Introducing One4All

Ciao a Tutti,
about a couple of months ago – as some of you already know – Andrea had an idea about a software that could help traders who use MT4 to overcome some intrinsic limitations of their trading platform:

  • FIFO (first In First Out) rule
  • no-Hedge requirement
  • max number of trades

The first two limitations are critical for many traders living in the USA because they seriously affect the possibility to trade multiple Expert Advisors on their live accounts. They also prevent these traders from running a single EA which uses hedging (like ReticoloFX). Some USA brokers do offer a platform that is able to deal with FIFO and no-Hedge requirements in the broker’s backend, however this is not true for all of them.

One4All is a new product that allows to overcome these problems with a simple yet effective client-server architecture:

The picture above just shows an example of a possible configuration, however the actual configurations may be simpler or much more complex (even with multiple Servers) according to the needs of each individual trader. In this example the trader may have 4 robots running on 4 MT4 demo accounts (these accounts don’t need to comply with the FIFO and no-Hedge rules). On each demo platform also a “One4All Client” EA is running, and they feed the MT4 live account with information regarding all open trades. The “One4All Server” running on the MT4 live account synthesizes all the open trades so to have a set of trades which is compliant with the FIFO and no-Hedge rules. A beneficial side effect of this approach is also the reduction of the number of trades which naturally happens in most circumstances.

The “One4All” software implements a very generic approach that suits many different situations. One4All makes ANY Expert Advisor and ANY manual trading strategy (and ANY combination of both) immediately compliant with the FIFO and no-Hedge rules which are enforced by brokers in the USA. It works on any operating system and the delivery of information from clients to server is very efficient. From the broker’s point of view no EA is running on the live account, while in fact many of them may be running simultaneously, possibly together with manual trading strtaegies.

Tomorrow we’ll provide more information and examples regarding this software. One4All will be released next Thursday – 30th of August – so stay tuned 😉

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