ForteFX: On The Road To A Solid 80-90% Per Year

Hi everyone,

how much do you get from your bank account? How much from your funds investments? I guess it is WELL below 10%, isn’t it? However there are automatic trading systems that can do a MUCH better job. As an example our ForteFX which has been working for 6 months on the M1 charts of EURUSD, AUDUSD, and GBPUSD. Right now the closed profits are +44.39% and the floating drawdown is -0.86%. And we believe there is a very good chance to finish the 1st year of trading with a solid return between 80% and 90%.

As we remarked several times before, the beauty of ForteFX running with our suggested “best settings” – which require the trend direction algorithm of PotenzaFX – is that  it is able to churn profits almost every day (the red line are banked profits and it is always growing): 


Here is the MyFxBook page tracking this account:

The yellow bars at the bottom show the profits closed day by day. In this setup ForteFX is ready to enter a trade at the open of each 1 minute candle, so it tries to cash some money as often as possible. The “trick” is that trading decisions are NOT based on the M1 chart itself, but on the much more reliable trend score calculated on the H1 timeframe.

Please keep in mind that you can load this setup using the “fortefx_algo2_m1_h1.set” set file that is included in the download area. The only requirement is that PotenzaFX indicators are installed in the same MT4 platform. Also keep in mind that the same authorization email must work with both PotenzaFX and ForteFX. If you own a license of both products but they were purchased specifying different email addresses, please let us know.

A final warning: ForteFX requires hedging in order to work correctly, therefore NFA compliant accounts (with FIFO and Anti-Hedging rules) cannot implement this trading strategy. However you can easily overcome these limitations with a software called One4All which also add many other benefits to your automatic trading (so our suggestion is to have a look at it even if your account allows hedging 😉

We wish you success with your trading!

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