One4All: Beta Test Phase Started

As you may already know, One4All is a new software we developed to let all people with broker restrictions like FIFO(first in first out)/no hedge rules to run any kind of automatic/manual strategy.

The concept is very simple. You apply the One4All “server” on your live/demo master account (the one with restrictions) and trade one or more demo (or live) “client” accounts with the strategies that you like more. The master (server) collects all the orders coming from all the slaves (clients) and “sintetizes” them into “one” order per pair. In reality it can be even more than one but they won’t ever be “hedged” and will be always closed followin the FIFO rule.

As said this is particularly useful for US traders but can also be used by any user with the need to have multiple EAs or manual strategies running on one account and having problems with platform “load” (maximum number of orders, etc). At times it may also happen that different EAs don’t trade well together so they need to run on separate accounts. Another useful and interesting use is to “filter” EAs by enabling/disabling them based on their performances or in specific periods (holidays, news, etc).

We are proud to announce that starting from today a short beta phase has started. We selected a few beta testers and we’ll test everything for the coming week. If everything goes well (as we expect as we tested it already in the past weeks) we’ll release One4All before the end of September.

We’ll keep you updated as usual.

Have a great Sunday,
Andrea and Paolo

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