New Findings On ForteFX Best Performing Settings 8

Hi everyone,

after 3 weeks of trading with ForteFX we are starting to see how much the new trend score algos affect the trading strategy and most importantly the drawdown level.

Using the new algorithms based on PotenzaFX/PowerbarsFX we have good performances with very low DD.

As you know we can only forward test using those two indicators and we’ve been trying to test almost every possible combination of parameters.

Now we can start discussing what we’ve found:

1) the “HullMA” algo (1) is probably the best performing but also the one with the largest DD.

2) the “PowerbarsFX” algo (3) is the “worst” performer but also the one with the lowest DD.

3) the “PotenzaFX” algo (2) actually is giving the best performance/DD ratio.

Here are all the forward test demo accounts performances:

As you may notice we have also been testing other settings than the ones we suggested in the beginning. The main changes in the input settings regard the “trend threshold” parameter. Here are the links to the 4 new demo accounts that we’ve been running these last weeks:

PotenzaFX (Algo 2) – Step 50 – Trend Threshold 1

PotenzaFX (Algo 2) – Step 10 – Trend Threshold 2

PowerbarsFX (Algo 3) – Step 50 – Trend Threshold 1

PowerbarsFX (Algo 3) – Step 50 – Trend Threshold 1

So far, we can say that the best performer (in term of gain/dd) is the “PotenzaFX/10 step/2 trend threshold” ( setup and we suggest you to test it as well. It gained about 3% with a max DD of 2% with an impressive Profit Factor of 5.48!

As we said since the very beginning we suggest you to test ForteFX EA for about a couple of months before deciding to go live. We need that time to learn well how it works and to “tune” settings for best performances. We think we are very near but keep on demo trading for a few more weeks 😉

Have a great day,

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8 thoughts on “New Findings On ForteFX Best Performing Settings

  • Joseph

    Hi Andrea/Paolo,

    For the above PotenzaFX/10 Step/2 trend threshold, were the settings for PotenzaFX default settings? ie po_algo = 2, po_default_periods=true,po_period=20, period_smoothing=1 and po_divider=30


    Kind regards

  • Dan

    Hi guys, looking good.

    If we just look at Algo 2/Potenza can you explain what is happening here.

    Algo 2 Slow gained +1.5%
    Algo 2 Fast gained +0.6%
    Algo 2 10/2 gained 3%

    Why has the slow one gained 3 times more than the fast and the 10/2 settings gained 6 times more than the fast? Could you explain how the 10/2 settings differ from the other 2?

    • Paolo

      Hi Dan, the three demos have different combinations of “order_step” and “trend_threshold” input parameters:
      1) 50/3
      2) 10/5
      3) 10/2
      We expect the strategy #2 to make more profits than strategy #1 in the long run, but in the last few weeks of just the opposite happened. This should not surprise too much since the period of time under analysis is very short. Strategy #3 should be even more profitable than #2, that’s why we introduced this new forward test.

  • Doug Hume

    Hi Anrea & Paolo,

    How does Algo 1 (HullMA) FAST differ from Algo 1 (HullMA)? What settings are needed to make it FAST? What is the recommended profit per microlot using this algorithm?



    • Andrea Post author

      The FAST setup means that the order step is 10 pips instead of the 50 pips of the default.
      That is valid independently from the “algo” used.