Leo Trader Pro New Version Coming 4

Salve a tutti,

for those of you having problems with Leo Trader Pro, I just spoke with a member of the team and they are aware of some of the problem and already working on a new version fixing them.

It should be out in a couple of days. So I ask you to be patient a little more to hopefully have all the tecnical problems solved.

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4 thoughts on “Leo Trader Pro New Version Coming

  • Edwin

    well certianly they need to fix this and soon if they want to keep customers…I have no doubt that this is a ok program…but need serious help for it work well…I hope they can fix the MT4 crashes and the communications between client and server…big holes remain in this product…good luck everyone

  • Daisuke

    Hi, Andrea and Folks.

    I'd have to believe that this is good news.

    And I hope that the Leo Trader Pro Team also released a version history.

  • Michael

    I received an email from someone paying more attention to how Leo Trader trades than I am. I did have 2 or 3 small positive trades before Christmas but nothing since ,even after downloading the update . My friend says he opened a Demo account at FinFX and after the usual problems of more than one Leo Trader loaded he changed back to just one Leo Trader loaded on the EURUSD chart .Now he says there was a buy trade on the Leo Trader live account at FinFX on January 4 on EURUSD and on Jan. 5 the drawdown was $48 .On Jan. 6 the LeoTrader people claimed a profit of $15 on this trade while his demo account still has no trade .There is no mention of any loss on the Jan.4 or 5. There are however 2 buy and 2 sell trades on the GBPUSD and all are successful while there are no trades on his FinFX demo account . I have read the reports from other traders at the ForexToolShop forum and the only person being positive about Leo Trader seems to be an employee of that company. Are you trading a LIVE or Demo account Andrea with the LeoTraderPro ? What are your results ?

  • Penny

    I hope this new fix works – I still haven't had a single trade with Leo Trader – just the pretty lights! Have set it up exactly as they recommend, one pair per MT4. I'm using Go Markets on a VPS. I get a few "old ticks" and Leo support tell me that may be why the EA isn't working. But I've used Go Markets for every other EA and they've all opened trades fine. Is anyone else getting any trades on Go Markets with Leo?