Unstoppable ForteFX 6

Hi everyone,

this is the third monthly update of the performance of ForteFX. Previous updates available here:

ForteFX has been working now for 7 months on the M1 charts of EURUSD, AUDUSD, and GBPUSD, and closed profits are +50.12% and the floating drawdown is -8.23%. The expected return after 12 months of – completely automatic – trading is between 80% and 90%.

This instance of ForteFX is running with our suggested “best settings“, and it is a pleasure seeing it in action because it is able to churn profits almost every day (the red line are banked profits and it is always steadily growing): 


Here is the MyFxBook page tracking this account: http://www.myfxbook.com/members/pimpmyea/fortefx-best-settings/593679

In this setup ForteFX is able to open a trade at the open of each 1 minute candle, so it cashes money very often. The most relevant feature of this setup is the fact that trading decisions are NOT based on the M1 chart itself, but on the much more reliable trend score calculated by PotenzaFX on the H1 timeframe. So let’s make it clear that you need PotenzaFX installed in order to use this trading setup.

If you own a license of ForteFX and you don’t still know this configuration, please go to the download area and grab the “fortefx_algo2_m1_h1.set” set file. Before you run ForteFX with this settings please make that you can run PotenzaFX indicators on the same MT4 platform using the same authentication email that you use for ForteFX. In case you own licenses of ForteFX and PotenzaFX associated to different emails please please let us know and we’ll fix this issue.

Also keep in mind that ForteFX requires hedging in order to work correctly, therefore NFA compliant accounts (with FIFO and Anti-Hedging rules) cannot implement this trading strategy. However you can easily overcome these limitations with our proprietary software called One4All (which has also plenty of other benefits for your automatic trading).

The price of ForteFX will be increased before the end of January, so GRAB YOUR COPY NOW! 😉

We wish you success with your trading!

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6 thoughts on “Unstoppable ForteFX

  • Anthony Cross

    Hi Paolo,
    ForteFX is also giving some good results on the USDJPY M1 algo 2 settings.
    Forward test were made over the past month produced a profit only marginally less than the EURUSD pair on the same settings.
    Do you have any long term back tests for the USDJPY that you could use as a comparison to the other preferred three pairs.? If so could we see them please.

    • Paolo Post author

      Unfortunately no accurate backtests available. We think the JPY pairs are a bit risky for this strategy both for the larger spreads and the tendency to generate spikes.

  • jmfmike

    Hi Andrea and Paolo,
    In my tests, it seems that ForteFX running on either GBPJPY, EURJPY, or USDJPY gives as good or superior results to EURUSD, AUDUSD, or GBPUSD. Is there particular reasons why you suggest running on EURUSD, AUDUSD, and GBPUSD? Thank you.

  • Doug

    Andrea & Paolo,

    Have you used ForteFX for XAUUSD and XAGUSD? If so, what settings work best? I have gotten great profits on a demo account, but it only takes long trades and the trend is alway +5. I presume the contract size has something to do with this. I am using Algo 2 (PotenzaFX) which may be inappropriate for a precious metal pair. I would love to use ForteFX on these pairs if it is possible to do so.


    • Andrea

      Hi Doug,

      You can use ForteFx on any instrument but you can only use algo 2 and 3 on Forex pairs only.
      So if you want to trade Gold and Silver use algo 1 only!

      Also pay attention to the step and target profit settings. For example, Step should be multiplied by 10 compared to Forex.