SintesiFX Goes Metal – 24H Notice 5

Ciao a Tutti,
thanks to a hint from a user from New Zealand I’ve introduced a nice feature into SintesiFX, that is the option to take into account also gold and/or silver (XAUUSD and XAGUSD) when calculating the “synthetic view” of USD. Looking briefly at EURUSD and GBPUSD charts I was soon convinced that this option actually makes sense :-) Considering also gold and silver allows to identify some new divergences and gives some pretty dramatic “alerts” when money is flowing rapidly in or out USD. I may make lots of examples, but I have time to share only this GBPUSD H4 chart for today:

The red line on the left is SintesiFX(xxxUSD), while the yellow line on the right is SintesiFXm(xxxUSD), that is the same SintesiFX indicator with the new “include_XAUUSD” and “include_XAGUSD” options enabled (of course the final “m” stands for “metals”). As you can see both flavors of SintesiFX where useful in not being caught in the bullish trap of GBPUSD during the month of August 2011: while GBPUSD was making higher highs the indicator was clearly making lower highs (with or without metals included in the calculation). The interesting thing is the breakout below the pennant formation on the indicator, a clear signal that USD was gaining substantial strength across the board and therefore a good hint to short the pound. You can notice how the breakout on SintesiFXm (vertical yellow dotted line) came more than 10 days before the similar breakout on SintesiFX (vertical red dotted line), thus giving the opportunity to short the pound (or to close existing long positions) at a much better price 😉

This “metal” update of SintesiFX will soon be available for free to all current customers.

If you are interested in SintesiFX please remember we are not giving access to the indicator only, but to a complete “SintesiFX package” with 2 indicators + manual + ebook that should help you dramatically in trading divergences. The package is still on sale at a bargain price for current customers : However this offer is coming to an end shortly (a bit more than 24 hours from now).

If you still haven’t had a chance to understand what SintesiFX is, then here are the resources for you:

The $14.99 discounted price is only available until Sunday 22nd of April at the markets opening 😉

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5 thoughts on “SintesiFX Goes Metal – 24H Notice

  • Dan

    Brilliant! It gives me ideas for other Sintesi lines such as combining different stock indices together, or combining OIL and CAD together. And seeing that the EUR is like a “Risk On” index, what about a combined “Risk Off” index with USD, JPY and CHF.
    I’ll be interested to apply the Sintesi metals to AUDUSD and see what it shows about the Aussie’s link to Gold.

  • Dan

    I have a question regarding the Hyperfractal indicator. The settings you gave work very well in picking just the greater highs and lows. Do the triangles always appear on the beginning of next candle, ie. at end of candle? Do they repaint or shuffle down to the next candle if a greater peak appears?

    • Paolo Post author

      HI Dan, it depends on the input parameter “bars_to_wait”. If bars_to_wait = 1 then the indicator waits just after 1 closed bar after a local high/low before displaying the fractal symbol on the high/low. Of course this symbol may disappear when next candles are closed because the “bars_for_fractal” parameter is not respected. As an example bars_for_fractal=19 means that we need 9 candles before and 9 candles after for confirming a “true” fractal high/low. In this case only if you put bars_to_wait=9 the indicator is guaranteed not to repaint itself. However doing so 90% of trading opportunities are lost, because we are able to spot a divergence only when it is too late.