Forecast EURUSD – Poll for the 2nd May 2014 is Closed

Thanks to everyone who took part in our poll for forecasting the price of EURUSD at 22pm GMT of the 2nd May 2014.

The POLL is now CLOSED

Here are the Poll Results:

The spread is -0.33 (33.33% Long  – 66.67% Short = 33.33% Short).

The average number of pips is  -38.

Therefore the “Social Forecast Trading System” for the coming week will be:

  • VoxPopuli: SHORT 0.33 lots on EURUSD
  • VoxDei: LONG 0.33 lots on EURUSD
  • Consensus: SHORT 0.37 lots on EURUSD

The VoxPopuli adds 0.16 lots to the previous position which was short 0.17 lots.
The VoxDei adds 0.16 lots to the previous position which was long 0.17 lots.
The Consensus closes 0.33 lots from the previous position which was short 0.70 lots.

Thanks again to the 45 people who took part in the poll and remember to vote again next weekend!

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