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  • Ian

    i really like the “Price Speed and Acceleration” indi you came up with, I was wondering however if it would be possible to modify it so that it displays a histogram that uses “period = 1″ instead of 240, and averages the sum of speed & acceleration? I modified the code slightly below, was wondering if you could give me some guidance as my coding skills aren’t great…

    Here’s the modified code:

    //| price speed and acceleration.mq4 |
    //| Copyright © 2011, Andrea Salvatore |
    //| |
    #property copyright “Copyright © 2011, Andrea Salvatore”
    #property link “”

    #property indicator_separate_window
    #property indicator_buffers 2
    #property indicator_color1 LightGray
    #property indicator_color2 DarkOrchid
    #property indicator_width1 2
    #property indicator_width2 2

    //—- indicator buffers

    extern int period = 1; //240

    int limit;

    double speed[];
    double acceleration[];

    //| Custom indicator initialization function |
    int init()
    //—- indicators

    //—- drawing settings


    //| Custom indicator deinitialization function |
    int deinit()

    //| Custom indicator iteration function |
    int start()
    int counted_bars=IndicatorCounted();
    int i;

    if(counted_bars>0) counted_bars–;

    for(i=0; i<limit; i++) {
    speed[i] = ((((iClose(Symbol(),0,i)-iClose(Symbol(),0,i+period))+((((High[i]-Low[i])/2)+Low[i])-(((High[i+period]-Low[i+period])/2)+Low[i+period])))/2)*1000);

    for(i=0; i= 0; i–)
    acceleration[i] = speed[i]-speed[i+period];

    • Andrea Post author

      Hi Ian,
      can you please explain better what you want to do? You want 1 curve (histogram) that is the average of speed and balance?
      Please send an email to support[at]

  • Johan Laagland


    Your website menu doesn’t work correctly. When I hover my mouse over the top menu and want to click on a pull down submenu it disappears without giving me the chance to click on it. It happens in firefox as well as in IE.


    • Andrea Post author

      Hi Johan,
      we are aware of that and it works if you come down by following the small triangle connecting the menu header to the dropdown menu.
      In any case I’m trying to find a solution to that to make the menu work more easily.
      Thanks for reporting.

  • Martin

    Hello, I am interested in your Hart-EA. But why does it perform so bad 2014 ?

    I like renk, I trade manualy renko. What is wrong ?

    Regards Martin

    • Andrea Post author

      we’ve found that the problem is in timing for the close of orders. It is usually too late.
      We developed new strategies that are under test.
      If you like trading on Renko, you should take a look at Forte4Renko that is performing well 😉

    • Andrea Post author

      Hi Martin,

      our best performing EAs actually are Forte/Fortissimo and Forte4Renko.

      About the indicators all of them are good for your manual trading but depends on the kind of trading that you like. If you look for trading systems, you should look at the PotenzaFX/PowerbarsFX/RangoFX, Forex Diver and Forex Spaghetti.


  • Henk Gerritse

    Subject: Working with Renko bar?

    How is it possible when you see offline under bars: 37, very low number, that is to little for working with Renko bar.
    Do you have a solution for this.

    Many Greetings,
    Henk Gerritse

    • Andrea Post author

      Hi Henk,
      try using a different timeframe for the original chart. Evidently you don’t have enough bars on the 1M. You can safely switch to 5M or even 15M. Data from those charts are only used to build the initial chart. Then it’ll catch real time data that are the same for every timeframe.

  • Lea

    Hello Andrea,

    I am using your EA “B625_RenkoLiveCharts_pimped_v4″ to generate Renko offline chart. Very good, thank you!

    I would like to make another EA to work on the Renko offline chart generated. But the EA added to the offline chart never gets its functions Start() or onTick() called.

    Can you please help me or give me any advice on how to make an EA work on the offline chart generated by B625_RenkoLiveCharts_pimped_v4?

    I am using MT4 build 670.

    Thank you,

  • Alan Lester

    Hi there Paolo!
    My ForteFx keeps telling me I need to update. Could you please direct me to the latest version. As far as I am concerned, I have already updated to the latest version.
    Kind Regards,

    • Paolo

      Hi Alan, the latest version is v2.00. The download link is in the email you received after the purchase. Don’t hesitate to send us an email for any issue.

  • josep maria

    Hi good afternoon my question is:
    – Can operate spaghetti indicator for the future of DAX ?, if so what parameters have to change?

