One4All – Live Demonstration Videos

Salve a tutti,

today we want to go further in showing you the potential of One4All with a couple of live demonstration videos.

You’ll see a pretty simple environment with a couple of clients installed on two different brokers demo accounts, and one server installed on another broker enforcing the FIFO/No-Hedge restriction rules. We’ll show you that you can do whatever you want on your clients and every change is “summarized” into the lowest possible number of trades and with full compliance to FIFO/No-Hedge rules.

Here are the videos (don’t forget to select 720HD and “Full screen” for better viewing):

Introduction and FIFO Rule

“No-Hedging” Rule

One thing more we want to add to what we already said yesterday:

you won’t need to install any EXTERNAL software.

One4All consists of a “server EA” and a “client EA”. Nothing more. So you’ll be able to install it easily on almost any architecture: home pc, server, VPS, etc.

You’ll also be able to manage as many clients as you want. Licensing will be based on the number of servers (live accounts) only.

Last thing… it’ll be out tomorrow!!

We are preparing some nice surprise to ReticoloFX customers as we believe that One4All is the perfect companion of it.

A domani,
Andrea and Paolo

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