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PimpMyEA approved EACiao a tutti,

we launched the PotenzaFX indicators package just one week ago and many customers already expressed a positive feedback through email or with comments in our blog. Thanks to all for your kind words and encouragement.

Here are some of the unsolicited testimonials we got:


“Thanks for these indicators. I think they have huge potential.” – PJ


“First really thanks to you and Paolo for the awesome job; I got already paid back of the purchase price using PotenzaFX package… (double smile!!)” – Enrico


Great stuff! I have a feeling things are going to start looking a lot better for me with theese great new tools. Pip On” – Todd


“A job well done. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. Something that would help me to know exactly which currency is beginning to gain strength for either a long or short trade. Some time back, there were traders charging a bomb for a system like this, close to USD 2,000.00, I believe. It is a no brainer for anyone/trader to know that you are charging a real bargain for a trading method like this.” – Rochey


Thanks again for a great educational informational discussion. I wil further review the different parts later, but it is exciting the items you bring up for educational purposes. They are very useful and helpful.” – Roger


“So far, I’ve found PotenzaFX indicators to be a fantastic filter on my trade setups.  It’s kept me out of what would have been bad trades and helped me stay longer in a few good trades.  All in all, this is a very good addition to my trading arsenal. Is there any plan to add an alert to the powerlines indicator, so that we would know when a vertical line has appeared on the chart? That would be really terrific if so. Many thanks again!” – Donna


“This Potenza is Potent!
I have had it for 3 days and it gives great signals on the M5 and M15 (for me).
I trade Trends and this indicator has already helped me win PIPs, plus its visually easy to read (within a second it gives you direction of price action).
If you are a manual trader this might be one of your best friends (keep it on a second chart on another screen with other indicators).
If you are an auto trader this could help you close potentially wrong trades by you EA (if you are one of those that cant stop staring at the screen).
Yes, it has already paid for itself with 5 pips in the plus – Thanks Paolo/Andrea” – Nicco


“Thanks for making these indicators available. They are extremely useful, and more then worth the price you are charging for them. Do you have any plans to develop an EA to trade based on these indicators? Thanks very much.” – Tim


“My congratulations for these new indicators, I believe I can build upon PotenzaFX a solid strategy with very good risk/reward ratio. Keep up the good work.” – Carlo


I’d like to add that the installation procedure of PotenzaFX Indicators package is fairly easy, even if we implemented an anti-piracy mechanism that requires an extra step to be performed by customers. As a matter of fact 90% of customers were able to install and use the indicators without requiring any support from us. They just read the online manuals we provide along with the indicators.

We truly believe that these indicators can be a powerful addition to your trading arsenal. Feel The Power Of Forex With PotenzaFX 😉

PS. we announced the release of the “basket trading” indicators set for today (9th of December). Unfortunately some technical glitches forced us to postpone the release to next Tuesday (13th of December). Stay tuned :-)

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2 thoughts on “PotenzaFX Testimonials

  • Don

    I’ve been trading with this set of indicators since release and for the first time I am gaining confidence in my trading just by following this system.
    My real account has doubled since its use, so I am truly amazed at the results.
    If this is a dream no-one wake me.


    • Andrea

      Thanks a lot!
      You don’t know how happy I am every time I read words like your and like those in the above post.
      I developed the PotenzaFX to give people a “clear” view of the market and so a direction for their trades.
      Keeping everything as easy as possible.
      All the feedbacks we are having, tell us that we made it :)
      Somehow we already know that as we trade with them everyday since many months.
      Keep on dreaming and doubling your account 😀