says EURUSD Entry Level @ 1.3146 and USDCHF Entry Level @ 0.9186. The thing is that in my charts (forex.com) the spread was < 2 at those prices. The yellow line hadn't crossed below 48 or above 52. Is there something wrong with my chart? Thank you very much!

  • Donna

    Hi guys. I love both the Duetto and Potenza indicators — they are both making me some money! I wanted to suggest again that the indicators provide an alert — a pop up message, a sound, something! — that will let us know when something is happening. That will save many of us time spent manually screening every hour etc. for setups. Also, the entry only EA mode is a great idea too!

    Thanks for sharing so much about these trading systems with us all.

  • Tomaz

    Two notices:

    1. When I change time frame of the chart – Duettofx DELETES all my trendlines and objects on the chart!
    Can’t this be changed so it deletes/rewrites only it’s own objects and leave others intact?

    2. Can I follow pairs that are positivelly correlated? I would like to trade EurGbp – so I would like to put GbpUsd as primary and EurUsd as secondary pair. Or similar pairs…

    • Paolo

      Hi Tomaz, we implemented a “delete all” feature because the previous version of DuettoFX was not able to completely delete its own objects. We’ll investigate better this issue in the next update. Read this post about positively correlated pairs: http://pimpmyea.com/forex-spread-trading/. Our strategies at the moment work on inversely correlated pairs only.

  • Tomaz

    Deleting EA’s own objects: In my own EA’s I’ve solved this in a way I named all EA’s objects with a specific prefix and on deinitialize I’ve deleted only objects with this prefix. It is working excelent – cannot understand why here woul dbe a problem.

    and another thing: on a 5M and 1M chart I don’t get text box with data in chart window and also no text in indicator window. Only lines. In Experts tab there is a “DuettoFX, M5: Zero divide”.

    • Paolo

      Hi Tomaz, of course we do the same thing (using a fixed prefix) in our EAs and indicators. As I said we are going to investigate this issue in the next update. Thank you for reporting the issue on the text interface for M1 and M5. That needs to be fixed too. Ciao, Paolo

  • Tomaz

    My DuettoFX on 1H chart Eur/Usd/Chf – show ADR of 10 pips!? (Forex.com/uk, MT4 build 409)
    I was watching this and numbers last few days were arround 10 +/- all the time. Is this correct?

    • Paolo

      Hi Tomaz, no it is not correct. Did you try to run DuettoFX on a different broker and/or build? Please write an email to our support for further assistance.

  • Tomaz

    Is it possible to solve this issue with Indicator deleting all objects on the chart when changing time frame? It really is annoying :(

  • Matthew

    Well, you have a very professional website here. With very professional looking products. Very nice.

    I want to ask: Can you automate the DuettoFX indicator so that it will automatically open and close trades, and monitor the market 24/5? I am unable to trade manually.

    The last person to ask was in February 2012 – have you completed an expert advisor yet?

    • Paolo

      Hi Matthew, thanks for your interest. Unfortunately the DuettoFX automatic trader (EA) is not currently available. We have dismissed the sales while we are working on an update of the robot.