IrisFX 21

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21 thoughts on “IrisFX

  • Mike

    Hello Andrea,

    Can you turn on the Magic #’s at MyFxbook so we can analyze which strategy is doing the best.

    I believe the Magic #’s for IrisFx are #777, #888, and #999.

    #777 on the 4HR
    and #888 and #999 on the 1HR



  • Chris

    Hi Andrea
    I trade EURUSD & GBDUSD, Strategy 1 & 3 Lot_Percent 1.0 , Lot_fixed 0.0. I’ve since 1. August a demo account and have received a negative result (- 10%). What am I doing wrong? Can you help me? Thanks Chris

    • Andrea Post author

      This is the regular version.
      I’m preparing a page for the pimped version, but it should perform better in “regular” times and not in periods like those we are passing now with very very high volatility when the regular version is ok as there no real need for news filtering as momentum is very high always.

    • Andrea Post author

      The regular version should be used on EURUSD only and better use a lot percent halved for strategy 2, respect strategy 1 and 3.
      So if you use 1% for strategy 1 and 3, you should use 0.5% for strategy 2.
      I haven’t tested it on Alpari UK. Maybe someone using the regular version on Alpari UK may confirm your poor performances.
      It seems that they can change quite a lot depending on brokers. As I told you, it is running fine with FxPro and Gallant Capital Markets so far. I don’t remember which brokers fx-emit is using for testing it. You may look at their website to confirm that.

  • Dennis

    Hi Andrea
    I have just bought IrisFX
    I have emailed you with the order no. and asked for the pimped version but no reply yet
    I am using Alpari uk, if you like I can update you with progress
    thanks for your good work

  • Chris

    Thank you Andrea
    I try it again only with EURUSD. I currently use only strategy 1 & 3 with 1%. Strategy 2 is not profitable without a pimp version, right? We’ll see.

  • Dennis

    Hi Chris
    I’ve only had IrisFX for 3 days on Alperi uk demo but so far all looks ok
    eur/usd only on default settings 17 trades but £9 in red. seams to follow the myfxbook acc here

    Hi Andrea
    have not received the pimped link yet

  • Chris

    Hi Andrea
    I have a question. I have Iris FX on a demo at the Gallant, thinkforex and Oanda. Do you have recommendations on these brokers?
    many thanks

  • Scott Griffiths

    Hi Andrea,

    Can you advise if
    1.IRIS fx you are running has been pimped or is it the standard EA that is purchased
    2. I was running this EA on a FX solutions account UK but was taking very different trades to the website when i contacted the support they recommended 3 brokers but Gallant was not one of them do you have any specific settings on the EA to get the results that are being published



  • Dennis

    Hi Andrea
    still running the standard version on Alpari uk demo
    from a £5000 start a month ago loosing about £700 to date
    it seems to make small gains steadily then bang a 25% loss in one hit
    does the pimped version do this?
    can I try it?
    I would rearly appreciate it if you could send the link
    meanwhile I will try halving the lot size for strategy 2