What One4All Can Do For ReticoloFX 2

Salve a tutti,

as you know yesterday we released One4All, a very powerful piece of software – born with NFA rules in mind – that is one the most versatile and useful trading tools we developed so far.

To give you a demonstration of what I’m saying I want to show you a couple of screenshots: the first shows you all 8 the ReticoloFX platforms with all the actually open orders. The second shows you how One4All “summarizes” everything into one live platform, dramatically reducing the number of trades open and so spreads and commissions, anonymizes the EAs running (the broker doesn’t know which EAs or trading strategies you’re running) and also does let you have full control and monitoring capabilities on each of the EAs.

One4All gives every serious trader the possibility to

turn this…

into this…

and keep (and probably improve) performances!

If you already bought ReticoloFX you should already have received an email from us with your coupon for an additional $10 discount from One4All already discounted price (for one week only!)

If you haven’t please contact us and we’ll send it to you again.

In case you still don’t have ReticoloFX, this is the time to get it and have your discounted price on One4All as well to have your professional automatic trading solution at a unique price.

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