PotenzaFX an PowerbarsFX: HMA And Regular Versions

Hi everyone,

a quick post to announce that starting from today all the users of the regular PotenzaFX will have access to the PotenzaFX HMA version and vice versa.

In the download area you’ll find both the indicator sets and your email/account should be already authenticated.
So, starting from now, there will be no difference between the PotenzaFX regular and HMA indicator set.

The same applies to the PowerbarsFX regular and HMA version.

Remember that this is the last week (!!) of our Summer Sales and you can take advantage of it to buy any of our indicators/EA with a discount up to 40%.

Here are the discount coupons that are still valid:

40% Discount Coupon (only 5 left!)

30% Discount Coupon (only for the first 25)

Have a great profitable Summer!


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