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Ciao a Tutti,

the scalper version of OndaFX EA – aka OndaFX_Scalper EA – is piling up its first profits after the first 8 days of forward testing. The current closed profit is +3.37% and there are no open trades at the moment. This EA – unlike the “standard” OndaFX – does not have very prolonged drawdown periods because it accepts both profits and losses quite fast (most trades get closed before the first 24 hours and a trade rarely stays open for a week or more).


You can track OndaFX_Scalper on MyFxBook on the following link: https://www.myfxbook.com/portfolio/mt4-5163985/820000

If you don’t know why we sent out this free upgrade on OndaFX a couple of week ago, here are some useful links:

Many OndaFX users keep asking if they should use the 1st or the 2nd set file we provided along with OndaFX_Scalper. The answer is simple: trade both! (don’t forget to use different magic numbers though).

  1. Set file # 1 makes OndaFX_Scalper aim at very short term trades (about 30 pips of take profit and 30 pips of stop loss on each trade)
  2. Set file # 2 makes OndaFX_Scalper aim at medium short term trades (TP and SL are duynamic and there is also a mechanism for anticipating exits if necessary)

In the forward test account I’m trading both set files pretty aggressively for an expected yearly return around 100%. That means – on a 10K USD account – trading 0.5 lots on the 1st set file and 0.3 lots on the 2nd set file. But of course you can trade smaller lot sizes for having less risk – especially if you already trade other EAs or manual strategies on the same account.

I hope you enjoy this bonus EA :-) If you are interested in OndaFX_Scalper and you don’t currently own a license of OndaFX, then the only way to get it is through the sell page of OndaFX, because the two EAs are sold together in a bundle (and the price is still the same of OndaFX alone :-)

By the way, OndaFX is always among the top 5 performers in the EA store set up by FxPro 😉

Happy trading!


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4 thoughts on “OndaFX_Scalper

    • Paolo Post author

      Can you please try and use another trading platform? I’m not able to replicate this “divide error” neither in live trading nor in backtesting.

  • Doug Hume

    Hello Andrea and Paolo,

    As I am about to start a forward test of the OndaFX_Scalper I would like to share with you my results using the original OndaFX on multiple currency pairs:

    FinFx Demo Account
    OndaFX EA
    Trading Results Summary for 19 Weeks 9/27/2013 To 2/08/2014
    Results based on $50,000 with Equity Allocation per pair at rate of $500/0.01 lot

    Pair Equity Profit Profit Wkly % Wkly Drawdown DD %
    AUDUSD $5,500.00 1082.65 56.98 1.04% -1166.10 -21.20%
    EURJPY $5,500.00 939.16 49.43 0.90% -699.03 -12.71%
    EURUSD $5,500.00 1249.93 65.79 1.20% -54.30 -0.99%
    GBPJPY $5,500.00 1323.60 69.66 1.27% -2737.74 -49.78%
    GBPUSD $5,500.00 1187.47 62.50 1.14% -1800.59 -32.74%
    NZDUSD $5,500.00 1389.03 73.11 1.33% -453.55 -8.25%
    USDCAD $5,500.00 806.08 42.43 0.77% -2296.44 -41.75%
    USDCHF $5,500.00 1296.77 68.25 1.24% -8.89 -0.16%
    USDJPY $5,500.00 1320.74 69.51 1.26% -62.11 -1.13%

    Weekly Averagre Return EURUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY 1.23%
    Weekly Compounded Annual Return 89%

    I used the settings for EURUSD on all pair except the AUDUSD, for which I used your recommended setting. My personal experience with the OndaFX EA is that used with appropriately selected pairs it is profitable, although I find ForteFX to perform better at the expense of a higher drawdown. A combination of OndaFX and ForteFX works well when selecting the best performing pairs of each to use.

    I hope this is interesting and helpful. Thanks for your great EA’s as they do really work.