Update Available for ForteFX

Ciao a Tutti,

we just released version v1.01 of ForteFX EA. You will receive an update notice directly on your MT4 within the next 24 hours. As usual the update process is pretty straightforward:

  1. visit ForteFX download page (as displayed on the MT4 alert window)
  2. download the whole package as a zip file
  3. extract the file “ForteFX.ex4″ and place it into the “experts” folder of your MT4 installation, making sure you actually overwrite the previous version
  4. restart MT4

Here is how v1.01 differs from v1.00:

  • there is a filter that inhibits the opening of new trades on the same candle
  • there is a new input parameter “drawdown_threshold_percent” that makes ForteFX close all the open trades when a maximum drawdown level is reached
  • the “max drawdown” figure displayed by the EA is more accurate, since it is not affected aymore by a MT4 restart

I hope you enjoy the new version :-)

Let’s make pips trading ForteFX 😉

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