LiveEAs Weekly Report – Jan 29 ’12 – Feb 03 ’12

Weekly Report

Weekly Report

Ciao a tutti,
last week (from Sunday 29th of January to Friday 3rd of February) our EA portfolio had a negative performance, with PL going down from +50.22% to +33.77%. A good portion of the nice profits of last week was erased this week. The only two robots with a positive performance were ForexCrescendo (+3.59%) and Leo Trader Pro (+0.41%). Overall the PL for the week was -16.45%. Please note that this week I’m removing Forex Hercules from the portfolio, since it was not able to execute trades for several weeks. As a consequence the new overall PL figure jumps from +33.77% to +65.55%, since -38.71% was the  conclusive PL reported in ForexHercules’ account. Of course the next time I give an overview of the portfolio since its inception I’ll incorporate this kind of changes into the report (we have no reason to sweeten it).
Here is the usual table describing the performance of our EA portfolio:
Robot Name Last Week PL Monthly PL Profit Factor Max DD
Crescendo 3.59% 1.39% 1.16 31.15%
Forex_Combo -1.76% 0.67% 1.08 12.95%
FxVooDoo -5.76% -10.88% 0.72 69.72%
IrisFX -12.88% 7.20% 1.15 40.52%
LeoTrader_Pro 0.41% -0.79% 0.54 13.45%
SilverEA 0.00% -0.35% 0.97 28.76%
WallStreet -0.05% 1.18% 1.10 14.00%
For next week, there is not a single robot in our “winning trend list” (3 or more winning weeks in a row), as shown in the table below:
Robot Name winning trend # weeks #trades/week Overall PL
Crescendo 2 52 1.9 18.43%
Forex_Combo 0 53 11.7 8.56%
FxVooDoo 0 33 4.9 -57.08%
IrisFX 0 43 23.0 96.51%
LeoTrader_Pro 1 49 2.8 -9.29%
SilverEA 0 47 12.3 -3.61%
WallStreet 0 43 13.2 12.03%

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