New Features, Bug Fixes And Automation For PotenzaFX 5

Salve a tutti,

I hope that 2012 has started in the best way for everyone.

In our first post for 2012 we’d like to announce that we just ended coding a few bug fixes and adding some feature to the PotenzaFX Indicators Set. In a couple of days you should receive an email with the FREE updated versions.

If you don’t get them by Saturday/Sunday then email us with your Guardian License Code or Paypal Transaction ID and we’ll send you the updated versions.

What’s new

PotenzaFX Powerlines:

  • added customizable smoothing
  • added complete currency correlation matrix

PotenzaFX DLS and Correlations:

  • added customizable smoothing

What’s fixed

PotenzaFX DLS:

  • Bar setting not taken into account for calculation (fixed)

PotenzaFX Correlations:

  • it didn’t work on AUDCAD/AUDJPY and AUDNZD (fixed)

We are also pleased to announce that on January 12nd we’ll release a script that will let you almost completely automate your PotenzaFX trading.

Once you place the script on a chart it’ll check every N minutes (you can set it) if the DLS value has changed and if it is different from the open lots. If so, it’ll automatically adjust the positions by increasing/reducing them.

So, for example, even if applied to a Daily timeframe, you can adjust your positions automatically every 4 hours. If you’re trading with PotenzaFX Powerlines/DLS/Correlations in a lower timeframe like 1H, then you can choose to automatically adjust your positions every 60 minutes or less.

Of course the script can be applied to any timeframe :-)

The “PotenzaFX DLS Trader”  (that’s the name of the script) can:

  • automatically adjust positions
  • set the number of minutes for checking/adjusting lot sizes
  • enable/disable scale-in/scale-out
  • wait for a cross of powerlines before entering the trade
  • check that correlation between currencies is below a certain level to enter a position

Even if we coded it to be as automatic as possible, the “PotenzaFX DLS Trader” is meant to be run as a semi-automatic EA and so we suggest you that you decide when to enable/disable it.

Note that the script will need that you have PotenzaFX Powerlines and DLS installed on your MT4 (it’s not necessary to have them applied to the chart). PotenzaFX Correlations is required only if you want to use the “correlation” filter for entries.

Similar “modules” will be developed soon for PaniereFX and PotenzaFX Groups in the coming weeks.

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5 thoughts on “New Features, Bug Fixes And Automation For PotenzaFX

  • Todd

    This is very exciting stuff, You are the man.
    Over Christmas break I did some research with Paolo’s 400 pips a month trading stratigy. I started from Jan. 1st. till end of year. If any one would be interested I would share with all the blog. readers what I came up with, I was impressed. That a boy Paolo.
    Pip On

  • Todd

    Well to start things off I started my research using FXDD US based and I was not happy at all and I about through in the towell so I tried it on another broker IB and still I was not getting what I expected and compairing with Paolo’s results I was not even close to the same. So I opened up a demo with Alpaire US. My trades matched up perfect. Know I had what I thought was a consistent price feed with your indicators I started Jan. 1st. till end of Dec. using Paolo’s rules or lack of(got to love it). Total of 33 trades 23 winners and 10 loseres 23/10 with a proffit factor of 2.3 for a whole year showing consistant gains the intire year. I was never in the hole and a matter of fact there was only twice that I had 2 losers in a row. Followed quickly with winners going back in positive teritory. I have it still all plotted out on a chart thinking of different stratiges to gain more pips yet as of now it seems Paolo hit it perfect for a winning stratigy that is simple to apply and when compounded will perform quit solid month in and month out. Thanks guys for sharing, it is so refreshing to find the real deal and you too are it.
    Pip On
    P.S There is at times well over 20 digit difference on tools in Broker platforms, This alone can make a huge difference as I found out. Find out what works for you, I am not a pro and still have a great deal to learn so please take this in consideration on my finding.

    • Paolo

      Hi Jono,
      I’m checking our database and sending you the correct link in a few minutes 😉 The most common so far error is putting in the link the CID instead of the personal license code. Ciao, Paolo