ReticoloFX: Another Great Day With +750 Pips Profit… So Far! 23

Salve a tutti,

just a quick update to ReticoloFX stats we published yesterday.

Now we are at a total of 7344.9 pips banked by the 8 demos running. So they closed +750 only today!

5 out of 8 did close all the trades at least one time. Every time they bank around 100 pips ($100 with 0.1 lots).

So here’s the summary with all the equity lines:

That’s all for today.

A presto,


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23 thoughts on “ReticoloFX: Another Great Day With +750 Pips Profit… So Far!

  • Andrea Post author

    OPS… Update: we are now at +7574.2 (+229.3 pips from when I published the post 30 minutes ago!)

    So we are near to 1000 pips only today! Unbelievable LOL

    Updated Equities

    • Andrea Post author

      Another update… +200 additional pips banked!

      ReticoloFX Updated Equities

      So now we are at a total of +7776.6 pips now. +1180 today only!

      This is the last update! 😀 Promised.

  • Alan

    :-) I’m sure the first question most traders who read this amazing post are asking is, how do you manage risk on your new stragegy?
    Thank you for all of the effort you have put into this!

    • Andrea Post author

      Ciao Alan,

      the EA hedges positions when the trend reverses. So losses are “locked” this way. If the new trend is confirmed it’ll open additional positions in that direction by starting to recover the losses first and then make profits until the total target profit is reached. This is made in 7 (for the “basket” version) or 3 (for the “ring”) version at the same time.

      The ring is also safer by “design” as the 3 pairs form a sort of ring of currencies so they are all related each other: when one or to go long, the other one or two are going short and vice versa.

      But the real way to manage risks is keep lot sizes low. Don’t over size them otherwise. That is also valid for the number of EAs running on the same account. So it’s everything a matter of measure.

  • Dan

    Hi Andrea,
    it goes without saying that we all appreciate your efforts to get us this beast quickly so we can share the fun too :)

    I noticed that 2 of the more profitable rings proportional to their drawdown haven’t updated today (AUD/NZD/USD and CHF/EUR/USD). Is that because there is less volatility on these pairs so there haven’t been any TPs reached today?

    • Andrea Post author

      That’s right. It all depends on the “movement” for the currencies involved. For example today there’s been a lot of movement on JPY and GBP partocularly and also EUR and USD moved quite a lot. So those are the currencies that closed most of the today’s profits. The good is that when one is still, there’s probably another one moving and making profits.

  • Neil

    Great job! Can you give us a few details on this? Is it going to be an EA (i.e., fully automated)? Or is this an indicator (for trade signal generation only)?

    Also, do you have any idea on what the price will be?

    • Andrea Post author

      Hi Neil,
      It’ll be fully automatic so an EA. Probably two… One for the “basket” trading and one for the “ring” trading.
      No price yet.

  • John

    Sounds incredible, can we hope that we can get 10% of the demo accounts on real live account?
    And is grid trading very broker dependable, as I’m sick of changing brokers because of slippage.
    Can’t wait to see how it performs on live account.
    I’m sure that you are a magician.

    • Andrea Post author

      Hi John,

      We are running the demo on Gallant as usual.

      I can anticipate that we are about to reach an agreement with them so that if follower may have special accounts with very low spread. We decided to have not even a cent to have the lowest possible spreads for our customers. In this conditions, live performances should be even better than that.

      I’ll be more detailed on that in the coming days. We’ll surely open live accounts as well with them to test our EAs.

  • Arturo

    With grid systems the amount of pips is always impressive. However to manage the risk and draw down only small lots are traded.

    • Andrea Post author

      You’re perfectly right. Also here we work with multiple pairs so the amount of pips is always impressive. But also we are having quite good performances in terms of “simple” gain percentage.

  • John

    Hi Andrea
    You got us all waiting with anticipation to the end of a month, but that is still seven loooooong
    days away. Could you show us just a update of your chart how is the “ReticoloFX” doing?
    Please, pretty please….
    My the force be with you.

    • Andrea Post author

      Ciao John,
      I just finished writing a post describing in details ReticoloFX strategy, updating about performances and announcing the release date.
      Just a few tens minutes to proof it and things like that and your curiosity will be satisfied 😀