Free Renko Kit Instructions 43

Thanks for your interest in this Free Renko Package. We are sure that putting it to work in your daily trading will greatly improve your results.

Here are the instructions for being up and running with this package in a short time:

Click the download button on the top right corner of this page:

download the zip file on your drive, unzip it and do the following:

  1. Locate your MT4 “Data Folder” via the “File > Open Data Folder” menu in the trading platform.
  2. Copy the whole “MQL4″ folder into your MetaTrader 4 Data Folder.
  3. Copy the whole “templates” folder into your MetaTrader 4 Data Folder.
  4. Restart the MetaTrader 4 platform .



The registration is required for getting free updates of your Free Renko KIT. In case you are not yet registered to please fill in the form below, then check your inbox and click on the confirmation link.


Let’s assume you want to use Renko charts on EURUSD. In this case follow these steps:

  1. open a M1 chart of EURUSD an apply the “RenkoLiveCharts_pimped_v4” EA (or “B625_RenkoLiveCharts_pimped_v4” EA) to it
  2. open the “File > Open Offline” menu in the top left corner of MT4
  3. select “EURUSD, M2″ and click the “Open” button: a new chart will be opened with the name “EURUSD, M2 (offline)
  4. right click with the mouse on this chart, choose the “Template” menu and select one of the templates we provided:
  • “pimped_renko”
  • “pimped_renko+futuro”
  • “pimped_renko+futuro+spaghetti”
  • “pimped_renko+spaghetti”

This short video shows how to perform the 4 steps above in less than 2 minutes 😉

In case you have any problem with this Free Renko Package please read the following page:

We wish you success with your trading!

Andrea and Paolo


PS. One of the best things about Renko is that it also makes trading with good tools even better. Actually we are using Renko charts together with a couple of our most successful indicators: FuturoFX and SpaghettiFX.

If you already own them, please pay attention to a couple of ready made templates that are available in the download area of Renko charts.

If you don’t own them yet, this is your chance to get them at a special price and use them straight away together with Renko charts:

25% discount coupon: PIMP-2QX0-RNKO

This coupon can be used with the following products:

  1. FuturoFX indicator
  2. SpaghettiFX indicators
  3. SpaghettiFX Trader EAs

This coupon is reserved to the users of PimpMyEA Free Renko package.

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43 thoughts on “Free Renko Kit Instructions

  • Leticia

    Many thanks for sharing the Renko Kit! Perfect timing as I’ve been searching for the best Renko EA for many weeks now! God bless you guys!

  • hendrik

    I have downloaded your indicator and template and have installed to my MT4.. Yet, the problem is when I search on File -> Open Offline.. I could not get M2 data… Only have M1 data.. So how to get the M2 data from my broker???? Please advise..

    Thank you for your kind attention and cooperation..



    • Paolo Post author

      Hi Hendrik, please follow the step-by-step instructions. Once the Renko EA is associated to a chart and it has displayed a comment in the top left corner, it will generate the M2 offline chart, so you’ll be able to see it in the list. If you have further problems don’t hesitate to contact us via email and we”l help you out.

  • John Di Battista

    Won’t download. I go to dropbox page, click on link to download as zip and get following error

    Error (404)
    We can’t find the page you’re looking for. Check out our Help Center and forums for help, or head back to home.

    • Paolo Post author

      HI John, thanks for reporting. It is probably a temporary error related to your browser or internet connection. I’m sending you a copy of the Renko package via email.

    • Paolo Post author

      Hi Farrokh, I just checked the download page and it works. Please send an email to support at if you still have issues.

    • Paolo Post author

      Hi Paul, we are releasing today the v4.12 which was compiled on Build 625 and generates correctly the offline chart.

  • Barry Young

    Hi Paolo,

    I really appreciate your web site and free Renko EA, thank you.

    I have spent weeks looking for Renko EA for MT4, now I have installed as directed onto build 625 it does not give me the m2 off line chart…. Please advise?

    I have the smile face icon & EA name “B625_RenkoliveCharts_pimped_v4″ I have downloaded into MQL4 Expert & template file and restarted.

    But still no m2 off line chart…



  • ben

    Just download Renko stuff, have followed instructions carefully, everything seems ok, have smiley but don’t see any comment (top left corner) as stated into video then I have no M1, M2 (into offline mode)
    Have 625 V

    Is someone else having this problem?


  • okeke

    Hi everyone. I need help. Recently my mt4 platform was upgraded to Build 625. Now some of my indicator’s stopped working and I don’t know how to re- install them. Can anyone here help? Your post mentioned something about a build 625 subdirectory but I don’t know where it’s located.

    • Paolo Post author

      Hi Okeke,
      you should place all Experts Advisors and Custom Indicators into the new MT4 “Data Folder”, which is different from the MT4 installation directory. You can locate the Data Folder via the “File > Open Data Folder” menu available in MT4. EAs should go into “MQL4\Experts”, indicators should go into “MQL4\Indicators”.
      However also keep in mind that some software could not run on the new build versions, and in this case you should contact the software developer and ask for an updated version.
      I hope that helps 😉

      • pat l

        I’ve installed the kit on my 670 mt4. i see the renko chart. but it is the weekend, so no action. excited to watch it when the market opens. does the EA make trades?

        • pat l

          After watching the video, I realize that I did not wait to get the message on the M1 chart (after putting the EA on that chart). I did get the smiley face on my M1 regular chart though. The M2 chart did not appear by itself, I had to open an offline M2 and load one of the renko templates. The offline chart looks great (renko boxes), but no change due to market being closed. am i doing this right? maybe i need to install when the market is open to get the message about opening offline chart? will the EA make trades for me?

          • Paolo Post author

            Yes, that message appears if there is at least an incoming tick in the platform, so you should wait the new market opening. As I said earlier this EA does not trade.

  • David

    I setup the renko charts as you explained it in the video. However it is not showing up in my offline charts. Any idea why? I am using MT4 build 711

    • Paolo Post author

      Hi David, maybe you did not allow DLLs on your platform. Please take a look at the experts tab of MT4 for possible errors related to the Renko Kit. If you still have issue please send an email to our support.

  • Kenan

    i was searching.. finally i found
    thank you..
    my eurusd M2 chart is starting date 21.10.2014
    so my m2 bar is too short.
    how can i change? for long history bar..

  • scott

    Hi I have downloaded the renko kit and cant get it to work.
    I have MT4 Build 745
    the EA has a sad face and the renkos will not load on the offline chart

  • Boris

    Hello Andrea,
    I have the renko EA only on a chart: EUR / JPY.
    I tried to do the same in other currencies, but although the top right of the EA works,
    I get no message left corner to open up an offline M2.
    Work the EA only in an one chart?

    best regards

  • Boris

    Hello, my problem is solved: I had copied from the EA MT4 MQL folder.

    The EA must be apparently copied from the original download and then added to the MT4 MQL folder. So it works for me now.

    best regards