Putting ReticoloFX to Work for You 22

Ciao a Tutti,

we have received a lot of inquiries about the upcoming ReticoloFX Expert Advisor, and for a good reason 😉 At the time of writing ReticoloFX is still continuing to churn pips and it just reached +9500 pips of profits in 1 month (that’ about 11.8% of the starting balance, and the current drawdown is only 1%):

If this is the first time you read about ReticoloFX then the following posts can bring you up to date on all the recent fuss:

Of course the question many of you have asked is that if this robot can work in real life conditions. It requires hedging and it requires lots of charts opened on your MT4 platform. The hedging is needed because ReticoloFX will open trades in the direction of the trend, and if the trend reverses before the target profit is reached new trades will be opened in the opposite direction. A good amount of charts is needed because a “reticolo basket” works on 7 charts simultaneously and a “reticolo ring” works on 3 charts simultaneously, therefore 2 baskets and 6 rings make up a whopping total of 32 charts on your platform.

Let’s see how to tackle this (apparent) problems.

The hedging is not actually a problem if you open an account with one of the many brokers that still allow hedging on their MT4 platform. Sometimes this is just a “trick” that the broker takes care of handling in its backend. That means the platform shows hedged trades while in fact the broker replicates a non-hedged position with respect to the real marketplace. We found this list of brokers that you may find helpful: http://www.100forexbrokers.com/brokers-for-hedging.

Regarding the big number of charts required to run a complete “ReticoloFX setup” please keep in mind two things:

  1. you don’t need to run all baskets and all rings in order to make money with ReticoloFX, therefore you may end up trading with a more reasonable number of charts (like 16) that can be handled pretty well by a single MT4 platform
  2. each EA requires very little RAM and CPU to execute, therefore the real problem is not messing up with too many charts on the same MT4 platform, but you can easily overcome this problem too :-)

The simple trick I’m suggesting (this something I do daily for my own trading for a lot of different reasons) is to run the same MT4 account multiple times. There is no limitation in doing that on the same PC or even on multiple machines. The easiest way to do that is to just copy&paste your current MT4 installation folder to multiple folders. Then run the “terminal.exe” file on each folder and login each time with the same credentials. As an example you may setup 4 MT4 platforms running simultaneously:

  • 1st MT4 platform: 7 charts for running the USD ReticoloFX basket
  • 2nd MT4 platform: 7 charts for running the JPY ReticoloFX basket
  • 3rd MT4 platform: 9 charts for running three ReticoloFX rings
  • 4th MT4 platform: 9 charts for running other three ReticoloFX rings

Since each MT4 platform does not require much CPU and RAM (each ReticoloFX EA being very frugal on both memory and processing) this is a configuration that can work pretty well on most “normal” PCs available today. You may also consider spreading this configuration between 2 PCS.

That’s all for today. Stay tuned for the ReticoloFX release that will take place tomorrow May 24th 😉

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22 thoughts on “Putting ReticoloFX to Work for You

  • David

    this all sounds very complicated especially if you are running more than one strategy on your PC and more the one broker platform. Could you set up a cloud server to run all the baskets and provide a client access to that ?
    Also, are there any specific times such as the US opening that the baskets must be calcualted/entered to start with or is it random?

    • Andrea

      Hi David,

      in reality is much less complicated than it sounds but we are working with Gallant VPS service to setup ready-to-trade VPS with pre-installed and configured EAs.

      About the time… no specific time is needed. You can start it whenever you want.

  • Neil

    Hi Andrea,

    Thanks for all your great info thus far on the product. Can you answer a few more questions for me?

    1. Does the product every go “flat” ? Or is it ALWAYS in the market? When it closes out trades at once for a profit, would that mean that it only closes certain baskets or rings? Or all of them? Just curious as to how this would work.

    2. do you know what the cost will be, and the licensing? i.e., will we be able to run multiple licenses? or is it tied to a certain machine etc??

    • Andrea

      Ciao Neil,

      1. Every ring or basket trades by itself. So a ring closes its trade when its profit target is reached. The same applies for each basket. The EAs are not always on the market. Only when certain ranges are reached.

      2. Tomorrow you’ll know :)

  • German

    Dear Andrea:

    If I follow your idea of open 4 folder of MT4 (Basket1, Basket2, Ring1 and Ring2). Do I need copy the EA in each expert folder?.


    • Andrea

      What I do usually is preapare one MT4 with everything I need: EA, libraries, etc and then I copy the whole MT4 directory all the times I need it so that I have everything already installed 😉 So do it once and copy it as many time you need it.

    • Paolo Post author

      Hi Henry, yes it is not, because trades are opened at a reasonable step from each other (often from 30 to 70 pips apart).

  • Russ

    A question about brokers. I see the list you sent a link to. Is there a sub set of these that a US trader can use to be able to trade with the ReticoloFX hedging strategy?

  • Michael

    Some rings have the same pair in them as other rings, e.g. eurusd. Do the EA’s create unique magic numbers internally? I note we can’t choose a magic number in the settings.

    I want to put 3 rings on the same MT4 platform so the common pair in these 3 rings will need to be handled by their own EA.

    Please confirm.

    • Paolo Post author

      Hi Michael, each EA generates its unique magic number. No problems running mutiple rings together on the same platform :-)

  • Jean LeBlanc

    I have a problem with some trades listed within my trade journal. A lot of red circles with the message…”Trade Dispatcher: trade context is busy”. Followed by “order failed”. Also, I have a very long string of red circle messages that say ” old tick”. I would really like to get this cleared up before continuing.


    • Paolo Post author

      Hi Jean, both errors in the Journal are related to the platform itself, not to our EAs.
      I’m doing copy&paste below of some content on the net:

      “Old tick means that the price for a currency pair, by the time the price reached your VPS/trading station it was too “old” to consider. This is a problem with the broker where their server is too slow (or overloaded). Please consult with your broker. This ‘old tick’ message usually happen when their server is on maintenance.”
      “To trade from experts and scripts, only one thread was provided that was launched in the program trade context (context of automated trading from experts and scripts). This is why, if this context is occupied with an expert trading operation, another expert or script cannot call trading functions at that moment due to error 146 (ERR_TRADE_CONTEXT_BUSY).”

      In the ReticoloFX code we use special methods that are able to handle a “Trade_context_busy” scenario, however we cannot do much regarding “old ticks”.

  • Neal

    If i have positions already open before i placed the ReticolorFX EA on the chart, will my original position be closed when the EA closes positions that it opened, or will it stay open?