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In this section you can find collections of posts related to our trading systems (either automatic or manual). Going through the articles linked in a collection is the best way to understand how to use the relative trading system in the most effective way.

Here are the available trading systems:

We also have a powerful tool that lets you trade a portfolio of trading systems together in a very effective way, while also making the whole portfolio fully compliant with FIFO and no-Hedge rules:

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7 thoughts on “101

  • Chris

    Hello Paolo,
    I’ve run the 5 currency pairs since 2 days ago on my live account.
    On a 5 minute chart it all works very well, but not not at the 1 hour chart. What can be wrong?

    My broker ist ThinkForex.

    Unfortunately I can not write to you on Twitter because I always get an error message to the Captcha Code.

    • Paolo Post author

      Hi Chris, just send an email to our support. I’m not sure which EA you are talking about. I guess the DuettoFX Swing Trader EA. In this case please be aware that trades on the H1 timeframe are not so frequent. Sometimes it can take days or a couple of weeks before a new trade is entered.

  • Chris

    Yes Duetto EA DLS and Swing, but there are several entry signals and nothing happens. At 20 currency pairs, but should something happen.

    • Paolo Post author

      Hi Chris, bear in mind that both EAs wait for the first cross of the spread line with the zero line before they enter their very first trade. This may be preventing the opening of new trades on H1 charts, depending on when you attached the EAs to the chart the first time. If you still have problems please send an email to pimpmyea@gmail.com, so you can assist you better. Ciao, Paolo