Affiliates is fundamentally a community of people who work with a set of innovative indicators and EAs.

In these years we developed many of them. Some better than other but all of them were conceived with the aim of generating pips :-)

Well, you also know that we use RegNow® as merchant account and one of the many interesting things that we can do with it is create an affiliate network.

As a user of our products, YOU can make money ALSO by referring them to your friends, colleagues, etc who are interested in applying innovative techniques for trading Forex (and other markets) by using our tools.

All you have to do is to register yourself as an “affiliate” on this page ( and then to create an affiliate relationship with us (our vendor ID is: 40461).

You can immediately earn fees starting from a minimum of 30%!

All you have to do is to put the link to our website by using the following URL:

Where XYZ is your affiliate ID (without the “a”).

Every sale that will be done after clicking that link will be referred to you and you’ll collect fees from that.

Or you can create a “Buy It Now” button by using the following URL:

Where XYZ is your affiliate ID (without the “a”) and ABC is our product code.

Here’s is our updated product list with codes:

40461-1 ReticoloFX Basket (2 EAs)
40461-2 ReticoloFX Ring (6 EAs)
40461-3 ReticoloFX Basket + Ring Bundle (8 EAs)
40461-4 ReticoloFX Basket (2 EAs) UPGRADE from Ring Only
40461-5 ReticoloFX Ring (6 EAs) UPGRADE from Basket Only
40461-6 DuettoFX Indicator
40461-7 PotenzaFX Indicators Set
40461-8 DuettoFX EAs
40461-9 PotenzaFX DLS Trader EA
40461-10 SintesiFX Indicator (MT4) + Hyperfractal indicator + Divergences Ebook
40461-11 Correlation Matrix Indicators Set
40461-12 PowerBarsFX Indicators Set
40461-13 PotenzaFX Groups Indicator
40461-14 PaniereFX Indicators
40461-15 One4All Trading Tool
40461-16 ResistenzaFX Indicator
40461-17 CruscottoFX Indicator
40461-18 FuturoFX Indicator
40461-19 PercivalFX EA
40461-20 ForteFX EA
40461-21 ForteFX EA for Crescendo’s Customers
40461-22 ForexDiver Indicator
40461-23 PotenzaFX Indicators Set (HMA Version)
40461-24 PotenzaFX Indicators Set (HMA Version) UPGRADE
40461-25 PowerBarsFX Indicators Set (HMA Version)
40461-27 PowerBarsFX Indicators Set (HMA Version) UPGRADE
40461-29 RepetitaFX Indicators Set
40461-30 OndaFX EA
40461-31 ScissorsFX Indicator
40461-32 SpaghettiFX Trading System
40461-33 NuovaFX Indicator
40461-34 Spaghetti Trader EA
40461-35 H.A.R.T. EA
40461-37 OndaFX Scalper EA
40461-38 OndaFX + OndaFX Scalper EA Bundle
40461-39 Forte4Renko EA
40461-40 Forte4Renko EA for ForteFX and HART Users
40461-42 FortissimoFX EA

You can create your personal discount codes and market our products as you like. If you like the idea I’m sure you’ll find RegNow® an interesting platform.

For any question or suggestion feel free to contact us!

Andrea and Paolo

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