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Hi everyone,

this is the 4th monthly update of the performance of ForteFX. Previous updates available here:

ForteFX has been working now for 8 months on the M1 charts of EURUSD, AUDUSD, and GBPUSD, and closed profits are +54.96% and the floating drawdown is -4.32%. Therefore just in the last 30 days ForteFX closed trades for a total +8.75% return on the initial balance. We expect a yearly return above 80%.

As you can see from the picture below, banked profits (the red line) continue to pile up very regularly as the EA runs with our suggested “best settings“: 


Here is the MyFxBook page tracking this account:

In the “best settings” setup ForteFX is applied to M1 charts, therefore it is able to evaluate the conditions for opening a new trade at the open of each 1 minute candle, however such trading decisions are actually based on the H1 (hourly) timeframe. More specifically ForteFX takes advantage of the “trend score” calculated by PotenzaFX on the H1 timeframe. Therefore the requirement for running this setup is the installation of PotenzaFX indicators. You don’t need to keep the indicators running on any chart, the only requirement is that indicators are installed into the MT4 platform where ForteFX is running.

If you own a license of ForteFX and you don’t still know this configuration, please go to the download area and grab the “fortefx_algo2_m1_h1.set” set file. Before you run ForteFX with this settings please make that you can run PotenzaFX indicators on the same MT4 platform using the same authentication email that you use for ForteFX.

All ForteFX users can buy PotenzaFX indicators at 50% off the regular price (send us an email if you need this reserved discount coupon).

We are releasing ForteFX v1.10 within the next few days, and the most notable new feature will be the possibility to set the “order step” based on ATR indicator. Right now order step is a fixed 10 pips for all the 3 pairs EURUSD, AUDUSD, and GBPUSD.

Make sure you are registered to our  website, so that you can receive the notification of the new version ForteFX v1.10 (

We wish you success with your trading!

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7 thoughts on “ForteFX Marching On

  • elibe

    Dear Sir,
    please kindly let me know your best EA for me to buy ,the one that has sterling performance and affordable price. I will equally like to partner in the sales of your EA’s in my country if any one buy performs beautifully.

  • Tim

    Hi Guys,

    Do you plan to add any other pairs to this Demo account at some stage in the future? From my experience, it performs very well on some of the JPY crosses.

    Also, could you please clarify how to best utilise the compounding settings of the EA?

    For example, if If the default compounding factor (0.5) is used, at what point will the EA begin to implement compounding? Also, could you please explain how the fine_compounding parameter works?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Andrea

      Ciao Tim,

      yes ForteFX is a good performer with many instruments. The problem is always in finding the right balance between risk and performances. Using too many pairs can lead to too DD that are too high. So we decided to “limit” the number of pairs to 3.

      But we know well that it performs very well on most of the JPY based pairs thanks to their high volatility.

      We are working on a major update to ForteFX that will integrate volatility based step and target profit. That way we should make it more able to automatically adapt to different pairs and different periods.

      About the compounding… you’re right, probably we should make some example in the manual. A 0.5 compounding factor means that it’ll wait for the equity to have gained at least 50% from the initial balance. Every 50% steps it’ll increase the lot size. The fine compounding let you scale by using “microlots” (0.01) if your account let you use them. Otherwiwe it’ll use minilots (0.1).

      Thanks to you.