    Best regards.

    • Paolo

      Hi Josep Maria,
      SpaghettiFX EAs can operate on any financial instrument available in MT4, however I’m not able to provide you with optimal settings for every instrument as we mainly trade major pairs.

  • Fawaz


    I am looking for one4all EA and would like to request if i can get a demo version for a week to test if it works with my strategy. My intention is to reduce the number of orders while maintaining the same profitability. Hope you can accommodate my request as a loyal customer of yours.


    • Andrea Post author


      now you can try it and every single indicator and EA present in the website, simply by starting a monthly Elite subscription here: for only $14.99/month (or less).

      You can try it for one month and eventually decide to keep the subscription or stop it and buy the lifetime license for One4All only.


  • alex

    my app gives me error occurred in
    com.pimpmyea.forexdashboard/cache/788:openfailed:ENOENT(no such file or directory)

  • Jim

    Hi, I purchased Ondafx, and I want to go live. I have submitted the activation form and sent you emails but no response yet… is this site still active??


  • Adrian


    On december I subscribe for you elite service. I downloaded the renko EA. When i tried this back testing this EA nothing happened. Is my account active or not? Two day ago i posted a msg here but it was cancel. Pls can you tell me what i can do to back test this Ea?

    • Andrea Post author

      Hi Adrian,
      backtesting Renko chart is a long and quite complicated process requiring the use of external scripts to generate data used during the backup.

  • Gennaro

    an error has occurred in sub data/data/
    com.pimpmyea.myforexdashboard d/cache 847: open failed:ENOENT(no such file or directory continue?

    salve mi viene questo messaggio di errore?

  • SK

    Hi Andreas,
    Hows it going?
    When can we expect Forex Dashboard App: Currencies Power In The Palm Of Your Hand for IOS to be ready?
    I am eagerly waiting for it.


    • Andrea Post author

      Hi SK,
      I’m working on the app and it’s in development now.
      I think that in a month or two it should be available in the Apple store.
      I’ll do my best to accelerate things but there are technical times needed for the development and for the approval by Apple.
      Thanks for your interest.

  • John


    What is the latest version of Cruscotto? Where can i get more info about it? What is the price and where to get it?


  • Sugimoto

    Hello. I would like to buy POTENZA FX INDICATORS for MT4, but the BUY IT buttons links broken..
    Please advise how can I buy them. Thank you.

  • Alberto

    Ciao, sto usando l’expert pimped v4_13 (grazie mille!) ma ho il problema che se attacco un expert sul grafico Renko non funziona,
    Sto provando anche con expert molto banali (tipo dove deve solo scrivere qualcosa) che funzionano sui grafici normali, ma non sul grafico Renko. Potete aiutarmi? Grazie!

    • Andrea Post author

      Ciao Alberto,
      per funzionare su un grafico Renko, un EA deve essere scritto in un modo particolare.
      Non tutti (anzi quasi nessuno) EA è scritto in questo modo.
      Noi abbiamo due EA (HART e Forte4Renko) che utilizzano chart Renko per il trading.

  • Laszlo

    Hi Andrea, hi Paolo,
    I wonder what is the closure strategy of ConcertoFX. I learn the closures are different, sometimes one trade only, sometimes many and the profits are very different as well.
    Please explain.
    Thank you for your support.

  • Jeff

    About the buggy MT4 800+ builds.
    Which build is the best to use then ?
    And how do I get that build for my broker IC Markets ?
    My broker recommends build 840.

    Regards, Jeff.

    • Andrea Post author

      Hi Jeff,
      I’m actually working with build 830 on both FinFX and FXPro and so far I don’t have the build 840 available. But consider that I restart my platforms only during the weekend so if it wasn’t available last Sunday then probably I’ll get it next weekend.
      I’m doing some test with the 830 now to see how it affects my software. As soon as I have 840 I’ll see if there’s anything really different with it.

  • Tarik

    Just following up on the e-mail I sent yesterday regarding the RangoFx popup alert not working on my MT4 demo platform. I also noticed the same issue with the PowerbarsFx_Spread indicator.

    • Andrea Post author

      Ok let me investigate and see if it depends on the new platform.
      In the meantime, can you please try to install them on a freshly installed MT4 platform.

  • Graeme Minahan

    I just loaded Reticolo onto my chart but it said authentification failed. I have used the correct email, and is spelt correctly