FortissimoFX, PimpMyEA and FinFX 4

Hi everyone,

we’d like to write a short post to announce a few important things about PimpMyEA and its future.

During these years we tested many brokers to find the ones that allowed our automatic strategies to perform at best. Thanks to out personal experience with some of the most important brokers, and to your feedback and experiences as well, we decided that it was time for us to take a decision and try to reach an agreement with the broker that has proved to be the best one so far, so that we can give a suggestion to our customers who are still in search of a reputable broker to work with.

That broker is FinFX.

As you may have seen, we are forward testing the FortissimoFX EA on a live account with FinFX and performances are very good :-) Also in the past we made some comparisons showing that FinFX is an “EA Friendly” broker.

Below you can find the whole statement of the forward test of FortissimoFX updated to the close of the market yesterday night (30th May 2014):

Unfortunately, for technical reasons, we have to stop and close this account and move FortissimoFX to another one. It means that we have to restart the forward trading for FortissimoFX. We tried to avoid that, but it was not possible.

On next Monday we’ll provide you the link of the new forward test account.

The good news is that, thanks to the agreement with FinFX, soon FortissimoFX will come automatically pre-installed with the FinFX MT4 platform. All you need to do is to activate the EA using the same email address specified when buying the EA on our website 😉

FinFX only does that for EAs that proved to be really profitable and we are proud of being part of that (very short) list.

Remember… if you haven’t done it already, you have 24 hours left now to get it with a $100 special discount on the regular price. Plus an additional discount you may be eligible to based on the PimpMyEA’s products you already own.

Thanks again everyone and have a great weekend.

Andrea and Paolo

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4 thoughts on “FortissimoFX, PimpMyEA and FinFX

  • Doug Hume

    Please comment on which preset or settings were used for the above account and which settings you consider the best at present. Also, please comment on which currency pairs perform the best with FortissimoFX.

    Thanks a bunch.


    • Paolo

      Hi Doug, we used the “basic” template provided in the download area of FortissimoFX. We suggest to keep the EA running on the “usual” pairs: EURUSD, AUDUSD, GBPUSD. However it has no restriction regarding currency pairs that can be traded. The “advanced” template can be useful for trading FortissimoFX more conservatively, and we are also testing this approach.

      • Doug Hume

        In earlier posts for ForteFX you mentioned that AUDUSD tends to trend a very long way before reversing, which tends to lead to very large drawdowns when the trend is against the trade. It would seem that this pair is not the best choice for a grid strategy, such as ForteFX and FortissimoFX. Any comments?


        • Paolo

          Hi Doug, yes more conservative traders would better not trade AUDUSD. Also if the account balance is pretty small I’d suggest to eliminate AUDUSD when trading with ForteFX or FortissimoFX.