Forex Growth Bot Fully NFA Compliant (No Hedge And FIFO) 1

Salve a tutti,

after I contacted Forex Growth Bot developers yesterday asking for FIFO rule compliancy they started working and a few hours later they released a version that is not FULLY NFA compliant.

Here’s the email that all the FGB customers received:


Thank you for purchasing Forex Growth Bot.

If you are a U.S Client using a U.S Broker, then you must follow the rules:

No Hedging and FIFO.

Our software was not following FIFO, but it was following Hedging.

We have just became aware of this issue and have just released an update for US clients.  Please login to members area to download the US client version.

If you are a US client using our recommended broker, AskOBId you do not need to worry as they allow non FIFO robots.

Please let us know if you have any concerns or need assistance.


Forex Growth Bot Team


Those guys are simply great!

I hope you are already enjoying trading it ! 😉

P.S. I’ll let you know later when I’ll have my personal version/setting ready for all those buying the Advanced/Power Source version from me, ready.

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One thought on “Forex Growth Bot Fully NFA Compliant (No Hedge And FIFO)

  • Bruce Hands


    I'm interested in following you EA recommendations, I am also keenly interested in the new services you mentioned:

    1) VPS Service

    2) Remote installation

    3) Customized optimization and portfolio building

    I'm starting from a clean slate and I'm thinking it might be best to wait for your partnerships to get up and going. Do you have any guess/idea as to when it will all come together?


    Bruce H

    Montana USA