Live And Demo Accounts Running Forex Growth Bot 5


I did some research and I’ve found a couple of additional accounts trading Forex Growth Bot other then the official live one.

Here’s the link to the Myfxbook of the official one:

And here’s another live account started Dec 23rd by a customer of them on Myfxbook as well:

This is another account started Dec 31st on MTILive:

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5 thoughts on “Live And Demo Accounts Running Forex Growth Bot

  • Caren Hobstetter

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  • Todd


    I found the info on an earlier comment that just got posted and have it ready for market open.

    Your site is nice, I like it a lot so far.



  • Tony

    Andrea, Thanks for sharing your Forex Growth Bot settings. How do your live trading results using these settings compare with the official results for December?. Thanks.


    • Andrea Post author

      The settings are the same other than in certain situations you'll add more orders as they are recognized as more "surefire" trades.
      I'll write a post on that in the next few days with some screenshot and backtests I made to decide that strategy.
      I'm also already working on an updated version of the "PimpMyEA" version of FGB with some filtering 😉