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Ciao a Tutti,

as I wrote yesterday we have developed a new product for MetaTrader 4 called “One4All“, which makes ANY Expert Advisor and ANY manual trading strategy (and ANY combination of both) immediately compliant with the FIFO and no-Hedge rules which are enforced by brokers in the USA. This tool is also a convenient way for traders all around the world to run their strategies (manual or automatic) on separate demo accounts and see the combined trades immediately applied to their live account(s). In this way the trader can monitor separately each strategy on a dedicated demo account and easily switch on/off a strategy on a live account. In most cases the number of trades on the live account is reduced, and the FIFO and no-Hedge rules are automatically respected (even if the original strategies or their combination are not compliant).

While testing and giving the final touches to “One4All” I and Andrea have come up with a couple of considerations:

  • in the plethora of existing MT4 platforms it’s not easy to test many client/server configurations (One4All must be able to deal with platforms from different brokers at the same time);
  • some new input settings may play a big role in how friendly and complete One4All looks to the end user.

Therefore we have decided to delay the official release of One4All and to involve some beta testers before its launch. Hopefully the end result of this beta testing will be a much more robust and friendly product with respect to the current version. We are going to select a handful of beta-testers among the people who contact us through this form (please explain briefly why you are interested in One4All when compiling the form).

***** Apply here as a beta tester for One4All! *****

Now I’d like to give some examples of how One4All works and explain an advanced configuration with multiple servers. The picture below is an example of four MT4 demo accounts (the “clients”) sending their trade information to one MT4 live account (the “server”):

You can notice how the number of trades on the server is smaller than the overall trades on the four clients, moreover the server is exempt from hedged trades. A closer looks also reveals that under some circumstances the server may have a bigger number of trades on some pairs (like AUDUSD and EURUSD at the bottom of the picture above). This is the effect of the DLS (Dynamic Lot Sizing) algorithm acting behind the scenes.

You can also have your demo clients talking to more than 1 server with One4All, like illustrated in the picture below:

In this case the first 2 clients interact only with Server1 (the first live account), while the other two clients interact with both Server1 and Server2 (two separate live accounts). This is possible running the One4All client EA on two separate charts (with different settings) both on “client3″ (the 3rd MT4 demo) and “client4″  (the 4th MT4 demo). Don’t worry if this example doesn’t look immediately clear, the User’s Manual explains this and other configurations in detail.

***** Apply here as a beta tester for One4All! *****

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3 thoughts on “One4All – Call for Beta Testers

  • Tim

    Hi Guys,

    Is this 30% discount coupon still valid? I assumed it would be OK until midnight on the 31st August – but I just tried to order the Powerbars FX indicator set, and it seems like the coupon isn’t being accepted?


    • Paolo Post author

      Hi Tim, there was probably some technical glitch in the merchant backend. I’ll let you know via email which coupon you and other customers can use to take advantage of this offer for another day.