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hand_shakeToday I’d like to explain what is an “Email Whitelist” and why it is important.

An e-mail whitelist is a list of contacts that you “the user” deem as acceptable to receive email from, and should not be sent to a trash or SPAM folder. If you do this, you won’t experience the frustration of waiting for an email from us that we have indeed already sent you.

This also saves us from the frustration of repeatedly sending the same email to customers who always make the same request – of course they are not able to read our replies. We still continue to send them the same email hoping that sooner or later they’ll figure out which is the problem with the mail server on their side, but unfortunately that does not always happen.

If you want to be sure you receive all emails from please make sure you whitelist the domain If you don’t know how to do that just go to Google and type in: How to whitelist in [name of your email program]. As an example if you use AOL then your Google search should be: How to whitelist in AOL.

Now I’m going to explain step by step how to whitelist the domain in Gmail.

1) First of all open the “Settings” menu:


2) Then in the horizontal tab of the Settings select “Filters” and click on the link “Create a new filter”:


3)  Then type in the “From” field and click “Create filter with this search >>”:


4) Then make sure you check “Never send it to Spam” flag and click the “Create filter” button:


5) Finally – if you did everything as described above – you should get the following confirmation message:


We hope to get in touch again with several pimpers 😉

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