Daily Archives: February 9, 2012

DuettoFX Wins 90 Pips per Day 12

Ciao a tutti,

today I’m showing the results of an analysis I performed on our latest indicator that Andrea introduced last week with these posts:

I remember the first time I met Andrea in person he was very excited about the potential of this indicator, and for a good reason I must say :-) It will be released under the name of DuettoFX” (in Italian “duetto” means “couple”), because it is based on the comparison of indicators computed on a couple of currency pairs. The best setup for DuettoFX is EURUSD vs USDCHF, which are two inversely correlated currency pairs. It can also work with directly correlated pairs, but the most easy and intuitive way of exploiting DuettoFX comes with inversed pairs. It is as simple as going long when a new green cloud appears on chart and short when a new red cloud is displayed. As an example the last signal on EURUSD was buy @ 1.2799 on the 18th of Janaury, and that trade (with a floating +480 pips right now) is still open.