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Ciao a Tutti,

this post is a follow-up of “How to Boost your Divergence Trading” that I wrote yesterday. If you remember the EURUSD H4 chart of the last 5 months showed 15 divergences (100% winners by the way) thanks to SintesiFX applied to the chart. If you want to have an idea of how well SintesiFX performs in spotting divergences, just use another commonly available oscillator and make a comparison. As an example you can consider RSI (Relative Strenght Index) which is one of the most known indicators among traders. Here are the divergences you can identify with RSI on the same EURUSD H4 chart:

Only 5 divergences during a 5 months period, and none of them showing up on chart with the same dramatic evidence of SintesiFX. In particular the 5th divergence in the chart above can barely be noticed.

SintesiFX works pretty well also on smaller timeframes, but in that case of course you must be a skilled manual trader in order to take advantage of the many trading opportunities that show up. You can also open two charts of the same currency pair and apply a SintesiFX indicator for the base currency and another one for the quote currency. As an example in the two EURUSD M5 charts below I’ve used SintesiFX(EURxxx) and SintesiFX(xxxUSD) respectively:

In this case the charts show a total of 14 divergences, and only two of them with a very limited profit potential (price moves in the expected direction for about 10 pips and then sharply reverses). The other 12 divergences had the opportunity of generating nice winning trades.

I think SintesiFX is a very good tool to include in your trading arsenal. Even if you let robots enter trades on your account the divergences that you can identify with SintesiFX may turn out very helpful in deciding the optimal time to manually close a winning trade before a reversal.

SintesiFX will be on sale tomorrow. All current customers will be able to buy it at a very  low price 😉 This release will be also an opportunity to test another protection mechanism that will hopefully replace Guardian soon on all our products.

Stay tuned 😉

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15 thoughts on “SintesiFX and more Divergences

    • Paolo Post author

      Hi Joe, FuturoFX is near to a “production ready” stage. I worked a lot on it after the initial prototype. I even have an EA based on it. Unfortunately is has collected dust on my shelf because of many other engagements related to the website. But it is coming back to life soon 😉

  • jan

    hello Andrea, Paolo,

    Can you explain how you get the pairs in the last example: EURxxx(?), xxxUSD(?). What are these? I know only EURUSD or EURCHF for instance, and the same for several pairs with USd as second pair. What do you mean in your example?

    thanks in advance,

    • Paolo Post author

      Hi Jan, SintesiFX(EURxxx) offers a “synthetic view” of all major pairs where EUR is the base currency: EURUSD, EURJPY, EURGBP, EURCHF, EURCAD, EURAUD, EURNZD. Similarly SIntesiFX(xxxUSD) offers a “synthetic view” of all major pairs where USD is the quote currency: EURUSD, JPYUSD, GBPUSD, CHFUSD, CADUSD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD. Of course “JPYUSD”, “CHFUSD”, “CADUSD” are not standard symbols, and in this case the indicator takes the inverted data of USDJPY, USDCHF, USDCAD respectively.
      If you want to spot divergences on EURUSD then you can either compare EURUSD to SintesiFX(EURxxx) or to SintesiFX(xxxUSD). The indicator can display whatever you want, so you may also visualize SintesiFX(USDxxx), but of course such synthetic view (USD as base currency) is not useful when studying EURUSD. On the contrary if you trade USDJPY then you should attach to your chart SintesiFX(USDxxx).

  • Paul

    Hi Paulo,

    This looks great and I plan on buyingit asap and I am REALLY happy you are moving away from dreadful guardian of which I am no fan due to interference caused to other indicators in the past – so much so that I am not purchasing anything protected with it now unless running in isolation on my vps (unlikely)

    Paul :-)

    • Paolo Post author

      Hi Paul, replacing Guardian is really needed, as it causes too may troubles, especially on VPS. Tomorrow’s release will be a first test with this other protection system. We think the feedback will be a lot better 😉

  • Paul

    Sorry Paulo,

    I forgot to ask – Does this indicator show an arrow? Does it paint the lines in the main window AND the lower window? Just wondering how easy it is to spot using the indicator ;¬)



    • Paolo Post author

      Hi Paul, no like I said in the comments of my previous post the lines and arrows were added by me. This is a mostly a tool for manual traders. However I think also “automatic” traders can benefit a lot from it. I cannot guarantee anything, but of course my idea is to automate some trading based on these divergences, the same way I’m trying to do with the DuettoFX Inverso Trader.

  • velorso

    I am using divergencies since one year and payed 1000 USD for the system… this one seems much easier and much more effective! grazie mille!

    • Paolo Post author

      Hi Velorso, then the price of SintesiFX will be ridiculously low 😀 We are not even close to 1 tenth of a 1K USD price tag 😀

    • Paolo Post author

      Hi Chiffon, yes I have. It will be disclosed tomorrow along with indicator 😉 It is a trade setup with one SL level and two TP levels which seems to work pretty well both with “regular” and “hidden” divergences.