DuettoFX Swing Trader – Time to Cash in? 7

Ciao a Tutti,

this post is a short update regarding a Gallant demo account where the DuettoFX Swing Trader EA is running since about 1 month. The account has suffered a drawdown of about 6% during the last few congested weeks of trading, and it is now showing some nice profits (about +350 pips in the equity line).

I’m running the same exact strategy on my live account (same EA applied on the same currency pairs, with the same settings – the only exception being the lot size of course). The results on my account are better than the demo because sometimes I close the trades manually, based on my personal experience as a trader and on my specific knowledge of the DuettoFX indicator.

I’m writing this post because 1 hour ago I closed all the 3 trades on my live account cashing in about 620 pips of profits and you may consider doing the same. There are some clear divergences showing up on the charts this morning, that’s why I decided to close the trades. Just take a look at the two following pictures:

USD/CHF is showing a regular bearish divergence when traded against EUR/USD. Same thing for USD/CHF that is being traded against GBP/USD.

AUD/USD is showing a regular bullish divergence when traded against USD/CHF. We also had other two trades on EUR/USD (traded against USD/CHF) and on AUD/USD (traded against USD/CAD) that closed out at take profit during the last few days (about +350 pips overall profit).

That means on my live account I was lucky enough to cash in about 1000 (one thousand) pips of profit on 5 trades during the last few days 😉

The Gallant demo account will go on completely on autopilot, however if you are running the DuettoFX Swing Trader EA on a live account and you are currently in the same situation please take into consideration what I’ve explained above. This may be a good time to cash in closing out the trades manually.

Good luck with your trading :-)

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7 thoughts on “DuettoFX Swing Trader – Time to Cash in?

  • Graham

    Thank you for the advice, and also for the information on the recent performance of the EA.
    I have this one running on a demo account, and I have not touched the settings since 24 April, when I started fresh with a portfolio along the lines set out in example in the DuettoFX Swing Trader EA Manual. There are no trades open now, and the results over the past two weeks are:
    EURUSD against USDCHF – default settings: +118 pips
    AUDUSD against USDCAD – default settings: +204 pips
    CHFUSD against EURUSD – fixed SL 50 pips, fixed TP 50 pips: +50 pips
    CHFUSD against GBPUSD – fixed SL 50 pips, fixed TP 50 pips: +50 pips
    AUDUSD against USDCHF – fixed SL 50 pips, fixed TP 50 pips: +100 pips

    These are all using H1 charts. Total is 522 pips.

    I also have EURUSD against USDCHF on M15 chart with 10 pips SL, 20 pips TP. Currently that is -20 pips.

    These have all been completely on autopilot and I will continue to let it run like this for now, but as you say it’s doing well recently.

    • Andrea

      Great Graham!

      We are trading it since months and we know how it performs, but we’ve been unlucky that we released in a quite bad period. Exactly the kind of period where our strategies “loose” money. If you look at the DuettoFX indicator it’s evident how bad that period was. No real trend. But we are working on improving the strategy so that those period have an even lower impact.

      Things are back to “normal” (winning 😀 ) and the gains are back to be higher than losses… this is how it has to work! 😀

  • Dan

    Hi guys,
    thanks for sharing your results.

    Graham – I like your style of mixing automated and fixed TP between pairs. It is a nice way to bank pips along the way while also hanging in there for the big pip gains. I lost my nerve during the ranging periods recently and stopped trading Duetto and this gives me confidence to try again.

    Paolo and Andrea – is there any chance of sharing your Gallant demo account on myfxbook or your own similar platform so we can monitor how Duetto is doing on different pairs? And adding it to your weekly EA portfolio report means we would get a weekly Duetto performance update :)

    • Paolo Post author

      Hi Dan, we are testing the new VPS platform provided by Gallant. All our forward tests will be hosted there and we’ll begin sharing the results. At that point the weekly report will be probably composed only of our own EAs.