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Salve a tutti,

as you may have noticed we just changed the home page to reflect our new approach.
We decided to switch the attention from the “commercial” EAs to automatic trading in general by publishing a series of posts about how we develop new strategies and what are the “concepts” we use for developing them.

The chart that you’ll see on top of the Home page will show a comparison between all the major USD based currency pairs. In particular you can watch in real time:


This basket of currency pairs can give you an idea of the currency balance. The chart gives you a comparison between the 7 major currencies and the USD.

With the next posts you’ll learn how to read that chart and how to profit from it. We’ll explain in detail some of the strategies we developed in the last months and that we are trading.

Yesterday, Oanda broker sent an email to all his clients suggesting them to stop trading the Forex market for now. At least until volatility won’t lower and the market will come back to a “regular” behaviour. We are saying almost the same thing since the end of July.

What we are suggesting you is to stop trading “commercial EAs” as is… better, this should be the occasion for all of you who want to be successful in automatic trading to learn in depth how the EAs work and to learn to recognize when it’s time to trade them and when not.

I and Paolo are not only traders but also strategy developers and coders. This is a great “luck” as we can develop by ourselves the strategies we have in mind. We don’t need to rely on other people’s work to trade exactly as we want to trade.

In the next posts we’ll try to help everyone (traders or not, coders or not) to understand how the Forex market works, how to recognize the potentials of the markets and how to successfully use those potentials. This is what we do every day and we decided to disclosure our strategies.

We have developed and are still developing a series of tools (indicators and EAs) that will be available in the next weeks and months. We are also working on developing new web applications that will let you “read” the market with any platform simply by using a web browser.

Also I want to announce that after the first series of post about what I mentioned above, we’ll also start a forum to discuss automatic trading in every aspect.

So we know that we’ve been not so present lately but that was because a lot of things were changing. The Forex market has changed and is changing fast. And we needed time to learn to read it and to develop something new that hasn’t been done before, because “it is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but rather the one most adaptable to change.”.

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One thought on “New Home Page, New Approach

  • Todd

    Keep up the good work, I can hardley wait to see what you have come up with. It will be refreshing to see a new perspective and a way to start making some proffits. I just got done with watching a new video of the best robot ever developed. To bad I am not biteing, same oh that my email is full of.
    Theses marketers are getting so lame it is getting me pissed.
    This is one of the very few sites that keep it real and is giveing me a chance to succeed.
    Pip On